May Dooley – In Memoriam

Air Date: 3-15-24 |Episode 725

This week we celebrated the life of May Dooley. We did a great show with May called From the Field the ABC’s of IEQ, EMF’s, Mold and More on 3-10-17 just prior to our YouTube years. To honor her memory we added photos and commentary to that show and are replaying it today.


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Pete Consigli, Jon Isaacson, Cliff Zlotnik – Winter Break 2024 Highlight Show

Air Date: 2-9-24 |Episode 722

This week we welcome Cliff “Z-man” Zlotnik, “Global Restoration Watchdog” Pete Consigli and special guest Jon “The DYOYO” Isaacson; in an “around the horn” style show, capturing the key take aways from Winter Break 2024. Winter Break 2024 was last week in Bonita Springs, Fl and for those that were not able to attend we look forward to giving away many of the key points. We also look forward to roundup comments from Ashley Easterby and his international perspective. LEARN MORE on IAQ Radio+.

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Lisa Rogers, Jeremy Beagle, Eric Shapiro & Sarah Fanger Industry Update: A Round Table Conversation with IAQA’s Leadership

Air Date: 2-2-24 |Episode 721

This week we welcome Lisa Rogers, Jeremy Beagle, Eric Shapiro and Sarah Fanger. A lot is happening with the Indoor Air Quality Association and its time for an update. Joining us this week will be the President, 1st VP, Treasurer and Executive Director to fill us in. What is the current status of the organization? What are the plans for the associations education initiatives? What will happen with the chapters? How are plans for the convention in March coming along? The group joins us from Pete Consigli’s Winter Break 2024 event in Bonita Springs, FL.

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Angela Bajramaj, JD – Insights into Restoration Law!

Air Date: 01-12-2024|Episode 719

Good Day and welcome to IAQ Radio+ episode 719 this week we welcome Attorney Angela Bajramaj for a discussion of Restoration, IAQ and Construction Legal Issues. Angela will be diving into the complexities and nuances of the construction and restoration industry from a legal perspective. She’ll be discussing common legal issues faced by professionals in the field and sharing her expert insights on how to navigate these challenges effectively, with a focus on what restorers can do to maximize their collections. Whether you’re a contractor, a business owner, or simply interested in the subject, this show will provide valuable information and tips to help you stay ahead of the legal curve.

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Pawel Wargocki, PhD – Wenjuan Wei, PhD – Corinne Mandin, PhD – Deep Energy Retrofits and IEQ; A TAIL from Europe

Air Date: 12-15-2023|Episode 718

Good Day and welcome to IAQ Radio+ episode 718 this week we welcome Dr. Pawel Wargocki, Dr. Wenjuan Wei and Dr. Corinne Mandin for a discussion about Deep Energy Retrofits and IEQ; A TAIL from Europe. With the large focus on making our building stock less energy intensive what will happen to indoor environmental quality? We talk to a stellar group of academics about how to determine what deep energy retrofits will do to IEQ.

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