Jeffrey Siegel Ph.D. – COVID-19 Risk Mitigation – A Researcher’s Perspective

Air Date: 11-6-2020|Episode 605

This week we start a series of shows from different perspectives on COVID-19 Risk Mitigation. We start with Dr. Jeff Siegel a Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering and the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at The University of Toronto. Prior to accepting his current position he was an Associate Professor at the University of Texas, Austin. His interests and research have focused on healthy and sustainable buildings, ventilation and indoor air quality in residential and commercial buildings, control of indoor particulate matter, secondary impacts of control technologies and strategies, aerosol dynamics in indoor environments and HVAC systems.

Dr. Siegel’s Ph.D. is in Mechanical Engineering (2002) from the University of California, Berkeley, he also has an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering (1999) from the same institution and a B.S. in Engineering (1995) from Swarthmore College. He is a prolific researcher and speaker and a very active member of professionals societies and associations including ISIAQ and ASHRAE. We look forward to LEARNING MORE with him this week on IAQ Radio!

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