Alan P. Zelicoff, MD – COVID 19 Prevention, Treatment, Vaccines, & Lessons Learned

Air Date: 1-15-2021|Episode 612

This week we welcome back one of our favorite medical contributors and epidemiology of infectious disease expert, Dr. Alan P. Zelicoff MD. Dr. Zelicoff has been educating the IAQ Radio+ audience about biological weapons and infectious diseases since 2008. The first show we did in 2008 was on Microbes: Are We Ready for the Next Plague, followed by shows on Ebola, H1N1 and COVID-19.

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Paula Olsiewski, PhD – Contributing Scholar Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security – HOMEChem: House Observations of Microbial and Environmental Chemistry

Air Date: 1-8-2021|Episode 611

This week we welcome Paula Olsiewski, PhD for an update on the HOMEChem project and a discussion about her new position at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. In her new position she will be focused on COVID and indoor air quality. Dr. Olsiewski is a Contributing Scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. She is a pioneering leader in policy and scientific research programs in the microbiology and chemistry of indoor environments.

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Best and Worst Things of 2020 – Rauscher, Sloan, Lapotaire, Springer, Downey, Shaughnessy, Pearson, Grillo, Krell, Morrison, Brueggemann

Air Date: 12-18-2020|Episode 610

This week we welcome representatives from our sponsors to participate in a special 1.5 hour year end “Best & Worst Things of 2020” show. IAQRadio+ could not continue to be on every week for over 14 years without the support of our sponsors. Please join us today as a way of thanking them for helping us continue to provide education and communication for our industries.

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Jay Portnoy, MD – A Pioneering Pediatrician’s Perspective on COVID-19 & Mold Health Effects

Air Date: 12-11-2020|Episode 609

This week we welcome Jay Portnoy, MD for a discussion on children and COVID plus an update on mold health effects. Dr. Portnoy and his Children’s Mercy Hospital, Kansas City team are pioneers in home health assessment. Their work in helping control allergies, asthma and other health issues traced to or exacerbated by conditions in the built environment is some of the most important work being done in our industry.

Dr Jay Portnoy is an allergist in the section of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology and Medical Director of Telemedicine at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri and Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine. He received his medical degree at the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine, and he did his pediatric residency at the Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City and his Allergy fellowship at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Following that he returned to Children’s Mercy Hospital.

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Lisa M Brosseau, ScD, CIH – Control Banding & COVID-19

Air Date: 12-4-2020|Episode 608

This week we welcome Dr. Lisa Brosseau to discuss Control Banding & COVID 19. Control Banding is a popular technique used in industrial hygiene to guide the assessment of workplace risks. Dr. Brosseau, now retired, was a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) School of Public Health from 2015 to 2018, where she was director of the Illinois Education and Research Center, which supported graduate and continuing education for occupational health and safety professionals and community outreach activities. She was also director of the UIC Center for Healthy Work.

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Peter Crosa, David Drinard, John Lapotaire, Ken Larsen, David Popper, Ken Siders – A Post Hurricane Eta Report from the Sunshine State: Perspectives from the Trenches

Air Date: 11-20-2020|Episode 607

This week, in an IAQradio+ tradition, we will be having a classic round table format podcast in the open mic “Around the Horn” style with an all star panel of Floridians. Hurricane Eta plagued almost every major region of the Sunshine state for over a week with heavy rain, strong winds and power outages. Severe flooding and wind damage statewide has created a need for mitigation, roof cover-ups, temporary power requirements and a need for restoration and IAQ remedial services statewide. As in past hurricane seasons, these kinds of needs can often bring out the opportunists and national scammers who descend on ravaged regions to take advantage of the vulnerable.

Radio Joe and the Z-man this week with IAQradio+ field reporter, the Restoration Global Watchdog will get feedback from IAQ and Restoration professionals based around the sunshine state, who will report on what is happening on the ground in their region of Florida. Please join Joe, Cliff and Pete calling in from his home base in Southwest Florida’s gulf coast, this week for a lively round table panel in the open mic tradition of IAQradio+!

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Marilyn M. Singleton, M.D., J.D. – The COVID-19 Pandemic, A Unique View from the Left Coast: A Perspective from a Physician with a Law Degree!

Air Date: 11-13-2020|Episode 606

This week IAQradio+ looks to the left coast for a conservative’s perspective on the COVID19 pandemic and will interview Marilyn Singleton, MD, JD , a California physician who also holds a law degree.  Dr. Singleton will talk about the intersection of public health, medicine, law and public policy.

The response to a public health crisis can be improved with transparent fact-based communication from government agencies and experts in the field. That conversation should include a variety of opinions in establishing consensus for public policy that serves the need to protect public health while maintaining the civil liberties afforded under the constitution and jurisdictional law.

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Jeffrey Siegel Ph.D. – COVID-19 Risk Mitigation – A Researcher’s Perspective

Air Date: 11-6-2020|Episode 605

This week we start a series of shows from different perspectives on COVID-19 Risk Mitigation. We start with Dr. Jeff Siegel a Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering and the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at The University of Toronto. Prior to accepting his current position he was an Associate Professor at the University of Texas, Austin. His interests and research have focused on healthy and sustainable buildings, ventilation and indoor air quality in residential and commercial buildings, control of indoor particulate matter, secondary impacts of control technologies and strategies, aerosol dynamics in indoor environments and HVAC systems.

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Kerry Kinney, Ph.D. – Professor, Civil Engineering -The University of Texas at Austin – The Microbiome, Filter Dust Forensics & Whole Communities-Whole Health

Air Date: 10-30-2020|Episode 604

This week we look at The Microbiome, Filter Dust Forensics and a program called Whole Communities-Whole Health with Dr. Kerry Kinney of The University of Texas at Austin. Kerry Kinney, Ph.D., is a courtesy professor in the Department of Population Health. She also holds the L.P. Gilvin Centennial Professorship in Civil Engineering in The University of Texas at Austin Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering. Kinney’s cross-disciplinary research in environmental engineering and molecular biology centers on the investigation of microorganisms and contaminants in engineered systems including buildings, residential water systems and municipal wastewater systems. She has extensive experience working with multidisciplinary teams to investigate human exposure to microorganisms and contaminants in the indoor environment.

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Claudette Hanks Reichel, Ed.D – Professor & Housing Specialist with Louisiana State University AgCenter – Hurricanes, Resilience and Restoration

Air Date: 10-23-2020|Episode 603

This week on IAQradio+ we welcome Claudette Hanks Reichel, Ed.D. for a hurricane update and discussion on disaster restoration and resilience. Dr. Hanks Reichel is Professor and Extension Housing Specialist with Louisiana State University AgCenter. She serves as Director of LaHouse Resource Center, a public exhibit of multiple high performance housing solutions and hub of Extension education programs to advance resource-efficient, durable and healthy housing for the southern climate and natural hazards.

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