John Mulhausen, PhD, CIH, CSP – AIHA President and Larry Sloan, MBA, FASAE, CAE – AIHA CEO – Accelerating Advancement in Industrial Hygiene Science and Practice

Air Date: 10-15-2021|Episode 642

This week we welcome Dr. John Mulhausen AIHA President and Larry Sloan, AIHA CEO for a discussion on how to accelerate your advancement in the world of industrial hygiene. We will look at how those in the health and safety world can advance and prosper in today’s unique environment.

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Chris Howells – Aprilaire Senior Product Manager Ventilation and Purification Systems – HVAC & IAQ: What Works!

Air Date: 10-8-2021|Episode 641

This week we welcome Chris Howells, Aprilaire Senior Product Manager Ventilation and Purification Systems, to talk HVAC & IAQ: What Works!. We have very recently had some excellent building science shows with Joe Lstiburek and Nate Adams. It seems like a good time to see what a major manufacturers’ Product Manager for Ventilation and Purification can tell us what he sees out in the field.

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Nate Adams – HVAC 2.0, IAQ and The Art of the Possible

Air Date: 9-24-2021|Episode 639

This week we welcome back Nate “The House Whisperer” Adams for a lesson on HVAC and IAQ. We did not get to discuss HVAC as much as we wanted with Dr. Joe Lstiburek so we asked Nate to join us and continue the discussion. We will talk about his “electrify everything” mantra, the HVAC 2.0 program and BAD ASS HVAC. Nate and his partners are trying to shake things up but also keep in mind “the art of the possible”. The focus of the discussion will primarily be on existing housing, HVAC and IAQ.

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Paula Schenck, MPH – UConn Health Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine – Health and Safety during the COVID Pandemic

Air Date: 9-17-2021|Episode 638

This week we welcome back Paula Schenck, MPH for a discussion about Health and Safety during the COVID Pandemic, risk communication plus a few other current events and topics that will be of great interest to our audience. Paula last joined us in 2016 when she was part of a panel we interviewed at the Maine IAQ Conference in Portland, Maine.

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Joe Lstiburek, Ph.D., P.Eng – Moisture Control for Residential Buildings

Air Date: 9-10-2021|Episode 637

This week we welcome back Joe Lstiburek, PhD, P. Eng. for a discussion about his new book “Moisture Control for Residential Buildings”. The first edition came out in 1991 and with all the changes to code, materials, methods, etc. it was time for a new edition. Mission accomplished, now it’s time to LEARN MORE about the current state of Moisture Control for Residential Buildings!

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Joe Lstiburek, Ph.D., P.Eng. – The Life & Times of the Dean of Building Science

Air Date: 8-13-2021|Episode 636

This week we welcome Joe Lstiburek, PhD, P. Eng. for a look back at his career and to get his thoughts on some current events. This will be a exclusive two part interview. Today, in Part 1, we’ll discuss his early days in construction up to current events including COVID-19, the Miami building collapse, Code updates and more. We’ll continue our discussion in Part 2 when we return live from our summer break on September 10th. That show will focus on his new book “Moisture Control for Residential Buildings”. Don’t miss this exclusive look at the Life and Times of the Dean of Building Science.

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Frank Mortl III, Jack Springston, Neil Zimmerman, PhD – ACGIH COVID White Papers Update & New Bioaerosols Instrumentation Monograph

Air Date: 8-6-2021|Episode 635

This week we welcome Jack Springston, CIH, CSP – ACGIH Bioaerosols Committee Vice Chair Neil Zimmerman, PhD, PE, CIH, FAIHA – ACGIH Industrial Ventilation Committee Member and Frank Mortl III, CAE – ACGIH Executive Director for an update on ACGIH COVID documents and the new Bioaerosols Monograph on Air Sampling Instrumentation. ACGIH has collaborated with ASHRAE on their most recent COVID document revisions and is in the midst of revising the 1999 Bioaerosols Assessment and Control book. The industry is anxiously awaiting this revision.

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Kirk Phillips, MS & Jennifer Sahmel, PhD, CIH, CSP – Exploring Total Exposure Health and Total Worker Health

Air Date: 7-30-2021|Episode 634

This week we welcome Dr. Jennifer Sahmel and Kirk Phillips to explore the concepts of Total Exposure Health (TEH) and Total Worker Health (TWH). TWH’s primary goal is to improve the well-being of the U.S. workforce by protecting their safety and enhancing their health and productivity. Total Exposure Health is a strategy to evaluate individuals’ exposures to hazards at work, from the environment, and lifestyle choices, integrating these evaluations with health promotions initiatives to better ensure the long-term health of the individual. TEH and TWH take a more holistic approach to health, safety and well being. The concepts are gaining traction and this week we have two of the leading proponents joining us.

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Jon Isaacson – The Intentional Restorer and DYOJO Show Host – Bridging the Gap between Old School Restorers and The Next Generation

Air Date: 7-16-2021|Episode 633

This week we welcome the Intentional Restorer and DYOJO podcast host Jon Isaacson. We’re going to continue our deep dive into the restoration world but with a little different focus. Last week we had an excellent show following the RIA 75th Diamond Anniversary Convention. One of last week’s guests joins us solo this week to discuss how the Old Guard Restorers (and for that matter contractors) can better relate with younger generations.

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