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Episode 734 | 7/19/2024 | 12 PM EDT


Fostering a Collaborative Environment between Restoration Contractors and Insurance Carriers

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Jeremy Beagle, CIH – Senior Principal Scientist SDII Global – Mold Assessment & Restorative Drying Redefined

Air Date: 6-16-2023|Episode 703

This week we welcome Jeremy Beagle, Senior Principal Scientist at SDII Global for a show we are calling Mold Assessment & Restorative Drying Redefined.

Jeremy is a Senior Principal Scientist and CIH with SDII Global having over 18 years progressive experience performing causation assessments pertaining to moisture, fungal growth and other indoor environmental firms in the built environment as well as provides expert witness testimony. Jeremy currently is the 1st Vice President of the IAQA and the Vice-chair for the IICRC S530 Mold Assessment Standard.

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Jason Lee – Vice President of Sales, Client Solutions at ByoPlanet – IEQ & Building Service Contractors

Air Date: 6-9-2023|Episode 702

This week we welcome Jason Lee Vice President of Sales, Client Solutions at ByoPlanet. Jason has spent many years in a variety of building services positions and was thrust into learning about IEQ early in his career. His early focus was on continuous improvement starting in the military and leading to his position today. In these roles he has worked with numerous large school districts, colleges and Fortune 500 companies helping ensure good IEQ for their occupants and employees. His unique perspective will be of interest to the IAQ Radio+ audience.

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Ken Siders – Senior Environmental Consultant ETA Environmental – A Cautionary Structural Drying Tale

Air Date: 6-2-2023|Episode 701

This week we welcome Ken Siders, Senior Environmental Consultant ETA Environmental. We will be discussing a Cautionary Structural Drying Tale that has many lessons for all. Consultants and contractors will learn from the lessons on this unique project. Ken is the Senior Environmental consultant for ETA Environmental, with 20+ years in the building science restoration field. He is a teacher and published author and is an expert in mold, radon, Chinese drywall, meth lab cleanup testing, lead, asbestos, and many more types of building contamination.

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Norris Gearhart, CR – Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA), Disinfection & Diversification Opportunities for Restoration Contractors

Air Date: 5-19-2023|Episode 700

This week we welcome Norris Gearhart EVP of Regulatory and Business Practices at First Onsite Property Restoration for a show on Infection Control Risk Assessment, Disinfection and Diversification Opportunities for Restoration Contractors.

Norris Gearhart is the Executive Vice President of Regulatory Business Practices for First Onsite Property Restoration. Norris has a long career as a solutions-focused leader, coach, and educator. He began his career in the restoration industry in 1985. He has had responsibilities in both the restoration and insurance realm over the span of nearly four decades. During this time, Norris owned or has been part owner of two successful full-service restoration companies building multi-million-dollar books of business. He brings considerable skills and expertise to the table, including being an OSHA outreach trainer for Construction and General industry, loss site inspections, estimating, project management, and as an instructor for the RIA Certified Restorer (CR), Fire Loss Specialist (FLS), and Environmental Risk Specialist (ERS) courses. He is currently serving as a voting member of the IICRC standards committee with the development of the S410 Infection Control Cleaning Standard.

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J. Thomas Pierce, MBBS, PhD – Connecting with People about Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS)

Air Date: 5-5-2023|Episode 699

This week we welcome Dr. J. Thomas Pierce to talk about his fascinating background and how we can better connect with people about OEHS. Dr. Pierce has been working in the occupational safety and health arena for half a century and his unique background in medicine, laboratories and the field gives him a perspective that is rare. Some may know him from his long running Action Level column in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health or his more recent work writing books that describe OEHS work through his characters.

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Carl Grimes, HHS, CIEC – Defining Health, Including People in Assessments & ICRC S-520

Air Date: 4-28-2023|Episode 698

This week we welcome back a long time friend of the show Carl Grimes of Hayward Score. Many of our listeners know Carl has been an advocate for including health in IEQ assessments for years and has been working with sensitive people for decades. Recently Carl worked with ASHRAE to better define health. He also spoke at IAQA on including people in assessments. In addition, Carl has extensive insight into the IICRC S520 over the years and has some thoughts on the latest proposed revisions.

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Martin L. King, ASA, CR – Ed Light, CIH Light N King Strike – Assessment of Smoke Damage

Air Date: 4-21-2023|Episode 697

This week we are updating and adding photos to a great flashback show with Ed Light and the late Marty King. This was an excellent show on the assessment of smoke Damage which is once again a hot topic again. With all the wildfires, train wrecks and recycling fires this show from 3-23-12 is as relevant today as it was then. Let’s learn from those that have been there and done that Marty King and Ed Light.

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Jie Zhao, PhD – Head of Delos Labs and an Executive Vice President at Delos – Managing Indoor Environments for Health, Well-being, Performance and Resilience

Air Date: 4-14-2023|Episode 696

This week we welcome Jie Zhao, PhD VP at Delos Labs for a show on how modern buildings are integrating IEQ controls, lighting, acoustics and more to make work environments healthy and high performing.

Dr. Zhao is the Head of Delos Labs and an Executive Vice President at Delos. Delos is a wellness, real estate and technology company headquartered in New York City. As the creator of the WELL Building Standard, Delos develops products, programs and solutions that transform our environments into vehicles for health, well-being, performance, and resilience. Cliffs Blog & Full Description

Hal Levin – IAQ Pioneer – Memorial Show Part 2

Air Date: 3-31-2023|Episode 695

Original Air Date: 6-18-2010 | Episode 171

This week we honor and memorialize Hal Levin an IAQ Pioneer by remastering and adding photos to our part 2 show from 6-18-2010. In this episode we will go into more detail about some of his most interesting projects and explore some current events in the IAQ and building science. A nice obituary for Hal can be found here.

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