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Flash Back Friday | 6/21/24 | 12 PM EDT

Rusty Amarante, CR

Property Restoration An Introspective Interview & Fireside Chat Spanning 4 Decades in the Restoration Industry!

Original Air Date 10-12-18 | Episode 520

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Bill Bahnfleth, PhD, PE – ASHRAE Control of Infectious Aerosols Standard & The Future of IAQ Standards after COVID

Air Date: 10-13-2023|EpisodeĀ 712

This week we welcome back Dr. William Bahnfleth to discuss ASHRAE Standard 241-2023 Control of Infectious Aerosols and the future of IAQ standards after COVID.

William Bahnfleth is a professor of architectural engineering at the Pennsylvania State University. He has held previous positions as a principle investigator at the US Army Construction Research Laboratories and as a senior consultant for ZBA, Inc. He holds a PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of Illinois and is a Registered Professional Engineer. At Penn State, Dr. Bahnfleth teaches courses on HVAC system design and indoor air quality. His research focuses on systems for sustainable management of indoor air quality with engineering controls, especially control of infectious aerosols. He is the author or co-author of nearly 200 peer-reviewed publications and 14 books/chapters. He is a past president of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and vice-president of the Indoor Environmental Quality Global Alliance.

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Josh Miller, CR, CFE – From the Trenches to the Boardroom

Air Date: 10-6-2023|EpisodeĀ 711

This week, IAQ Radio+ interviews Rainbow Restoration President Josh Miller, CR, CFE. Josh is one of the property restoration industry’s rising young leaders who ascended from working in the cleaning and restoration trenches to the President of one of the industry’s most prominent brands serving the restoration sector. Josh has been a technician, project manager and industry instructor, and served as an association volunteer in a leadership role attaining advanced designations in restoration certification. Radio Joe and the Z-man in their unique “fireside chat” interview style will get Josh to share his story of the challenges and obstacles overcome to his ascension to the Presidency of Rainbow. Call in live this week to hear Josh talk about the lessons learned from his restoration journey and his vision for the future of the restoration industry!

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Andy Sall – The Business Interruption Guy

Air Date: 9-22-2023|EpisodeĀ 709

This week we welcome Andy Sall of Complex Claims Resolution for a show on Business Interruption. What would happen to your business if there was a fire in the offices, or a flood, or some other type of emergency that wipes out your income overnight? Would your insurance cover you? What do you do when you are denied?

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Jovan Pantelic, PhD – Research Scientist at WELL Living Lab – COVID, IoT, Wildfires & IAQ

Air Date: 9-8-2023|EpisodeĀ 707

This week we welcome Dr. Jovan Pantelic, Ph.D. Research Scientist atĀ the Well Living LabĀ for a show on COVID, IoT, Wildfires and IAQ. Dr. Pantelic earned his Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and his M.S. from the Department of Thermal Engineering at the University of Belgrade (Serbia). He earned his Ph.D. from the National University of Singapore where he studied in the School of Design and Environment, Department of Building.

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Jie Zhao, PhD – Head of Delos Labs & Executive Vice President at Delos – Keeping Our Buildings and Homes a Safe Oasis

Air Date: 7-21-2023|EpisodeĀ 706

This week we welcome back Jie Zhao, PhD – Head of Delos Labs and VP at Delos for a show on keeping our buildings and homes a safe oasis. With heat extremes, wildfires, hurricanes, heavy rains, train derailments, ozone action days and other atypical environmental hazards becoming more frequent itā€™s important that our buildings be prepared to provide a safe oasis.

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Robert J. Jonkman, P. Eng – Vice President, Codes and Engineering Canadian Wood Council – Building Science & Wood: A Balanced Design Approach

Air Date: 7-14-2023|EpisodeĀ 705

This week we welcome Rob Jonkman, VP of Codes and Engineering at the Canadian Wood Council to discuss Building Science, Wood: A Balanced Design Approach. The Canadian wood industry is a huge driver of construction practices in the US and beyond. Lets learn more about how wood is part of a balanced design approach from someone that has been a mover in the area for years.

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Jeremy Beagle, CIH – Senior Principal Scientist SDII Global – Mold Assessment & Restorative Drying Redefined

Air Date: 6-16-2023|EpisodeĀ 703

This week we welcome Jeremy Beagle, Senior Principal Scientist at SDII Global for a show we are calling Mold Assessment & Restorative Drying Redefined.

Jeremy is a Senior Principal Scientist and CIH with SDII Global having over 18 years progressive experience performing causation assessments pertaining to moisture, fungal growth and other indoor environmental firms in the built environment as well as provides expert witness testimony. Jeremy currently is the 1st Vice President of the IAQA and the Vice-chair for the IICRC S530 Mold Assessment Standard.

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