Richard Corsi, PhD, PE – University of California Davis – COVID accelerated IAQ Research to Practice: What have we learned?

Air Date: 11-19-2021|Episode 646

This week on IAQradio+ we welcome Dr. Richard Corsi Dean of the College of Engineering at University of California Davis. Many will remember Dr. Corsi for his time at the University of Texas and Portland State. We look forward to having him back to discuss his current endeavors and how COVID has accelerated IAQ Research to Practice.

Dr. Richard Corsi recently joined UC Davis as Dean of the College of Engineering. Prior to that he was Dean of the Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science at Portland State University and for over 24 years he worked at The University of Texas, Austin where he taught numerous courses related to fluid mechanics, air pollution, and indoor air quality. Dr. Corsi served as Director of a highly-interdisciplinary group that spawned a generation of faculty engaged in research related to indoor air quality. He continues to conduct research on indoor air quality, with foci on physical and chemical processes that affect the fate and control of, and human exposure to, indoor pollutants of both outdoor and indoor origin. Dr. Corsi and his team have published nearly 270 peer-reviewed papers, and he has supervised over 120 students.

Dr. Corsi has been engaged in national discussions related to layered risk reduction to reduce transmission of COVID-19 by aerosol particles. He has been a guest on webinars hosted by the National Academies, USEPA, National Tribal Air Association, and more. In addition, he has done over 100 print, television, and podcast interviews. From early in the pandemic his efforts have focused on lowering inhalation dose of virus-laden aerosol particles indoors. Dr. Corsi led an effort to develop an educational tool for assessing parallel interventions for lowering inhalation dose for aerosols and risk of infection in buildings. His concept of a low-cost and effective do-it-yourself air cleaner to combat virus-laden aerosol particles and wildfire smoke has become known worldwide as the Corsi-Rosenthal Box.

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