Mark Springer, CEPA, CR – The Life and Times of Mark Springer; Restorations Renaissance Man

Air Date: 5-24-24 |Episode 730|

This week we welcome Mark Springer to talk about his life and times as a restoration Renaissance Man. Mark is moving into the next phase of his life after selling his business and we look forward to getting his thoughts on the restoration industry and where the Renaissance Man goes from here.

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Mark Springer is a highly regarded and experienced President/CEO skilled in successfully expanding a multi-location residential and commercial services company across a broad geographical region. Mark has a demonstrated ability to drive market-leading performance, dynamic growth, and profitability. He grew his company from 1 to 7 profitable locations through several acquisitions and greenfield growth. He led the acquisition of the company by private equity in 2020, positioning it as the platform company for FLEET Response, which surged from $20mm to over $150mm in less than 18 months.

Mark is renowned for exceptional leadership capabilities, adept strategic planning, and consistently delivering outstanding results through the oversight and guidance of high-performing teams. He is recognized as President of a prestigious international organization in the property restoration industry, further validating leadership skills. Mark authored the influential publication “Our Greatest Need,” which served as a catalyst for industry-wide transformation within the Global Property Restoration Industry. Mark has been a central force in driving greater cohesion and collaboration across this challenging industry.

Mark lives in Bozeman, Montana with his wife of 25 years, Angie. He is a proud father of 5 daughters and one granddaughter, and he is an active community member