Ehsan Mousavi PhD – Clemson Department of Construction Science & Management – Indoor Air Quality: What Can We Learn from Hospitals

Air Date: 2-19-2021|Episode 617

This week IAQ Radio+ welcomes Ehsan Mousavi, PhD for a look at his work on Indoor Air Quality in Hospitals. We will focus on what we can learn and use from the hospital setting in other indoor environments. Dr. Ehsan Mousavi is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Construction Science and Management (CSM) at Clemson University. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Nebraska in 2015 and has served in various capacities in the construction industry including dam, road, and building construction projects. Collaborating on projects funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, and the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Airā€Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), Dr. Mousavi has developed an extensive research background in the indoor air quality of hospitals. Specifically, he has studied the effect of environmental parameters (ventilation rate, ventilation arrangement, temperature, door motion, etc.) on the transmission and spread of pathogenic agents.

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Paul LaGrange – LaGrange Consulting – A Building Scientistā€™s Take On: Methods, Myths & Mistakes

Air Date: 2-12-2021|Episode 616

IAQ Radio+ returns to Cajun Country this week to learn about construction methods, myths and mistakes from renowned building scientist Paul LaGrange. Mr. LaGrange is a master forensic investigator for moisture and energy movement in both historic and new homes located in the hot humid Gulf Coast Southern region of the US.Ā LaGrange Consulting has been providing energy efficiency solutions for builders and homeowners since 1999. They are a full service consulting company specializing in energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and sustainability in residential and small commercial buildings.

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Robert ā€œBavarian Bobā€ Blochinger – One Manā€™s Professional Journey to Carve a Niche for Flooring Forensics in the Cleaning & Restoration Industry!*

Air Date: 2-5-2021|Episode 615

This week IAQradio+ brings our growing and loyal group of listeners another unique show in the Moisture Mob ongoing series. Bob Blochinger is a fierce advocate for flooring forensic experts specializing in third party evaluations and oversight of complex installations. Bobā€™s early career from New York City with roots in the restoration field eventually lead him to South Florida which started an interesting journey over the past 3 decades to dealing with moisture and humidity related problems and how it affects flooring installations and a buildings indoor air quality.

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Francis ā€œBudā€ Offermann, MSME, PE, CIH – Ventilation, Air Filtration, and COVID-19, ā€œAvoiding the Snake Oil Salesmanā€

Air Date: 1-29-2021|Episode 614

This week we welcome back Francis ā€œBudā€ Offermann for a discussion of ventilation, air filtration and COVID 19 Avoiding the Snake Oil Salesman. Mr. Offermann is president of Indoor Environmental Engineering, a San Francisco based IAQ consulting firm. Prior to starting up Indoor Environmental Engineering, Mr. Offermann was a Staff Scientist with the Building Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality Program at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. He has been a recipient of research grants regarding building air quality and ventilation field studies, tracer gas techniques, contaminant emission rate measurements, and performance testing of air cleaning devices.

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Wynn L. White, PE – Effectively Managing Restoration & Remediation Projects: Lessons from Cajun Country

Air Date: 1-22-2021|Episode 613

This week we welcome Wynn L. White, PE for a discussion on managing large restoration and remediation projects particularly after hurricanes and water damage events. Wynn is a second generation civil engineer who got his start working for his fatherā€™s engineering firm in Indiana, starting out on the survey crew. He worked his way up to crew chief and, after graduating from high school, earned his bachelorā€™s degree in civil engineering from Purdue University.

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Alan P. Zelicoff, MD – COVID 19 Prevention, Treatment, Vaccines, & Lessons Learned

Air Date: 1-15-2021|Episode 612

This week we welcome back one of our favorite medical contributors and epidemiology of infectious disease expert, Dr. Alan P. Zelicoff MD. Dr. Zelicoff has been educating the IAQ Radio+ audience about biological weapons and infectious diseases since 2008. The first show we did in 2008 was on Microbes: Are We Ready for the Next Plague, followed by shows on Ebola, H1N1 and COVID-19.

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Paula Olsiewski, PhD – Contributing Scholar Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security – HOMEChem: House Observations of Microbial and Environmental Chemistry

Air Date: 1-8-2021|Episode 611

This week we welcome Paula Olsiewski, PhD for an update on the HOMEChem project and a discussion about her new position at theĀ Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. In her new position she will be focused on COVID and indoor air quality.Ā Dr. Olsiewski is a Contributing Scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. She is a pioneering leader in policy and scientific research programs in the microbiology and chemistry of indoor environments.

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Best and Worst Things of 2020 – Rauscher, Sloan, Lapotaire, Springer, Downey, Shaughnessy, Pearson, Grillo, Krell, Morrison, Brueggemann

Air Date: 12-18-2020|Episode 610

This week we welcome representatives from our sponsors to participate in a special 1.5 hour year end “Best & Worst Things of 2020” show. IAQRadio+ could not continue to be on every week for over 14 years without the support of our sponsors. Please join us today as a way of thanking them for helping us continue to provide education and communication for our industries.

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Jay Portnoy, MD – A Pioneering Pediatricianā€™s Perspective on COVID-19 & Mold Health Effects

Air Date: 12-11-2020|Episode 609

This week we welcome Jay Portnoy, MD for a discussion on children and COVID plus an update on mold health effects. Dr. Portnoy and his Childrenā€™s Mercy Hospital, Kansas City team are pioneers in home health assessment. Their work in helping control allergies, asthma and other health issues traced to or exacerbated by conditions in the built environment is some of the most important work being done in our industry.

Dr Jay Portnoy is an allergist in the section of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology and Medical Director of Telemedicine at Childrenā€™s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri and Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine. He received his medical degree at the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine, and he did his pediatric residency at the Childrenā€™s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City and his Allergy fellowship at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Following that he returned to Childrenā€™s Mercy Hospital.

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Lisa M Brosseau, ScD, CIH – Control Banding & COVID-19

Air Date: 12-4-2020|Episode 608

This week we welcome Dr. Lisa Brosseau to discuss Control Banding & COVID 19. Control Banding is a popular technique used in industrial hygiene to guide the assessment of workplace risks. Dr. Brosseau, now retired, was a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) School of Public Health from 2015 to 2018, where she was director of the Illinois Education and Research Center, which supported graduate and continuing education for occupational health and safety professionals and community outreach activities. She was also director of the UIC Center for Healthy Work.

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