Sarah Haines, PhD – Assistant Professor – University of Toronto – The Puzzle of Buildings & Health; Research to Practice

Air Date: 11-12-2021|Episode 645

This week on IAQradio+ we welcome Dr. Sarah Haines of the University of Toronto Department of Civil & Mineral Engineering. Dr. Haines came to our attention when she was part of a group with Karen Dannemiller, PhD at the Healthy Buildings Summit 2019. It was refreshing to have a group of young academics join us to share interests in healthy buildings research to practice. She has since taken a position at the University of Toronto with Jeff Siegel, PhD another HBS Keynoter and research to practice enthusiast. This week we look forward to learning more about how Sarah and other academics see the puzzle of buildings and health.

Professor Sarah Haines interdisciplinary research integrates building science, engineering, and microbiology to analyze the impact built environment has on human health. She uses cutting-edge microbiology techniques such as next-generation sequencing, metatranscriptonomics, and bioinformatics to understand the impact of weatherization and extreme weather events on indoor air quality, particularly in low income communities who may be at higher risk for asthma. Her work aids in understanding indoor exposures from microorganisms and chemicals providing for a cleaner and sustainable indoor environment. Her PhD is in Environmental Science from Ohio State University.

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