Martin L. King, ASA, CR – Ed Light, CIH Light N King Strike – Assessment of Smoke Damage

Air Date: 4-21-2023|Episode 697

This week we are updating and adding photos to a great flashback show with Ed Light and the late Marty King. This was an excellent show on the assessment of smoke Damage which is once again a hot topic again. With all the wildfires, train wrecks and recycling fires this show from 3-23-12 is as relevant today as it was then. Let’s learn from those that have been there and done that Marty King and Ed Light.

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Jie Zhao, PhD – Head of Delos Labs and an Executive Vice President at Delos – Managing Indoor Environments for Health, Well-being, Performance and Resilience

Air Date: 4-14-2023|Episode 696

This week we welcome Jie Zhao, PhD VP at Delos Labs for a show on how modern buildings are integrating IEQ controls, lighting, acoustics and more to make work environments healthy and high performing.

Dr. Zhao is the Head of Delos Labs and an Executive Vice President at Delos. Delos is a wellness, real estate and technology company headquartered in New York City. As the creator of the WELL Building Standard, Delos develops products, programs and solutions that transform our environments into vehicles for health, well-being, performance, and resilience. Cliffs Blog & Full Description

Hal Levin – IAQ Pioneer – Memorial Show Part 2

Air Date: 3-31-2023|Episode 695

Original Air Date: 6-18-2010 | Episode 171

This week we honor and memorialize Hal Levin an IAQ Pioneer by remastering and adding photos to our part 2 show from 6-18-2010. In this episode we will go into more detail about some of his most interesting projects and explore some current events in the IAQ and building science. A nice obituary for Hal can be found here.

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Hal Levin – IAQ Pioneer – Memorial Show Part 1

Air Date: 3-17-2023|Episode 694

Original Air Date: 4-30-2010|Episode 165

This week we honor and memorialize Hal Levin an IAQ Pioneer by remastering the first of a 2 part show that was done on April 30, 2010. A nice obituary for Hal can be found at

Hal Levin was a Research Architect with Building Ecology Research Group, Santa Cruz, California. Mr. Levin conducted research and consulted on building’s impacts on occupant health and comfort as well as on the larger environment. Since 1978 his work focused on the integration of knowledge about indoor and outdoor air pollution as well as other risk factors into the design, construction, and operation of residential, educational, and commercial buildings and communities.

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Thomas Licker, CEICR, CBRM – Sr. VP First Onsite & Board President ABRA – Responding to Fentanyl, Crime, Trauma & Other Biorecovery Situations

Air Date: 3-10-2023|Episode 693

This week we welcome Thomas Licker of First Onsite and the American Biorecovery Association to discuss responding to fentanyl, crime, trauma & other biorecovery situations. Have you ever wondered who responds when mass shootings, suicides, unattended deaths, transportation accidents, etc. occur? Tom will talk to us about the specialty skills and techniques needed for this type of work.

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John Lapotaire – New Mold Assessment Standard, Hurricane Recovery, Spray Foam & More

Air Date: 3-3-2023|Episode 692

This week we welcome John Lapotaire of IAQ Solutions in Orlando Florida for a show on a New Mold Assessment Standard, Hurricane Recovery, Spray Foam & More. It’s always great to get a field report from John Lapotaire who is regularly in the field and also very involved with associations developing industry standards. This week we discuss the new IICRC Mold Assessment Standard, the revised IICRC mold remediation standard, hurricane recovery in Florida, Spray foam issues, and how revised building codes that continue to tighten homes and buildings can lead to IAQ issues.

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Connie Araps, PhD – Kishor Khankari, PhD – Advances in Reactive Indoor Air Cleaning Technologies

Air Date: 2-17-2023|Episode 690

This week we welcome Dr. Connie Araps and Dr. Kishor Khankari to discuss their recent presentation at the ASHRAE Winter Conference called Advances in Reactive Air Cleaning Technologies. Dr. Connie Araps has an extensive background in chemistry, semiconductor technology and advanced engineering for manufacturing. She has a chemistry from Rutgers University and received a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Princeton University, where she published research on bio-medicinal chemistry. As a research scientist and technology executive in the pharmaceutical industry and at IBM for over 20 years, she authored 16 US patents and numerous publications in the areas of biochemistry, material science and photochemistry.

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Scott Walden – COO of Vetcor – Unique Perspective on the Current State of the Restoration Industry

Air Date: 2-3-2023|Episode 689

This week we welcome Scott Walden COO of Vetcor for his unique perspective on the current state of the restoration industry. We will focus on an article he wrote recently called “The Squeeze” about, well let’s let him tell you. Scott Walden is the Chief Operating Officer for Team VetCor, LLC and VetCor, LLC; a veteran manned and managed insurance services franchise company specializing in emergency services for property damage. Scott holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Black Hills State University (cum laude), and an MBA from the Florida Technical University.

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Pete Consigli – Cliff Zlotnik – Jon Isaacson & FOP’s – The Andy Ă„sk Building Science Symposium aka Winter Break Highlights

Air Date: 1-27-2023|Episode 688

This week we welcome Pete Consigli, Cliff Zlotnik, Jon Isaacson and FOP’s (friends of Pete’s) from Naples, Florida to give us highlights from the Andy Ask Building Science Symposium (AABSS) and the Hurricane Response Lessons Learned Workshop.

The always entertaining Restoration Industry Watchdog, DYOJO’s Jon Isaacson and the Z-man will lead a roundtable discussion with FOP’s about the highlights from the AABSS and the Hurricane Response Lessons Learned Workshop. We always learn something new with Pete, Cliff, Jon and the FOP’s.

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