Rich Crim, PE & Ken Garza, CIH, MS – Reactive to Proactive IEQ GHP’s Unique Process Encourages a Paradigm Shift

Air Date: 1-20-2023|Episode 687

This week we welcome Rich Crim, VP Dir of Project Operations and Ken Garza, CIH VP Industrial Hygiene to discuss the GHP story and their emphasis on Proactive vs Reactive IEQ. After many years working with large companies, hotel chains and others GHP is laser focused on changing their client’s paradigm and focusing on IEQ issues proactively. This week we learn more about their unique approach.

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Ralph Moon, PhD | Mickey Lee | Robert Blochinger – The Moisture Mob – Flooring Panel Grand Finale – Part 2

Air Date: 1-13-2023|Episode 686

This week we welcome Robert Blochinger, Mickey Lee and Dr. Ralph Moon for the Moisture Mob – Flooring Panel Grand Finale.

The Moisture Mob series has been quite the learning experience. Today we wrap up the flooring panel and dive into how moisture affects various types of flooring. Bob Blochinger will discuss his take on how concrete chemistry affects flooring and Dr. Ralph Moon will go over his recent research on how different types of flooring are affected by moisture issues. Mickey Lee will weigh in on his lessons learned from over 30 years in the industry.

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Robert Higgins – William Thornton – Roland Vierra – The Moisture Mob – Concrete Panel Grand Finale – Part 1

Air Date: 1-6-2023|Episode 685

This week we welcome Robert Higgins, William Thornton and Roland Vierra the Moisture Mob – Concrete Panel Grand Finale for a discussion of concrete and moisture related issues. This is the last of our series of shows on concrete and moisture. Next week we do our wrap up show on other types of flooring and moisture related problems. Our thanks to Pete Consigli “The Restoration Industry Global Watchdog” for his help pulling these shows together.

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Brendon Burley, PhD, PE – Jennifer Isenbeck, PE – Meghan McNulty, PE – ASHRAE 62.1 Ventilation & Acceptable Indoor Air Quality - Is Acceptable, Acceptable?

Air Date: 12-9-2022|Episode 683

This week we  welcome Dr. Brendon Burley PE, Jennifer Isenbeck PE and Meghan McNulty PE for a show we are calling ASHRAE 62.1 Is Acceptable, Acceptable? The ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2022, Ventilation and Acceptable Indoor Air Quality has been under the microscope with COVID and now RSV, Flu, etc. The standard has been the topic of many comments and critiques. This week we interview three committee members to get their perspective.

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Rick Sims & Pete Consigli – Florida Hurricane Response/Recovery, HVAC Pro’s Perspective & Andy Äsk Building Science Symposium Preview

Air Date: 12-2-2022|Episode 682

This week we welcome Rick Sims and Pete Consigli for a report on Hurricane Ian recovery, HVAC industry update and the Andy Ask Building Science Symposium aka Winter Break. It’s always great to have the Restoration Industry Global Watchdog join us and this week we also welcome his SW Florida HVAC expert and friend Rick Sims. This show will not only give us some insight into the current events in Florida but will go into some HVAC related issues that are front and center in the industry today.

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Serene Al-Momen, PhD – CEO of Senseware – Sensors, IoT and IAQ; Putting the Pieces Together

Air Date: 10-28-2022|Episode 679

This week on IAQ Radio+ we welcome Dr. Serene Al-Momen CEO of Senseware to discuss Sensors, IoT and IAQ; Putting the Pieces Together. We have recently had several shows about sensors and IAQ and we saw the Denver Public Schools Superintendent discussing his dashboard during the White House Summit on IAQ. This week we tie it all together with an IT specialist that has figured out a way to let any building take advantage of the sensor revolution.

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