IAQ Radio 10th Anniversary Show!

Air Date: 9-9-2016| Episode: 430

It’s hard to believe that ten years have gone by and IAQ Radio continues to provide education and communication for IAQ, Disaster Restoration and Building Science communities. While preparing for our tenth anniversary we have spent a great deal of time going back through the archives and discussing the fantastic guests we have had over the years…

Full Description:

It’s hard to believe that ten years have gone by and IAQ Radio continues to provide education and communication for IAQ, Disaster Restoration and Building Science communities. While preparing for our tenth anniversary we have spent a great deal of time going back through the archives and discussing the fantastic guests we have had over the years. This week for the Ten Year Anniversary Show we plan to look at how much things have changed and/or stayed the same during ten years of IAQ Radio. We will also discuss what the future looks like and get the thoughts of some of our regular guests who will call in and give their perspective.

We started ten years ago with the following description on the Talkshoe website.

This is the place where the world discusses indoor air quality, the built environment and disaster restoration issues. Every Friday at noon ET the show is live. The shows host are Joe Hughes, President of IAQ Training Institute and Cliff Zlotnik, President Emeritus of Microban Systems. Every week we interview experts from the indoor air quality, building sciences and disaster restoration industry. As instructors for IAQ and disaster restoration training programs and active participants in industry associations we have the credibility and contacts necessary to bring top industry experts as guests on the show every week. The show is designed to help promote education and communication for industry professionals and consumers in need of assistance with IAQ, built environment and disaster restoration issues.

We THANK our listeners and hope you all feel we have been true to that description for all these years!

Favorite shows mentioned today:

  • John Ouellette, M.D. – 85
  • Dr. Dietrich Weyel – 244, 245, 291, 292
  • Cliff Zlotnik – 338, 339
  • Claude Blackburn – 177
  • Eliot Harrison – 121

Z-Man’s Blog:

10th Anniversary Blog
From Roof to Radon and More

While we named it IAQradio, our podcasts have cover everything under that happens from the roof to the radon. Over the course of 430 shows we’ve covered: roofing, building science, HVAC, microbes, microbial remediation, disaster restoration, building performance, construction, HAZMAT, new technology, safety, building inspection, marketing, branding, sales, radon

Original idea for the show.
I used to listen to a local radio program called “The American Entrepreneur” hosted by the late Ron Morris during my commute to spend time with my father on Saturday mornings. Ron was an original investor in the TalkShoebusiness concept and mentioned it over the air. I recognized that there was a 90 day lag in the industry magazine news cycle. I felt that Joe Hughes was a knowledgeable and talented guy who was flying under the radar and deserved a more prominent role in the industry. Cliff coined the monikers Z-Man and RadioJoe. Zack Zlotnik designed the logo, beaming information around the globe.

Why Original music? The word “time” in the title lyrics of the Chambers Brother’s song “The Time Has Come Today” spoke to me about our specific “time” Friday’s at noon eastern and “the rules have changed”; we would be writing our own rules for a new concept.

Why Multiple studios? We started broadcasting from what we called studio A in the TalkShoe offices. After a couple of shows we purchased our own equipment and moved it into a Studio B which was in my former office. The equipment was moved to Studio C in McKees Rocks and then relocated to Studio D in Joe’s office in Indian Lake.

Work behind the scenes.
As a listener whether you realize it or not a great deal of work happens behind the scenes. Guest intro music and trivia have connection with the guest need to be searched out and selected. The engineer then gathers and edits the sound clips. The host prep for the show by reading background documents(sometimes an entire book), web surfing and speaking with the guests. We then prepare questions and discussion points for submission in advance to the guests. Update the website, adding links. Write and disseminate the show invitations.

Acknowledged our cyber jockeys and engineers.

Trying hard to be fair and balanced.

We’ve covered both sides of contentious issues: Ritchie Shoemaker and those who disagree, IICRC standards appeals, etc.

Covered industry happenings. Interviewed new association presidents, executive directors, etc.

Covered the IICRC the “Big Green Gorilla”, their standards development processes and given our microphone to IICRC chairmen and administrators, standards consultants.

Hosted debates like the “RIA Donnybrook Scrimmages” and roundtables.

Taken the show on the road to cover industry events: convention and high profile meetings.

Flashed back repeat broadcast of popular shows.

Why the blog? Provides the opportunity to recap the show, inject personality or opinion, provide added clarification or commentary, etc. Blogs are approved by the guests before release.

My best interview, was the Claude Blackburn interview. We both served on the original IICRC S-500 committee where we fought over the language regarding antimicrobials which would be going into the document. I fought for inclusion of EPA’s FIFRA language which was the law, Claude felt that inclusion of this language would provide me a business advantage so he fought against it. It reminded me of a meeting of Muhammad Ali and George Foreman.

Joe’s favorite show was a recent one with J. David Miller, PhD. As a history lover it was fascinating to get the historical perspective behind how the recognition and understanding of the health effects related to exposure to allergens including mold progressed and where we are today.

Make it a point to honor the 11 guests who have passed away.

Podcasting is a medium that allows evolution.

Technology is great when it works and excruciatingly frustrating and embarrassing when it doesn’t.

Would like to have open microphone shows where the industry can sound off.

Sponsors, while we do receive some income from sponsors and thesale of continuing education credit, Neither Joe or I are paid for our work and the show runs at a financial deficit. The show is the superior way to earn continuing education credits.

Prior to today’s broadcast there have been 145,870 total downloads so far and counting!

You are the reason we do the show. Thanks for listening, participating in the show and telling your colleagues about it. It’s an honor being a trusted resource.

Thanks to John Lapotaire for joining us today and his input on industry changes: need increased awareness that retrofitting foam insulation into an existing home will change the home’s performance. Tight isn’t always right, energy savings are less important than IAQ, and ventilate more.

Thanks to Carl Grimes for joining us today and his input on emerging issues: more emphasis on health and buildings, the microbiome, emergence of interest in indoor chemistry, importance of particles, positivity of cross communication between association and groups. Particles can coagulate, nucleate and dissipate.

Today’s Music: “The Time Has Come Today” by the Chambers Brothers 1968
Respectfully yours,
Cliff “Z-Man” Zlotnik
Signing Off

Trivia: Dave Nelson was the founder of TalkShoe the broadcast platform that IAQradio uses to distribute our show. What is the derivation of the TalkShoe name?
Answer: TalkShoe’s name is a play on Ed Sullivan’s pronunciation of “talk show”.