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Episode 618 | February 26th, 2021 | 12:00 PM EST

John Lovett & Mark Hernandez, PhD, PE

InstaScope CEO & University of Colorado Boulder Professor
Inspection, Cleaning and Remediation; Lessons Learned from Real Time Particle and Bio-Load Monitoring

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Mark Springer, CR Phil Rosebrook, Jr. CR Pete Consigli RIA “Strictly TPA” Fall Conference Review and Discussion

Air Date: 12-8-2017|Episode 487

This week on IAQ Radio we discuss a topic that gets blood pressure up among some in the restoration world. Third Party Administrators “TPA’s” are a fact of life today in many industries and RIA has been helping their members make the adjustments necessary. This week we welcome two widely respected restoration professionals to IAQ Radio. Mark Springer and Phill Rosebrook are both RIA members and were speakers at the recent RIA “Strictly TPA” Fall Conference. We look forward to having them join us along with frequent contributor Pete Consigli…

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Sal La Duca – Principle Environmental Assay, Inc. – Electricity, EMF’s & IEQ

Air Date: 12-1-2017|Episode 486

This week on IAQ Radio we are going to talk about an IEQ issue we do not hear a lot about, electricity and electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s). EMF’s and other issues related to electrical currents are increasingly part of our indoor environment, we keep adding them yet we do not know much about how they affect the health of occupants or if they affect health.

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Nate Adams, Carl Grimes & Eric Shapiro – Healthy Buildings Summit 2017 Recap; What we learned and how it can help you!

Air Date: 11-17-2017|Episode 485

This week on IAQ Radio we are going to discuss what we learned at the Healthy Buildings Summit 2017 at Seven Springs Resort with three industry pros that were in attendance. For those that could not attend we will go over some of the key presentations from the event and discuss how it affects IAQ, disaster restoration, home performance and other industry professionals…

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Peter Crosa & Jayme M. Buchanan – Adjuster & Attorney on Insurance Coverage & AOB Issues in Florida & Puerto Rico!

Air Date: 10-27-2017|Episode 483

This week’s show will dive into insurance coverage issues, the use and application of the Assignment of Benefits (AOB) and a report on Harvey Cohen’s visit to Puerto Rico. Well known independent adjuster, investigator and sitting President of the National Association of Independent Insurance Adjusters (NAIIA) Peter Crosa will be joined by Cohen Law Group partner Jayme Buchanan.

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FLASHBACK FRIDAY! J. David Miller PhD Allergens & Mold, What Every Practitioner Should Know! Original Air Date: 9-2-2016| Episode: 429

Air Date: 10-13-2017|Episode 481

Our engineer Jon “You gotta have” Faith is on vacation this week so we are flashing back to a great show with Dr. J. David Miller. While we were preparing for our tenth anniversary we spent a great deal of time going back through the archives and discussing the fantastic guests we have had over the years. One name that stands out is J. David Miller, PhD.

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Jim Thompson – The Big Dog of Large Losses | Chris & Maria Slay Rainbow Restoration of Sugarland & Katy, TX | Pete Consigli – The Restoration Industry Global Watchdog – Continuing Coverage Harvey, Irma and Maria: The Large Loss Component and an Update from Texas

Air Date: 10-6-2017|Episode 480

This week we welcome Jim Thompson, “The Big Dog of Large Losses” and “The Restoration Industry Global Watchdog” and RIA Industry Adviser Pete Consigli for another special report on Hurricanes, Harvey, Irma and Maria. In addition we have Chris and Maria Slay owners of Rainbow Restoration of Sugarland & Katy joining us with an on the ground report from Texas. IAQ Radio continues its coverage of the extensive damage and efforts to restore properties throughout the hardest hit areas.

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Brandon Boor, PhD – Jelle Laverge, PhD – Human exposure to indoor air pollutants in sleep microenvironments: A literature review

Air Date: 9-22-2017|Episode 478

This week we welcome two up and coming researchers and academics to discuss a topic that has recently been getting some much deserved attention. Most people spend about 1/3 of their lives in bed and or sleeping. What are we breathing or absorbing and how does it affect our health and performance? Dr. Boor and Dr. Laverge will tell us what they have learned during their literature review on the topic.

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