Episode 500 – Radio Joe & The Z-man – Interviewed by John Lapotaire, Bob Krell, John Downey & Pete Consigli 10+ Years and 500 shows; What have We Learned?

Air Date: 4-6-2018|Episode 500

This week on IAQradio+, Radio Joe & The Z-man are celebrating 10+ Years and 500 shows! It’s been an interesting journey from when podcasts were a new thing to where it seems everyone has a podcast. This week we turn the tables on the IAQ Radio co-hosts with questions from frequent listeners, guests and industry leaders. The four industry experts we have lined up come from unique perspectives and all have been guests and contributors. They have also listened to the show over our 10+ years and they have given freely of their time to help their respective portions of the indoor air quality and restoration industries. We look forward to answering their questions about IAQ Radio and what we have learned through 500 shows and 10+ years “on the air”.

Z-Man’s Blog:
2² X 5³ = 500
Today we celebrated our 500th broadcast by turning the tables and allowing four industry colleagues John Downey, Bob Krell, Pete Consigli and John Lapotaire to interview IAQradio hosts.
Conception of show? Z-man and Radio Joe were frustrated by the 90 daylag in the print news cycle. The inspiration for IAQradio came from (the late) Ron Morris who hosted a weekend radio show in Pittsburgh and was an angel investor in Talk Shoe a company that was a pioneer in groundbreaking do-it-yourself podcasting technology.
It’s not about the money? IAQradio hosts are passionate about raising indoor environmental quality awareness. They aren’t in it for the money. While the show does have sponsors, the hosts personally finance the broadcasts. Joe and Cliff agree with Bob Krell who said: “Publishing, video and media are tough business for folks without a deep bankroll.”
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Remember our Show Engineers: 
Zack Zlotnik, Chris Boisell, Ann Kowalecki, Austin Novak, Valerie Bender and Jon Faith.
Honored our Technical Director:
Dieter Weyel, PhD, who has the unique skill of making toxicology and industrial hygiene understandable.
Technical challenges? Anyone who has struggled with the trials and tribulations of changing business hardware and software systems can relate to some of the technical challenges of podcasting, bandwidth, internet service, changing hosting platforms and moving large amounts of data.
Challenges with guests? The one who only offered one word answers to questions. The one who hijacked the show and rambled on nonstop for 20 minutes straight. A few for whom English isn’t first language.
Taking the show on the road. Remote broadcasts: from conventions, meetings and industry events are both super stressful and fun.
Breaking news: IICRC’s loss of ANSI accreditation and RIA’s rebranding.
Shows with biggest number of listeners and downloads? Include: RIA Donnybrook, IAQA consolidation, Pittsburgh Protocol, and odor removal. Toxicology with Dr. Charles Gilbert and Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker shows.
What kind of information or guest did listeners react to most? Things which impact or threaten their businesses such as: licensing, industry consolidation, standards development, TPAs (third party administrators), AOB (assignment of benefits), industry politics, aftermath of attempts for industry consolidation.
Industry chronicles. The show is an audio chronicle. A factual written account of important or historical events in the order of their occurrence. The archives are a powerful information resource.
Compendium Blogs are a compendium- a collection of concise but detailed information about the subject of the episode in sequential order.
IAQradio behind the curtain:
  • Cliff and Joe are opposites politically. Joe is the liberal and Cliff the conservative.
  • Cliff, what should we know about Joe that we don’t? He’s an excellent investigative building scientist.
  • Joe, what should we know about Cliff that we don’t? His strong work ethic.
 The Music
  • Fun customizing clips for the guests. There’s a leak in this old building and Growing Mold by the Radioactive Chicken Heads were two favorites. To avoid copyright infringement we stopped using music clips.
Trivia question.
  • IAQradio broadcasts are approved for CEC credits. The original purpose of the trivia question was an opportunity for listeners to improve their internet research skills.
Most memorable guest(s)?
  • The host’s favorite episodes include:
  • Z-Man’s list: Claude Blackburn, Pete Consigli, Lloyd Weaver, Mac Pearce, Jeff May and Major Long.
  • Joe Hughes’ list: JonDon founders, John Ouellette, MD, Harriet Burge, Nick Money, Jeff Siegel, Jordan Peccia
“Taps” is a bugle call played at dusk, during flag ceremonies, and at military funeralsby the United States Armed Forces. The official military version is played by a single bugle or trumpet, although other versions of the tune may be played in other contexts (e.g., the U.S. Marine Corps Ceremonial Music site has recordings of two bugles and one band version[1]) Wikipedia.
IAQ plays Taps to honor the passing of industry notables:
The following were IAQradio interviewees:Michael O’Reilly
  • Lloyd Weaver
  • Phil Mc Laughlin
  • Bill Yobe
  • Bob Baker
  • Melinda Ballard
  • Butch Carpenter
  • Craig Whittaker
  • Thad Godish, PhD
  • Martin King, ASA, CR
  • Phil Morey, PhD, CIH
  • Larry Robertson
  • Paul Laurenzi
  • Jack D. Thrasher PhD
  • D. Brian Baker
  • Kurt Bolden.
[Taps was also played to honor the passing of the following industry notables who were not interviewed on IAQradio: Jim Barrett, CR, Bill Lakin, CR, Bill Bane and Joe B. Jones]
What information learned on the show that caused a paradigm shift in your thinking or understanding?
Andy Streifl- infection control in hospitals.
Sloan Foundation- research into the microbiome.
What’s in the future for IAQradio?
More and better of the same.  The IAQradio+ shows that include audio and video are more of a challenge but open up many opportunities and the technology is ready for prime time.
Perhaps some hands-on demonstrations to preserve fire restoration methods?
Industry news: John Downey is the new executive director of CIRI. CIRI – Cleaning Industry Research Institute: Great Minds Thinking …   https://www.ciriscience.org/
Z-Man signing off
Trivia question:
What is the prime factorization of the number 500?
2² X 5³   (2x2x5x5x5)