Andre Desjarlais & Michael Lubliner – Oak Ridge National Laboratory & the Building Science Advisor Tool – Energy efficient & moisture durable; building envelope solutions

Air Date: 12-16-2022|Episode 684

This week we welcome Andre Dejarlais and Mike Lubliner Luby for a discussion on Building Science, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the new Building Science Advisor Tool for efficient & moisture durable; building envelope solutions.

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Michael Robert Lubliner is a Senior Energy Advisor at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He previously worked at Washington State University Extension Energy Program as Building Science Residential Technical Lead at the Washington State Energy Office.  He is internationally recognized for his 35 years of significant contributions to residential building science R&D of emerging technology and building systems engineering.  He currently provides technical support at ORNL working with the Building Science Advisor and low-income weatherization programs.

Over the years, Lubliner worked to design, implement and evaluate utility energy efficiency incentive programs, and support; EPA Energy Star and Indoor Air Plus, DOE Zero Energy Ready and NAHB Energy Value Housing Awards. Lubliner is a subject matter expert in areas of new and existing single and multi-family site built and manufactured housing sectors.  He is a member of ASHRAE working to support energy efficiency, durability, and indoor air quality.  He provided technical support to state residential energy code from 1986-2022. He utilizes his effective and passionate communications style and wisdom from 35 years in the “school of hard knocks”, communicating with government agencies, utilities, developers, sub-contractors, supply chain manufacturers/distributors, building code officials, DIY and others.

André Desjarlais is the Program Manager for the Building Envelope and Materials Research Program at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He has been involved in building envelope and materials research for over 45 years, first as a consultant and, for the last 30 years, at ORNL. Areas of expertise include building envelope and material energy efficiency, moisture control, and durability. Desjarlais has been a Member of ASTM since 1987 and serves on Committees C16 on Thermal Insulation, D08 on Roofing, and E60 on Sustainability. He is the past Chairman of ASTM Committee C16 and was awarded the title of Fellow in 2011. He has been a member of ASHRAE since 1991 and serves on Technical Committees TC 4.4 on Thermal Insulation and Building Systems, TC 1.8 on Mechanical Insulation Systems, and TC 1.12 on Moisture Control in Buildings, and is past Chairman of TC 4.4. André is also a founding director of the RCI Foundation.