Ralph Moon, PhD | Mickey Lee | Robert Blochinger – The Moisture Mob – Flooring Panel Grand Finale – Part 2

Air Date: 1-13-2023|Episode 686

This week we welcome Robert Blochinger, Mickey Lee and Dr. Ralph Moon for the Moisture Mob – Flooring Panel Grand Finale.

The Moisture Mob series has been quite the learning experience. Today we wrap up the flooring panel and dive into how moisture affects various types of flooring. Bob Blochinger will discuss his take on how concrete chemistry affects flooring and Dr. Ralph Moon will go over his recent research on how different types of flooring are affected by moisture issues. Mickey Lee will weigh in on his lessons learned from over 30 years in the industry.

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Bob Blochinger was raised in New York City, working in the family construction business. He moved to Florida for college, majoring in business management and worked seasonally in the hospitality industry. Bob began his career in the flooring industry in 1970, offering carpet cleaning and installations while specializing in water and fire damage restoration work. In the early 1980’s he expanded into the retail department store sector providing installation of floor covering sales. During the 1990’s his company started to service the architectural and interior design trade with high-end floor covering product sales and installations for residential, commercial and industrial applications. In 1990, Bob attended Southern Tech GA, specializing in technical training for carpet manufacturing and inspection. This started his career in forensic review of floor covering products that have a negative impact on performance, appearance and/or use. He is a multi-discipline flooring consultant. Bob also works as an expert witness, inspector and investigator for law firms, condominium associations and flooring manufacturers. He consults for flooring projects on bid package formatting and review, installation supervision and maintenance procedures. Bob’s oversight consultation assignments often require moisture testing of concrete for public works projects and private corporations tracking major installations from the retail store to the manufacturing facility.

Ralph Moon, PhD is a Building Scientist with more than 42 years of consulting experience in the areas of duration of loss studies, material testing, risk assessment, project management, industrial hygiene, and indoor air quality assessment. Dr. Moon has published over 60 peer reviewed and 40 technical articles and papers and is a frequent expert witness on insurance-related claims and projects. Dr. Moon has a unique background that combines extensive field experience, seminar development and presentations, research, and legal services in IAQ, building science and disaster restoration.

Mickey Lee is currently a private consultant providing consulting, training, research and writing services in the fields of property damage restoration, psychrometrics, drying science, mold remediation and structural drying after water intrusions. Mr. Lee retired from the Munters Corp (US) in 2011 after serving in various roles for over 20 years. At various points Mr. Lee was Vice-President – Global Technology & Sustainability for Munters AB – MCS and Global and National Technical & Training Manager for Munters Corp (US). He was responsible for training program development, curriculum writing and course facilitation in addition to managing projects for structural drying and restoration of commercial buildings of every type. He also has extensive experience in application of air treatment technology in restorative drying projects, corrosion-control methods, mold mitigation and humidity control in commercial and industrial facilities while working with Munters Corporation – Moisture Control Services Division.

Recognizing his vast experience in water damage restoration the IICRC asked him to lead the development of their Commercial Drying Specialist certification. This program completed its’ full roll-out in 2009 and continues to be a popular offering. Mr. Lee continues to serve as committee chair for the Commercial Drying Specialist Certification program and also serves on the IICRC S500 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Water Damage Restoration revision committee.