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February 23rd, 2018 12PM EST

Sal La Duca

Environmental Assay, Inc.

Electricity, EMF’s & IEQ,  Part 2;  How to assess issues! 
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Sal La Duca – Environmental Assay, Inc. – Electricity, EMF’s & IEQ, Part 2; How to assess issues!

Air Date: 2-23-2018|Episode 495

This week we are bringing back Sal La Duca for part 2 of our discussion on electricity, EMF’s & IEQ. Electricity and electric fields are all around us we keep adding them yet we do not know much about how they affect the health of occupants or if they affect health. Is it possible that they have affects we don’t understand? We do know that when installed improperly electric systems can cause a variety of issues. We also know how to find improper installations and to how to reduce the potential for exposure. In Part 1 Mr. La Duca walked us through the basics from the generating facility to the wiring in our home. Part 2 will focus on how to evaluate the issues and what equipment is used to help determine if we have issues.

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Ralph Moon, PhD – Michael Bowdoin, Esq – Hurricane Coverage Finale; Insurance and Legal Issues, What did we learn?

Air Date: 2-16-2018|Episode 494

This week we will be finishing up our hurricane coverage series with two gentlemen that are known for seeing the big picture. Dr. Ralph Moon is based in the Tampa, FL region and Attorney Michael Bowdoin’s practice is in the Houston, TX area. Both have extensive personal and professional experience dealing with the aftermath of the hurricanes that hit in 2017. Both also work closely with contractors, consultants, building owners, insurance adjusters and others that have been trying to bring things back to normal. We plan a wide ranging discussion of what happened, how the response was handled and how these events will affect our future dealing with large natural disasters.

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FLASHBACK FRIDAY – Jeff May – Common and Under Recognized Sources of Indoor Bio-aerosols | Original Air Date: 2-5-2016| Episode: 400

Air Date: 2-2-2018|Episode 493

Radio Joe had to deal with a few emergencies this week so we are going to do a great Flashback Friday show with newly inducted IAQA Hall of Famer, Jeff May. Jeff joined us back in early 2016 to discuss “Common and Under Recognized Sources of Indoor Bio-aerosols”. We are back live on zoom next Friday with Sal LaDuca for Part 2 of our series on electricity, EMF’s and IEQ. This weeks show will also be aired using so give it a try.

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FLASHBACK FRIDAY – Tiina Reponen, PhD – Microbiology of the Built Environment Air Date: 3-24-2017|Episode 453

Air Date: 1-19-2018|Episode 491

Radio Joe is on the road at a Sloan “Research to Practice” Conference and will be back live next Friday to report on the event and the IAQA Conference. This week we are playing back a great show with a guest we tried to get for a long time. Tiina Reponen, PhD is a Professor in the Department of Environmental Health, College of Medicine at the University of Cincinnati.

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Bruce White | Vice President, American Environmental Specialists | IAQA First VP – Wildfires and IAQ, Construction Monitoring in Health Care & The New OSHA Silica Rule!

Air Date: 1-5-2018|Episode 489

This week on IAQ Radio we welcome Mr. Bruce White, Vice President at American Environmental Specialists & IAQA First Vice President. Mr. White’s and his company provide IAQ and environmental consulting on a wide range of issues from their Southern California office.

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Ken Larsen & Mickey Lee – Water Damage Scope of Work Development & Hurricane Coverage Continued

Air Date: 12-15-2017|Episode 488

This week on IAQ Radio we welcome Ken Larsen and Mickey Lee back to the show to continue our hurricane coverage and to discuss tips for how to develop proper scopes of work on water damage restoration projects. Both pros are working in the areas damaged by Hurricane Irma and both are long time water damage restoration pros, contributors to industry standards and instructors.

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Mark Springer, CR Phil Rosebrook, Jr. CR Pete Consigli RIA “Strictly TPA” Fall Conference Review and Discussion

Air Date: 12-8-2017|Episode 487

This week on IAQ Radio we discuss a topic that gets blood pressure up among some in the restoration world. Third Party Administrators “TPA’s” are a fact of life today in many industries and RIA has been helping their members make the adjustments necessary. This week we welcome two widely respected restoration professionals to IAQ Radio. Mark Springer and Phill Rosebrook are both RIA members and were speakers at the recent RIA “Strictly TPA” Fall Conference. We look forward to having them join us along with frequent contributor Pete Consigli…

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Sal La Duca – Principle Environmental Assay, Inc. – Electricity, EMF’s & IEQ

Air Date: 12-1-2017|Episode 486

This week on IAQ Radio we are going to talk about an IEQ issue we do not hear a lot about, electricity and electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s). EMF’s and other issues related to electrical currents are increasingly part of our indoor environment, we keep adding them yet we do not know much about how they affect the health of occupants or if they affect health.

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