Kristy Cohen RIA CEO, Mark Springer CR, Katie Smith CR Ed Cross Esq. & Jon Isaacson – The RIA 75th Diamond Anniversary Convention Highlights Show

Air Date: 7-9-2021|Episode 632

This week we welcome a cast of restoration all-stars for an update on the state of the industry following the RIA’s 75th Diamond Anniversary Convention last week in Orlando, FL. RIA is the Big Daddy of the restoration industry and their convention is the highlight of the year.

Hot topics at this year’s event included what RIA has identified as the top three issues facing contractors today: Pricing, Third Party Adjusters (TPA’s) and Consultants. There was also a lot of talk about the RIA’s Advocacy and Government Affairs (AGA) Committee which has now formed three task forces to create position statements that articulate a shared stance for the industry.

The AGA work product contains 10 total position statements including a groundbreaking TPA scorecard, hours of videos on pricing and a nationwide resource document on assignment of benefits. In the past year, RIA also released eight Third Party Consultant (TPC) position statements. These position statements educate restorers on best practices for working with consultants. There was also a town hall discussion on how RIA responded to the global pandemic, past president’s panel with lessons learned and much more. LEARN MORE this week on IAQ Radio+.

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McGregor “Mac” Pearce, MPH – Tribute Show with: Joe Lstiburek, Mike McGuinness and Pete Consigli

Air Date: 6-25-2021|Episode 631

This week we are doing a special tribute show for one of our all time favorite guests McGregor “Mac” Pearce, MPH. We will be joined by some IEQ legends that worked with Mac over the years, Joe Lstiburek, Mike McGuinness and the Restoration Global Watchdog Pete Consigli to discuss Mac’s contributions to the industry and then we will replay our favorite Mac Pearce show. What could possibly be interesting about mold and mildew, you ask? It’s all in the content and the presentation style of the person discussing the subject. IAQ Radio is delighted to memorialize internationally known and acclaimed expert on the subject McGregor Pearce of St. Paul, Minnesota. Mac was an environmental health consultant specializing in indoor air quality problems.

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Bill Bahnfleth, PhD, PE – Stephanie H. Taylor, MD, M Architecture, CIC – Kishor Khankari, PhD – Three Perspectives on how COVID-19 will change the IAQ World

Air Date: 6-18-2021|Episode 630

This week we welcome three distinguished guests for their perspective on how COVID has changed the IAQ world forever. Important topics such as how viruses and other infectious diseases are transmitted are being reexamined. Is it possible that we will go back to the pre-COVID status quo after the pain of the pandemic subsides? What is the most important lesson of the pandemic? What is the most important change that needs to be made to IAQ standards? How will COVID change HVAC system design practice? What is the biggest knowledge gap revealed by the pandemic? What can be done to make better IAQ sustainable? These questions and more will be examined during this week’s show.

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Ed Light, CSP, CIH – Round Up with Don Weekes, CIH, CSP – COVID 19 Practice to Research; Best Practices for Schools and More

Air Date: 6-11-2021|Episode 629

Our thanks go our to Ed Light and Don Weekes for filling in last minute to discuss COVID 19 Practice to Research Best Practices for Schools and More. This ended up being a great show with a lot of practical information for our audience. Ed Light holds degrees in Environmental Science from the University of Massachusetts (B.S.) and Marshall University (M.S.), is a Senior Fellow of the American Industrial Hygiene Association, has authored over 40 scientific publications on assessment and control of the indoor environment and has chaired several national scientific committees.

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Richard Shaughnessy, PhD & John Downey – Life and Times of an IAQ Legend & Healthy Buildings America 2021 – Research to Practice

Air Date: 6-4-2021|Episode 628

This week welcome Richard Shaughnessy, PhD, IAQ Director at the University of Tulsa and the Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI) Executive Director John Downey. Dr. Shaughnessy is a legend in the IAQ world and many of our listeners express their thanks for his role in trying to bring research and practice together over the years. Dr. Shaughnessy is also the Healthy Buildings America 2021 Vice President. For HB 2021 ISIAQ and CIRI have joined forces with the theme “Bridging the Gap Between Research and Practice; In the Age of COVID 19 and Beyond”. We look forward to interviewing Dr. Shaughnessy about the early days of IAQ right up to the present and getting his and John Downey’s thoughts on HBA 2021.

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John T. Hull & John Lapotaire – The Moisture Mob Roofing Show Part II: Leaks, Dry-outs, Mitigation & Scammers!

Air Date: 5-21-2021|Episode 627

On Valentine’s Day 2020, IAQ Radio+ formally introduced The Moisture Mob (MM) to its growing list of loyal listeners. Since the late fall of 2019 till the present day, IAQ Radio+ has done 8 shows in the moisture mob series and has 3 more in the pipeline for 2021. The MM shows have been informative, entertaining and highly educational with an emphasis on lessons learned from case studies and years of experience in the trenches!

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Lisa M Brosseau, ScD, CIH & Tom Peters, PhD, CIH – Going back to work and school during a pandemic

Air Date: 5-14-2021|Episode 626

This week we welcome two ACGIH leaders to discuss their new website for COVID resources and going back to work/school during a pandemic. We will look at the resources and discuss tips and tools with the Chair of ACGIH’s Pandemic Response Task Force Lisa Brosseau, ScD, CIH and the Board Liaison to the task force Tom Peters, PhD, CIH.

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Ralph E. Moon, PhD – ATP Use and Misuse in the Restoration Industry

Air Date: 5-7-2021|Episode 625

This week IAQ Radio+ will be bringing back listener favorite Dr. Ralph “Bad Moon Rising” Moon, a Moisture Mob Associate. Dr. Moon’s long anticipated study on the use, interpretation and viability of ATP in the restoration and remediation sector will be previewed this week as Ralph previews to the industry a presentation of his research. The study was recently published in the CIRI peer reviewed ” CSQ” Journal in the latest quarterly edition and will illustrate the misuse of ATP technology by addressing common misunderstandings.

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Anthony “Tony” Havics, CIH, PE – A Demonstrated Layer of Protection – A Review of Antimicrobial Surface Protectant

Air Date: 4-30-2021|Episode 624

This week on IAQ Radio we welcome back one of our favorite guests Tony Havics, PE, CIH for a look at some recent work he has cone on antimicrobial surface protectants. In conjunction with a client who provides integrated facility services to more than 600 customers in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico; Mr. Havics, a certified industrial hygienist and engineer, collaborated in producing a thorough and leading-edge review of understanding products aimed at protecting against infection by the novel Coronavirus, COVID-19.

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Roland “Mr. Stick” Vierra & Robert “Bavarian Bob” Blochinger – Here Come the Moisture Mob Enforcers: The Forensic Aspect of 3rd Party Evaluations – “Moisture Related Issues Affecting Wood and Concrete Substrates and Flooring!” Part 2

Air Date: 4-23-2021|Episode 623

This week we look forward to Part 2 of this Moisture Mob interview with an extended show. The Mob Enforcers will complete their presentation of case studies and explain the lessons learned from years of field experience doing Third Party Moisture Related Evaluations. In Part 1 the Enforcers discussed the use, application and meaning of the term Forensic as it pertains to 3rd party inspections before diving into each of their first 2 case studies as the Z-man fielded a lively interactive Q&A with the call-in audience. Part 2 will pick up where the Enforcers left off.

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