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Episode 733| 7/12/2024 | 12 PM EDT

David Krause, PhD, MSPH, CIH, FAIHA

Remediation of Microbial Contamination & Legionella

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The Z-man Live from The Florida Mold Conference – ‚ÄúOdor Hunters‚ÄĚ

Air Date: 1-28-2022|Episode 653

This week the Z-man is in Florida at the AEML Winter Break aka The Florida Mold Conference. We look forward to talking to him and going through his¬†‚ÄúOdor Hunters”¬†presentation. The Z-man has been hunting odors for going on five decades. He is a pioneer in developing processes for finding the source of odors and for correcting the issue once it‚Äôs discovered. This presentation will go over what odors are, how they are perceived, how material porosity affects odor, fire related odors, odor events, microbial odors, the odor patch test and odor hunter devices.

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Ed Light, CSP, CIH – Practice to Research: IEQ Lessons from the Real World

Air Date: 1-21-2022|Episode 652

This week we’re going to explore some Practice to Research with real world examples from Mr. Ed Light.¬†Ed has been doing research on his own projects and has some interesting results to pass along to our audience. We’ll be discussing mold growth and climate change, MERV 8 vs. MERV 13 for particulate control and a¬†critique of research support for COVID response measures in buildings.

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Kishor Khankari, Ph.D. FASHRAE – Computational Fluid Dynamics & Indoor Environmental Quality

Air Date: 1-14-2022|Episode 651

This week we are going to explore how computational fluid dynamics (CFD) can help visualize indoor environmental quality (IEQ) with a widely respected proponent Dr. Kishor Kahnkari. How can we use this tool when designing, building and maintaining a buildings indoor environmental quality? Dr. Kishor Khankari is the president and founder of AnSight LLC. He is a specialist in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Kishor has several years of experience in providing consulting services that have resulted in optimized solutions to a wide variety of engineering problems. A noted expert in his field, he has a Ph.D. in CFD from the University of Minnesota and has regularly published in several technical journals.

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New Years Sponsor Show – Thoughts, Predictions and Plans 2022

Air Date: 1-7-2022|Episode 650

This week on IAQ Radio+ we look at the Thoughts, Predictions and Plans for our sponsors in 2022. We have been pre-recording these and will play them back live today. I am always impressed with what I learn during these types of shows and this one is no exception. LEARN MORE about what the leading associations, suppliers, and other players in our industry are thinking about 2022 and beyond. This is always a good show with lots of interesting discussion about the past, present and future of IAQ, disaster restoration and building science.

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Terry Brennan – The Life and Times of an IAQ Legend

Air Date: 12-17-2021|Episode 649

This week on IAQ Radio+ we welcome Terry Brennan for a look back and forward with a true legend in the building science and IAQ world. Terry Brennan is a building scientist and educator, who has studied buildings since the 1970’s. Because of his background in physics, biology and building construction, Mr. Brennan combines theory and practice in a unique and integrated way. He was president and senior building scientist at Camroden Associates, Inc in Westmoreland NY from its founding in 1984 until 2019.

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Eugenia Mirica, PhD – Franco Seif, PE – Joe Spurgeon, PhD – Sampling Surface Char in Residential Properties Impacted by Wildfire Smoke

Air Date: 12-10-2021|Episode 648

This week on IAQ Radio+ we welcome Eugenia Mirica PhD, Franco Seif PE and Joe Spurgeon PhD for a discussion on Sampling Surface Char in Residential Properties Impacted by Wildfire Smoke. There is a gathering interest in research, standards and guidelines related to wildfire smoke assessment, exposure and cleaning. This is a topic that would have been even more in the news if it was not for the COVID pandemic. Check out this week’s articles and links for several new studies being announced etc. and join us today at noon to learn more on the best methods for evaluating the impact of wildfire smoke in the built environment.

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Patrick McCarty – FIRST ONSITE: Director of Client Solutions – Interesting and Unusual Restoration Projects

Air Date: 12-3-2021|Episode 647

This week on IAQradio+ we welcome Patrick McCarty Director of Client Solutions at First Onsite Restoration to discuss some interesting and unusual projects he has been part of over the past almost 20 years. LEARN MORE about how to manage difficult projects and work with large teams to help customers get back to normal.

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Richard Corsi, PhD, PE – University of California Davis – COVID accelerated IAQ Research to Practice: What have we learned?

Air Date: 11-19-2021|Episode 646

This week on IAQradio+ we welcome Dr. Richard Corsi Dean of the College of Engineering at University of California Davis. Many will remember Dr. Corsi for his time at the University of Texas and Portland State. We look forward to having him back to discuss his current endeavors and how COVID has accelerated IAQ Research to Practice.

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Sarah Haines, PhD – Assistant Professor – University of Toronto – The Puzzle of Buildings & Health; Research to Practice

Air Date: 11-12-2021|Episode 645

This week on IAQradio+ we welcome Dr. Sarah Haines of the University of Toronto Department of Civil & Mineral Engineering. Dr. Haines came to our attention when she was part of a group with Karen Dannemiller, PhD at the Healthy Buildings Summit 2019. It was refreshing to have a group of young academics join us to share interests in healthy buildings research to practice. She has since taken a position at the University of Toronto with Jeff Siegel, PhD another HBS Keynoter and research to practice enthusiast. This week we look forward to learning more about how Sarah and other academics see the puzzle of buildings and health.

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Kevin R. Hart – CEO | HAVEN IAQ – Linking HVAC & IAQ with Sensor Technology

Air Date: 11-5-2021|Episode 644

This week on IAQradio+ we welcome¬†Kevin Hart, Haven IAQ CEO to continue our discussion on HVAC and IAQ. This week we focus on using sensor technology to optimize HVAC affects on IAQ. Kevin is the founder of Haven IAQ and is doing some interesting work linking HVAC and IAQ.¬†¬†Nate ‚ÄúThe House Whisperer‚ÄĚ Adams¬†¬†brought Kevin and Haven to our attention during our¬†last show¬†with him.

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