Bill Bahnfleth, PhD, PE – Dustin Poppendieck, PhD – Alison Savage, MPH – Why Indoor Chemistry Matters! Part 2 Management of Chemicals in Indoor Environments

Air Date: 8-12-2022|Episode 671

This week we welcome Penn State Prof. Dr. Bill Bahnfleth, Dr. Dustin Poppendieck from NIST and Alison Savage from EPA’s indoor environments division for part 2 of our series on the NASEM document Why Indoor Chemistry Matters! This week we focus on the Management of Chemicals in Indoor Environments.

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Charles J. Weschler, PhD – Ozone, Hydroxyl Radicals and Indoor Environments; What Inspection and Remediation Pros Should Know

Air Date: 7-15-2022|Episode 670

This week we welcome Dr. Charles Weschler for a show about a topic of great interest to IEQ and restoration professionals. Restoration contractors are inundated with claims about equipment to help on projects when fires, wildfires and other odor events affect indoor environments. What should practitioners know about ozone, hydroxyls, TI02 and other technologies when investigating or remediating indoor environments? We talk to a world renowned professor about this issue.

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Bill Sothern, DrPH, CIH, LEED AP – Chris Mikrut – Michael Berg, PhD – Misalignment between Clinical Mold Antigen Extracts and Airborne Molds Found in Water-damaged Homes

Air Date: 6-24-2022|Episode 668

This week we welcome Dr. Bill Sothern, Chris Mikrut and Dr. Michael Berg to discuss their recent paper called Misalignment between Clinical Mold Antigen Extracts and Airborne Molds Found in Water-damaged Homes. We will look at the current antigen testing being done for mold allergies then discuss their results and what changes could be beneficial. The authors have collected a great deal of data from the real world that will be of interest to our audience and hopefully the medical community.

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Bradley Prezant, MBA, MSPH, CIH, COH, CAQP – Assessing Risk of Infection & Air Exchange – CO2 Pitfalls, SF6 Benefits

Air Date: 6-17-2022|Episode 667

This week we welcome back Brad Prezant to discuss Assessing Risk Infection and Air Exchange. We will also focus on different methods for doing this type of assessment along with the pitfalls and benefits of different methods. Brad Prezant is an evidence-based public health scientist with a background in epidemiology, occupational health & hygiene, and ergonomics. Until the company was sold in 2007, he operated Prezant Associates, Inc. in Seattle, providing consulting, training, and laboratory services for 20+ years.

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Robert Bean, FASHRAE – Adam Muggleton – The Edifice Complex Hosts & Radio Joe Team Up to Solve the Worlds IAQ & Building Science Problems

Air Date: 6-10-2022|Episode 666

This week we have a little change of pace for our audience. We are playing back a new show that Radio Joe recorded recently with the hosts of the Edifice Complex Podcast, Robert Bean and Adam Muggleton. It was a wide ranging show on the podcasting, IAQ, building science and disaster restoration. We may not have solved all the world’s problems but we did at least start to define what’s needed. This thought provoking show with two worldly Canadians, one of whom is a transplant from the UK, was entertaining and informative. It was a broad discussion about the past, present and future of the built environment. Radio Joe will be on live to answer questions during the playback.

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David Jacobs, PhD, CIH – A Healthy Homes Pioneer; Over 40 Years of Improving IEQ

Air Date: 5-20-2022|Episode 665

This week we welcome David Jacobs for an interview about his pioneering career working toward making housing healthier for all. For over 40 years David has been a force for good in the healthy homes movement. It started early in his career as a research scientist at Georgia Tech and continues today at his current positions at the NCHH and as the Director, US Collaborating Center for Research and Training on Housing Related Disease and Injury, World Health Organization/Pan American Health Organization. From lead paint to gas stoves and everything in between David has been a tireless advocate for healthy housing. We look forward to his thoughts on accomplishments, current events and the future of healthy housing.

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Joe Spurgeon, PhD – Surface Dust Samples, ERMI Scores and Assessing Mold Exposures

Air Date: 5-6-2022|Episode 664

This week we welcome back Dr. Joe Spurgeon to talk about the use of surface dust sampling for assessing mold exposure. Many IEP’s are frustrated with the lack of consensus on how to take and interpret surface dust samples for mold. They are also frustrated with the misuse of ERMI scores to assess exposure. Dr. Spurgeon will review his work and discuss his methods. He also hopes our audience will poke and prod to help him improve his recommendations.

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Roger Berry Founder & CEO – SUDOC | Brian Lester President of Indiana Mold Remediation – Mold Remediation, Can Spray Be The Way?

Air Date: 4-29-2022|Episode 663

This week we welcome Brian Lester and Roger Berry for a discussion on mold remediation and cleaning products. Brian has been doing remediation for nearly 25 years and Roger is an entrepreneur and Founder of SUDOC, he also has a lengthy and fascinating history in world affairs. The Z-man is intrigued by the product they have developed and when the Z-man is takes notice of a cleaning product it’s a good bet there is something there. We’ll LEARN MORE today.

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