Flashback Friday – Anthony ‚ÄúTony‚ÄĚ Havics, PE, CIH Coronavirus, Respiratory Protection, Disinfection & Testing

Air Date: 8-28-2020|Episode 597

This week we flashback to a recent but very important show on appropriate PPE, disinfection and testing options for those dealing with Coronavirus projects. Tony Havics. PE. CIH has put together a terrific meta analysis of respiratory protection information and has also been putting together information on these other topics. Tony is one of the most respected industrial hygiene pros in the industry and we had an informative discussion on how pros should be handling these issues.

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Flashback Friday – Karen C. Dannemiller, PhD Understanding fungi, bacteria and chemicals in the indoor environment

Air Date: 8-14-2020|Episode 596

Radio Joe and the Z-man are on our annual summer break. This week we Flashback to a great show we did in 2018 with Karen Dannemiller, PhD. Dr. Dannemiller graduated with honors in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering from Brown University and earned her PhD at Yale University in Chemical and Environmental Engineering. During this time she completed an internship at the California Department of Public Health in the Indoor Air Quality Program. She also completed a Microbiology of the Built Environment postdoctoral fellowship.
Her work improved our understanding of human exposures linked to childhood asthma development and severity. Her research also elucidated resident microbial populations and fundamental transport processes occurring in homes. Dr. Dannemiller is an Assistant Professor at Ohio State University, this show focused on her research on microbial activity in house dust and health outcomes associated with early-life exposures to fungi. We also discussed relative humidity affects on carpet dust and more.

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Stephanie H. Taylor MD M Architecture, CIC – Relative Humidity, Infections & IAQ

Air Date: 7-31-2020|Episode 594

This week we welcome¬†Stephanie Taylor, MD, M Architecture, CIC¬†the CEO of Taylor Healthcare Commissioning, Inc. After working as a physician for many decades, Dr. Taylor obtained a Masters in Architecture as well as Infection Control certification. Her lifelong commitment to patient care includes focusing on improving the healthcare physical environment and clinical work processes to help patients heal quickly and save hospitals valuable dollars. Dr. Taylor is a graduate of Harvard Medical School (MD), and Norwich University (Masters Architecture). She has numerous research publications in “Nature and is also a member of the ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force. We look forward to a fascinating discussion about buildings and their role in infection control.

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Ivan Turner, Steven LaVelle & Kent Riddle – Marketing Your Restoration Business in Tough Times

Air Date: 7-24-2020|Episode 593

This week we welcome Ivan Turner, Steven LaVelle and Kent Riddle for a special show designed to help market your restoration company in tough times and beyond. The interview will focus on how to get through tough times and help ensure your marketing program brings results quickly. The team will discuss methods and techniques for marketing that can help any company but particularly restoration companies looking to survive and thrive during difficult times. The groups new e-book is called How to Successfully Market Your Restoration Business in 14 Days. 
Tune in for an
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FLASHBACK FRIDAY – Rachel Adams, PhD – Research Scientist at UC Berkeley & California Department of Public Health – Research to Practice Moisture Measurement and Mold

Air Date: 7-17-2020|Episode 592

Our show with Stephanie Taylor, MD has been moved back to July 31st. This week we will play a Flashback Friday show with Rachel Adams, PhD called Moisture Measurement and Mold. At a minimum we encourage you to check out the Z-mans Blog from this important show.

We also want to highlight a recent show with Bill Bahfleth, PhD, PE. Penn State Professor & ASHRAE Past President on Mechanical Systems and COVID-19. This topic has been all over the news and Dr. Bahnfleth did a great job going into the kind of detail our practitioner and building owners/manager audience will appreciate.
We will be back live next week with a great panel out with a new book to help restoration companies struggling because of the pandemic. Steven Lavelle, Ivan Turner and Kent Riddle will be our guests.

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Mary S. Lopez, PhD, CPE & Michael J. Ellenbecker, ScD, CIH – ACGIH Chair & Immediate Past Chair – The Science of Guidelines and Standards

Air Date: 6-26-2020|Episode 591

This week we welcome ACGIH Chair Mary Lopez, PhD, CPE and Immediate Past Chair Mike Ellenbecker, ScD, CIH to Iaqradio+. Our topic is how scientific organizations like ACGIH develop guidelines such as Threshold Limit Values using science as driving force behind development. Guidelines and standards are developed by many organizations lets look at how one of the most respected organizations in the world does it.

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Rusty Amarante & Tom Yacobellis – Belfor is Ichiban; Managing High Profile Coronavirus Projects

Air Date: 6-12-2020|Episode 589

This week we welcome back Rusty Amarante and Tom Yacobellis for a show we are calling Belfor is Ichiban; Managing High Profile Coronavirus Projects. Belfor is the largest restoration company in the world and as such ends up on some very interesting projects. This week we will discuss the cleaning and disinfecting of the Diamond Princess cruise ship. This ship was in the news a lot when it had to be docked in Japan after passengers developed CV19. We will go through the process and obstacles to cleaning and disinfecting a floating city.

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Kevin Pearson & Mark Springer РDétente between RIA & IICRC: Strategic Agreement 2020 Update

Air Date: 6-5-2020|Episode 588

This week we welcome RIA President Mark Springer and IICRC Chairman of the BoardKevin Pearson for a show we are calling Detente between RIA and IICRC. This is the fourth in our series of shows about the development and implementation of the strategic agreement between the two groups. The Z-man and Radio Joe are happy to see this happening after years of missed opportunities to work together for the betterment of the restoration industry. Cliffs Blog & Full Description