Kevin R. Hart – CEO | HAVEN IAQ – Linking HVAC & IAQ with Sensor Technology

Air Date: 11-5-2021|Episode 644

This week on IAQradio+ we welcome Kevin Hart, Haven IAQ CEO to continue our discussion on HVAC and IAQ. This week we focus on using sensor technology to optimize HVAC affects on IAQ. Kevin is the founder of Haven IAQ and is doing some interesting work linking HVAC and IAQ.  Nate “The House Whisperer” Adams  brought Kevin and Haven to our attention during our last show with him.

Kevin founded HAVEN IAQ (TZOA) at the age of 23, after experiencing high levels of carcinogenic crystalline silica dust on industrial worksites. He conceptualized a wearable air quality monitor for global citizens that could crowdsource outdoor pollution data from thousands of devices onto city-wide maps in real-time, a product that won ‘best inventions of 2015’ awards from Time Magazine and Popular Science. Their product line HAVEN has been granted multiple patents and patents pending on its in-duct sensing and IoT controls, and are pursuing the mission of transforming millions of homes into safe havens.

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