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Welcome to IAQ Radio!                        Need CE Credits?

Each week we interview experts on indoor air quality, disaster restoration and building science issues.  The show hosts are "Radio Joe" Hughes and "The Z-Man" Cliff Zlotnik.



Next Up! 

April 10th, 2015 - 12:00 PM ET

Jack A Gilbert B.Sc. Ph.D.

Argonne National Laboratory Microbial Ecologist

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Show # Guest Topic
Episode 362 Marc Selvitelli, CAE - Executive. Dir RIA RIA - Conference Preview & Industry Initiatives
Episode 361 Krell, Rawhouser, Consigli IAQA Conf Review
Episode 360 Brent Stephens, Ph.D. The Intersection of Building Science, Energy efficiency & IAQ
Episode 359 Alan C. Veeck, CAFS IEQ & Filtration plus What is the Wells-Riley Equation?
Episode 358 Jeffrey Siegel Ph.D. Research to Practice
Filter forensics, Microbiome of the built environment and more
Episode 357 Ed Ranieri Cleveland Masters of Disaster
Disaster restorer stars in reality TV show
Episode 356 Thomas V. Robertson, Ph.D. Director, TIEMS North America Region
The International Emergency Management Society
Episode 355 Joe Lstiburek, Ph.D, P.Eng What is building science? Flashback to our remixed show from 2-29-2008
Episode 354 Lan Chi Nguyen Weekes, PE & Don Weekes, CIH One Step Ahead - ASHRAE Conference Summary
Episode 353 Brent Kynoch -Managing Director EIA Environmental Information Association (EIA)
Asbestos, Lead & Mold Oh My!
Episode 352 Richard Corsi, PhD &
Aldred, MS

The Nexus of Energy and Health: A systems Analysis of the Costs and Benefits of Ozone Control by Activated Carbon Filtration in Buildings

Episode 351 Ritchie Shoemaker, MD The Union of Genomics and NeuroQuant
Episode 350 Bryan O'Haleck
Maury Astley, CAE
Industry Unification Efforts Status Report
with IICRCA Chair and President
Episode 349 Tim Wentz, P.E. & Don Herrmann, CIAQP, CIEC ASHRAE IAQA Update, High Performance Buildings & Educating an Industry
Episode 348 Tim Miller Business Development Associates -Pres. & CEO
Marketing Your Restoration Business
Episode 347 Ed Light, CIH Limitations & Alternatives to Mold & IAQ Testing/Assesment
Episode 346 Alan Zelicoff, MD EBOLA -Issues and ANSWERS
Episode 345 Radio Joe & The Z-man Current Events, Industry Update & Ebola Preview
Episode 344 Flashback Friday
Havics, Baker, Yacobellis
Aerosol Physics & AFD Testing
Episode 343 Richard Corsi, PhD & Brandon Boor Bringing Research to Practitioners & IAQA/ASHRAE Update with Eva King, PhD
Episode 342 Rebecca Morley, MSPP & Kevin Kennedy, CIEC New NCHH National Healthy Housing Standard
Episode 341 Richard Corsi, PhD Indoor Air 2014 & The IAQ Research Series Part I
Episode 340 Bud Offermann, PE, CIH The Hazards of E-Cigarettes
Episode 339 Cliff "The Z-man" Zlotnik Part II of Fire Restoration with Unsmoke Founder
Episode 338 Cliff "The Z-Man" Zlotnik Part I of Fire Restoration with Unsmoke Founder
Episode 337 Thomas H. Phoenix, P.E., ASHRAE President & Kent Rawhouser, IAQA President Blockbuster Merger of ASHRAE & IAQA
Episode 336 Scott Stamper, RIA President ThermaPure Litigation Settlement
Episode 335 Bill Bahnfleth, PhD, P.E., Immediate Past President of ASHRAE IAQ Issues, ASHRAE & IAQA Consolidation & More
Episode 334 Nicole Bijlsma, Australian College of Environmental Studies Electromagnetic Fields (EMF's) & Baubiology
Episode 333 Lew Harriman & Terry Brennan EPA Moisture Control Guidance for Design, Construction & Maintenance
Episode 332 David Lark, Principle Mycologist, MouldLab in Newcastle, Australia Mold or Mould?
Episode 331 Chuck Violand, Bryan O'Haleck, Andy Robinson, Bill Yeadon, Tony Wheelwright, Pedro Perez, Tammy Stokes, Ross Driscoll, Mark Welstead, Stott Stamper, Mickey Lee, Jeff Cross & Kent Rawhouser 2 Minute Management a Bakers Dozen Live from the Violand Executive Summit
Episode 330 Chuck Violand, President and CEO Violand Managment Associates Building a Profitable Business
Episode 329 Hung Cheung, MD, MPH, FACOEM - Cogency Environmental IEQ: The Good Science, Junk Science and the Stretch of Scientific Evidence/Techniques
Episode 328 Randy Rapp, Robert Cox, Bryan Hubbard, Mark Shaurette, Pete Consigli Roundtable Discussion at the International Institute for Infrastructure Conference at Purdue University
Episode 327 Ken Rothmel, Sunbelt Rentals Ins and Outs of Equipment Rental
Episode 326 Alison Johnson, Chair of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Foundation Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: A Growing Health Disorder
Episode 325 Stephany Mason, PhD
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's), IAQ & Materials Testing
Episode 324 Radio Joe Hughes & Dietrich Weyel, Sc.D What is the Healthy Building Professional Summit? & Indoor Environments 101
Episode 323 Bob Pakrul, Spotless Restoration Disaster Restoration Veteran
Episode 322 Flashback Friday with J. David Miller, Ph.D and Don Weekes AIHA Greenbook
Episode 321 Charlene Bayer, Ph.D Part II of IAQA Hall of Famer
Episode 320 Charlene Bayer, Ph.D Part I of IAQA Hall of Famer
Episode 319 Howard Wolf & Mili Washington IICRC S500 & S520 Updates
Episode 318 Jerry Blaylock and John Downey IICRC Technical Journal Article - The Role of Vapor Pressure and Enthalpy in Drying Wood-Based Products
Episode 317 Claudia Lezell, ASID, CTC Floor Covering Inspection: Including Moisture Related Issues - More To It Than Meets The Eye
Episode 316 Derrick Denis Unusual IEQ Projects & IAQA Convention Preview
Episode 315 Pam Weigand Temporary Worker Issues & Answers
Episode 314 Milli Washington, Bill Doan & Lew Migliore IICRC Standards Update & ANSI/IICRC S800-2014 Standard & Reference Guide for Professional Inspection of Textile Flooring
Episode 313 Ulla Haverinen-Shaughnessy, D.Sc. Cleaning Verification Research & Standards
Episode 312 Brian Baker, Custom Vac Limited A Canadian Perspective of IEQ, HVAC and The Man in the Field
Episode 311 Jack A. White, Rainbow International Restoration Technical Services - How the Big Dogs Do It
Due to technical difficulties there is no recording.  Please see Cliff's Blog
Episode 310 Z-Man, Radio Joe & Dr. Weyel The Year in Review with Audio Highlights
Episode 309 Tony Wheelwright, IICRC Chairman IICRC Past, Present & Future
Episode 308 Tom Grillo, Kanomax IAQ Testing Equipment
Episode 307 Flashback Friday to Episode 109 with Rachel Herz Scents, Odors and IAQ
Episode 306 Dietrich Weyel, ScD Carbon Monoxide & Noxious Gas Exposure Science
Episode 305 Danny Hunt Supervising Indoor Environmentalist Contracting
Episode 304 Wei Tang, PhD Microbial Sampling/Analysis & Sandy Recovery
Episode 303 Flashback Friday with Charles Gilbert, PhD, M.S. Epidemiology and Toxicology
Episode 302 Steve Temes Chemical Sensitivities Consulting
Episode 301 Chris Watson, CIEC Colorado Flood Recovery Report


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