Hurricane Irma Special Report! – John Lapotaire – IAQA President | Josh Winton – Discreet Restoration | Addison Christian – Adcon of St. Croix

Air Date: 9-15-2017|Episode 477

This week on IAQ Radio we continue with our coverage of the recent hurricanes and recovery. We will be talking to professionals on the ground in Florida and the US Virgin Islands for their perspective on the recovery from Hurricane Irma. Irma was massive and many IAQ and restoration professionals have been called in to help. Learn from the pros what mistakes and pitfalls to avoid…

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Andrew Streifel – Hospital Environment Specialist – University of Minnesota – Environmental Infection Control

Air Date: 7-28-2017|Episode 470

This week on IAQ Radio we welcome Andrew Streifel.  Andrew J. Streifel is a Hospital Environment Specialist with the Department of Environmental Health & Safety at the University of Minnesota. Whenever there is a high profile hospital acquired infection one of the first names that comes to mind is Andy Streifel.

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Flashback Friday! – Joseph Ponessa, PhD, MS – Housing, Indoor Environment and Health Specialist – Rutgers Cooperative Extension (Retired) – {Air Date: 12-3-2010 | Episode: 188}

Air Date: 7-14-2017|Episode 468

Radio Joe and the Zman are on their summer hiatus, returning next week live. This week we are going to flashback to a show from 12-3-2010 with Joe Ponessa, PhD who at the time had recently retired from Rutgers Cooperative Extension after serving 25 years as the Housing, Indoor Environment and Health Specialist…

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