Connie Araps, PhD – Kishor Khankari, PhD – Advances in Reactive Indoor Air Cleaning Technologies

Air Date: 2-17-2023|Episode 690

This week we welcome Dr. Connie Araps and Dr. Kishor Khankari to discuss their recent presentation at the ASHRAE Winter Conference called Advances in Reactive Air Cleaning Technologies. Dr. Connie Araps has an extensive background in chemistry, semiconductor technology and advanced engineering for manufacturing. She has a chemistry from Rutgers University and received a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Princeton University, where she published research on bio-medicinal chemistry. As a research scientist and technology executive in the pharmaceutical industry and at IBM for over 20 years, she authored 16 US patents and numerous publications in the areas of biochemistry, material science and photochemistry.

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Dr. Araps is currently the president of Prometheus Strategies, which provides chemistry consulting services to companies in the field of advanced air and surface cleaning technologies. Dr. Araps presented a seminar entitled an “Overview of Reactive Indoor Air Cleaning Technologies at the 2023 ASHRAE Winter Conference. She has overseen chemical, microbiological and toxicology studies conducted at licensed laboratories and major research centers to better understand photohydrolytic oxidation technology and assess its efficacy and safety. In collaboration with Dr. David Crosley, a leading physical chemist who has published widely in the area of atmospheric hydroxyl radical chemistry, Dr Araps co-authored a definitive analytical chemical study that validated photohydrolytic oxidation technology’s mode of action and was published in the Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association (2017). Dr. Araps is a consultant to The Pyure Company and the Chair of Pyure’s Scientific Advisory Board.

Dr. Kishor Khankari is the president and founder of AnSight LLC. He is a specialist in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Kishor has several years of experience in providing consulting services that have resulted in optimized solutions to a wide variety of engineering problems. A noted expert in his field, he has a Ph.D. in CFD from the University of Minnesota and has regularly published in several technical journals.

Dr. Khankari is an ASHRAE Fellow and Distinguished Lecturer. He has received the ASHRAE Distinguished and Exceptional Service Awards and is past President of ASHRAE Detroit Chapter. He is also currently serving on the ASHRAE Board of Directors.