Parham Azimi, PhD – Research Associate Illinois Institute of Technology – New Research on Particulate Matter & Mortality

Air Date: 3-8-2019|Episode 537

This week we welcome Parham Azimi, PhD to Iaqradio+. Dr Azimi is a research associate in the Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering at Illinois Institute of Technology. Much of his research work has focused on fate, transport, and control of indoor aerosols of indoor and ambient origin, chronic health impacts of fine particles in various microenvironments, and energy performance of residential and commercial buildings. Parham is a member of ASHRAE Technical Committee 2.4, UL 2904 Standard Technical Panel, International Society for Indoor Air Quality and Climate (ISIAQ) and American Association for Aerosol Research (AAAR).

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Ritchie Shoemaker, M.D. – Part 1 of our series with the Mold Warrior (Flashback Friday: Original Air Date 4-25-2008)

   Air Date: 3-1-2019|Episode 536

Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker first joined Iaqradio as a guest back in April of 2008. Since then we have welcomed him back once a year or so to update us on his research into Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS). Today we are going to replay our first show with Dr. Shoemaker and we hope to have him join us again soon for another update. Following his bio we have listed all our shows with him over the years.

Oliver Threlfall – CEO Steamatic of Australia – A Unique Perspective on how the Global Restoration Big Dogs Play!

Air Date: 2-22-2019|Episode 535

Over the past 30 years¬†Oliver Threlfall¬†has been totally dedicated to the cleaning and restoration industry. He studied biology at Deakin University- before commencing Steamatic in Melbourne, Victoria in 1986. He then completed IICRC (The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) training in various modules and in addition took Microbial and Bioaerosol remediation training under the guidance of Dr. Tullis and Dr. Thulman of Duke University. Steamatic was formed in Australia in 1986 following requests from underwriters to establish proven claims reduction services that had been demonstrated overseas. They then transformed an established cleaning company into a specialist cleaning technologies firm. Oliver is the Steamatic of Australia CEO which makes him a very busy and connected man “down under”.
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Corbett Lunsford – The Home Performance Worskshop & The Worlds Highest Performance Tiny House on Wheels!

Air Date: 2-15-2019|Episode 534

Corbett Lunsford, wasn’t a home performance expert- he used to play piano for ballerinas. In 2008, he learned a few things very quickly: construction is unbelievably messy, most pros are over-rushed and under-paid, and homeowners end up suffering in small ways, for their entire lives in a house. None of this has to be so- we can opt out of the whole thing with performance testing. His goal is to package building performance so it can easily be understood and used by professionals and consumers alike, for better buildings worldwide. In 2009, he started teaching pros through the Building Performance Workshop and he has hosted over 300 YouTube videos and 80 interviews for the Building Performance Podcast. He also wrote the book Home Performance Diagnostics: the Guide to Advanced Testing, and developed the APT Reports software tool.
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Open Mic – Topics for this week include: Current Events, Certification, Standards, Training, Networking & Resources

Air Date: 2-8-2019|Episode 533

Today we are going to try something new and if it works we will make it a regular part of the line up. We are going to throw out some topics, invite a few friends and have a discussion about IAQ, disaster restoration and building science. We also encourage listeners to text in your questions or comments.¬†Today we expect to hear from Jay Stake, Eric Shapiro, Carl Grimes, John Downey and Pete Consigli. The topics we will throw out for discussion will come from the list in this week’s show title. We have some of the leaders of the industry join us every week so lets take advantage of that and start a conversation.

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Brett Singer, PhD Group Leader – Indoor Environment Division Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) – Original Air Date: 5-6-2016| Episode: 413

Air Date: 2-1-2019|Episode 532

Today we flash back to a great Research to Practice show with Brett C. Singer, PhD. Dr. Singer is the Staff Scientist and Group Leader of Indoor Environment in the Energy Analysis and Environmental Impacts Division of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL). He is also a Principal Investigator in the Whole Building Systems Group in the Building Technologies and Urban Systems Division. Dr. Singer conceives and leads research projects related to air pollutant emissions and physical-chemical processes, and pollutant exposures in both outdoor and indoor environments, aiming to understand real world processes and systems that affect air pollutant exposures.

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David B. Corry, M.D. – Baylor College of Medicine – Fungi in Health & Disease

Air Date: 1-25-2019|Episode 531

This week we welcome Professor of Pathology & Immunology and Medicine, David B. Corry, MD of Baylor College of Medicine, Michael E. Debakey VA Medical Center. We are looking forward to a fascinating discussion on Fungi in Health and Disease with Dr. Corry.

Dr. Corry is a pulmonologist by clinical background and still practices, mostly focusing on allergic airway diseases such as asthma and sinusitis. Most of the time, he is an immunologist and his research focus is into the mechanisms underlying inflammatory lung and other diseases including smoking-related emphysema, asthma, and sinusitis.

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Henry Gifford РBuildings Don’t Lie

Air Date: 1-11-2019|Episode 529

This week¬†Mr. Henry Gifford¬†of Building Energy Science joins us to discuss building science issues¬†and his new book¬†“Buildings Don’t Lie”.
Henry Gifford has 25+ years experience making buildings energy efficient, using common sense approaches. He’s worked on all kinds of buildings, but apartment ¬†houses are his favorite. Henry Gifford has worked on and designed over 40 Energy Efficient buildings and houses. ¬†Henry Gifford is also a well known speaker, an expert on Building Science and using real measurements not just estimates.

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Jay Stake – IAQA President – Open Microphone with the New IAQA President

Air Date: 1-4-2019|Episode 528

This week we welcome Jay Stake to back to Iaqradio+. Mr. Stake joined us last year right after the Indoor Air Quality Association announced they were leaving the ASHRAE fold. We will preview the upcoming conference, see how things are working out, learn about plans for the future, review 2018 and preview 2019. A few friends of the show will be calling in to join the conversation.
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