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Air Date: 3-20-2015 | Episode: 361

Earlier this week the 18th Annual Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) Conference and Expo was held in Grapevine, Texas…

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Earlier this week the 18th Annual Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) Conference and Expo was held in Grapevine, Texas. This was the last show with the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) and the last show prior to joining forces with ASHRAE and the AHR Expo in January 2016. Radio Joe was in attendance and has lined up some great guests to join us for this weeks show, we are looking forward to getting their thoughts on the conference. Joining us will be Restoration Industry Association (RIA) Industry Adviser Pete Consigli, Healthy Indoor

Pete Consigli

Pete Consigli

Kent Rawhouser IAQA President

Kent Rawhouser
IAQA President

Magazine Editor Bob Krell and IAQA President Kent Rawhouser. The group will recap key moments, discuss new information learned and fill listeners in on key developments announced during this years event. Dr. Eva King went above and beyond in bringing in a respected and knowledgeable group of speakers this year including keynote speakers, Joe Lstiburek, Ph.D. and Bill Banfleth, Ph.D. We will also discuss thoughts of members, review highlights from the IAQA Annual meeting and news from the vendors on the Expo floor. LEARN MORE this week on IAQ Radio with an all star lineup reviewing a fantastic show.

ZMan’s Blog:

IAQ Expo 2015

Recap of the 18th Annual IAQ Expo in Dallas by industry notables: Bob Krell (“indoor environmental evangelist” and publisher of Healthy Indoors Magazine), Pete Consigli (RIA Industry Adviser and the “Global Watchdog.”), Kent Rawhouser, restoration and remediation contractor and President of IAQA and RadioJoe Hughes. The expo was an opportunity to meet new people, interface with colleagues and industry peers, see new products, and learn.

Gold NuggetsNuggets mined from today’s episode:

The expo opened with a touching tribute to IAQA founder and first President Larry Robertson was made by Dan Greenblatt. Bob Krell commented that Larry put his heart into the industry and the association; the industry isn’t the same without Larry, “we wouldn’t be where we are if it wasn’t for Larry”. Kent Rawhouser added that Larry mentored him as a President of IAQA.

IAQA Hall of Fame Inductees included Richard Shaughnessy, PhD and Pete Consigli whose careers in IAQ overlapped.  The Z-Man surmises that while Richard was recognized for his research, Pete’s induction centered around his noteworthy involvement in conceiving, planning and “culinary supremacy” at the legendary Westford Building Science Symposium, aka “Summer Camp”. [For those unfamiliar, this special invitation only event will be the 19th annual meeting of the building science industry’s leading authorities. Attendees talk about best practices and network for 5 days at the highest level in an educational setting during the day and a relaxed social setting every evening.]

ASHRAE President Tom Phoenix and IAQA President Kent Rawhouser shared the stage for joint presentation and Q&A session on consolidation. IAQA is legally a subsidiary of ASHRAE. IAQA will maintain autonomy. Some IAQA members were fearful of IAQA being swallowed up by ASHRAE. Members are demonstrating acceptance of the merger by responding now rather than reacting. Volunteers and staff are sensitive to concerns of IAQA members. The consolidation is mutually beneficial. IAQA will bolster what ASHRAE already has, ASHRAE’s resources will now be shared by IAQA. Tom Phoenix cited the example of Pepsico ownership of Burger King. Some members expressed concerns about IAQA being swallowed up to Bob Krell while others see the benefits of unique opportunities, resources and management structure provided by ASHRAE. Bob Krell opined that ASHRAE is a bigger organization with deeper pockets and more IAQA members are visualizing the big picture. Pete Consigli noted the transparency demonstrated by Kent and Tom during their presentation and the lively Q&A discussion by members during the consolidation discussion.  “It’s good for members to voice their concerns.” Members must trust in their leadership to do the right things for the right reasons. Autonomy was visible in the exhibit hall where the IAQA had a pavilion. Transition takes time. The jury is still out.

Kent Rawhouser provided an update on the upcoming AHR (air conditioning, heating & refrigeration) EXPO which features 400,000 square feet of exhibit space. The IAQA will have a dedicated hotel for their meeting sessions. Shuttles will transport attendees from the host hotel to the exhibit center.

Transition of IESO standards writing activities. ASHRAE has a set process for standards writing and is one of only a few self-regulating standards writing organizations. ASHRAE standards are very credible. Many ASHRAE standards are regulatory codes. The IESO brand will be retained and standards writing activity will be absorbed into the ASHRAE process. IESO volunteers are wanted, invited and needed to assist in writing standards. IESO volunteers will shift over to ASHRAE committees. The opportunity to sit on an ASHRAE standards writing committee is very prestigious. Pete Consigli added- IESO and RIA cooperated on writing a standards for identifying soot in HVAC systems. The IESO move to ASHRAE is positive because ASHRAE has a rigorous, transparent and proven process. The IESO/RIA standards writing arrangement will shift to ASHRAE. Reiterating comments, IAQA will move into the express lane of ASHRAE’s expedited standards writing process. Bob Krell added- “ASHRAE standards have more street credibility.”

IAQA and AIHA are working together on assembling guidance information for practitioners. Christine Lorenzo, AIHA president “is an OSHA safety and occupational health manager for federal and state operations, Lorenzo works with leaders throughout OSHA Region VIII to logo_ashraeestablish consistent and credible enforcement programs and provides strategic leadership and direction in implementing enforcement operations.” “Mary Ann Latko is the Managing Director, Scientific and Technical Initiatives with the American Industrial Hygiene Association and is responsible for managing the subject matter experts who are developing the technical and scientific content of AIHA’s products and services, including Bodies of Knowledge and competency assessments. Additionally, Mary Ann heads two allied entities, the AIHA Registry Programs and AIHA Proficiency Analytical Testing Programs, which IAQA Logoprovide credentials and competency assessments for environmental health and safety professionals globally.”

  • Technical tips from presentations:   Audience interactive session led by staff from Children’s Mercy Hospital  broke the audience into groups and covered issues and consulting questions such as “what do we know’, “what can we say”.
  • “What to do when your business gets in trouble session” with business management consultant Chuck Violand and contractors Kent Rawhouser and Dan Greenblatt.
  • Asbestos “an old issue that is new again” a session that delved into regulations, government documents, definitions. RIA’s asbestos fact sheet can be downloaded at:
  • According to the definitive Guidelines for Environmental Infection Control in Health-Care Facilities Recommendations of CDC and the Healthcare Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee (HICPAC) wet sheetrock in healthcare facilities must be dry within 48-72 hours or it must be removed. The guidelines can be downloaded at:
  • Jeff May presentation on finding leaks, mold in fiberglass and mold mites as allergens.
  • A session by Joe Lstiburek on common air pressurization problems in hotel rooms. Because individual guest room HVAC systems often don’t incorporate return air ductwork, the system “sucks on walls” draws contaminate from interior wall cavities.
  • A session by Richard Shaughnessy discussed analytic methods for validating cleanliness, posed the question are we cleaning or just smearing things around? Also discussed residues left behind after cleaning and identified school desk chairs as being significantly more contaminated than desktops.
  • Larry Holder from Belfor did a session on the relationship dynamics between consultants, contractors, IEPs, insurance companies and clients. Because scope of work (influenced by industry standards and work practices) drives costs, Holder recommended using a collaborative approach to creating work specifications.
  • RIA’s SafeHarbor. Larry Holder and Chuck Violand from RIA explained the SafeHarbor as it relates to the use of temperature in remediation and harbor

Smart comments:

“There is no such thing as a hypoallergenic cat.” Attributed to Eva King.

“Bacterial contaminants may be present with or without mold.” Attributed to Jason Dobranik, PhD

Political correctness and caveat emptor. The show guests commented on the wide range of products and solutions in the exhibit hall. That some exhibits were clearly focused on consumers.  Some of the products were great and others were scary. How would expo visitors delineate the good, the bad and the ugly? Segued into a discussion of bigger issues:

When exhibitors donate money to prominently sponsor expo events is there an applied endorsement of the association?

Should there be a vetting process for sponsors?

Should association advise that they don’t endorse sponsors?

Antitrust and 1st Amendment issues?

Associations need to steer clear of member disputes?


Bob Krell- The industry is evolving. Urges practitioners and consultants to remain actively involved. We need interaction with other disciplines.

Pete Consigli: Industry is growing up and maturing. One sign of maturity is shift from hiring association management executives to full service professional management firms. The industries are creating bodies of knowledge, involved in credentialing activities, collaboration between related industries is growing as evident by the pavilions in trade show.

Thanked all who supported and attended the event. Thanked representatives from other associations (noting NADCA, RIA, AIHA, ASHRAE, RIA and IICRCC) who attended. The importance of a unified voice to speak to consumers and the government

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