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Air Date: 3-27-2015 | Episode: 362

The Restoration Industries annual convention is coming up in May and this year they are co-locating with the Insitute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Council of Associations (IICRCA) inaugral event…

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The Restoration Industries annual convention is coming up in May and this year they are co-locating with the Insitute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Council of Associations (IICRCA) inaugral event. RIA has also been active with recent initiatives including the new Certified Restorer (CR) Curriculum, revised 2016 educational offerings, fire standards, Accounting and Financial Management Guidelines, Standardized Contracts, Asbestos Fact Sheet, Ebola Guidelines and more. Joining us the week to discuss all this and industry unification efforts is Marc Selvitelli, CAE, Executive Director of the RIA.

Mark Selvitelli

Mark Selvitelli

Mr. Selvitelli has worked directly with RIA leaders and volunteers to help guide and execute on the organization’s strategic initiatives, programs, and policies. He comes to RIA from NAIOP: The Commercial Real Estate Association, where he has spent the last eight years as Vice President of Membership and Chapter Relations. He also previously served as Executive Director of the National Association of Community Credit Unions and Senior Director of Strategic Planning for the National Society of Professional Engineers. Selvitelli also served as Director of Industry Relations and Regional Field Operations for the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). His expertise includes membership recruitment, financial management, conference and event production, and advocacy and policy development. Mr. Selivtelli holds a Bachelor of Arts in political science from The Pennsylvania State University in State College, Pa. He also holds the Certified Association Executive (CAE) credential from the American Society of Association Executives. LEARN MORE about what’s planned for the annual convention, industry unification and RIA initiatives this week on IAQ Radio.

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The National Institute of Rug Cleaning predecessor to what is now known as the Restoration Industry association was founded in 1946. Currently, the RIA has approximately 1,100 members.  RIA attracts firms that aspire to be successful.

Gold NuggetsNuggets mined from today’s episode:

  • RIA is truly an international organization with members in Canada, Australia, UK, etc. RIA is segmented into councils (for example: Contents, Environmental & Restoration) which are responsible for developing the association’s key initiatives. RIA has active an active member council in Canada and is forming an Australia Council; both of whom have a voice in association affairs. A contingent of more than a dozen members from Australia are expected to attend the 2015 convention and expo.
  • The International Restoration Convention & Industry Expo will be held at the Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on May 6-8. RIA conventions/expos pack more information and opportunities into less time. Abundant extracurricular preconvention activities at this year’s event include: golf tournament, mold remediation refresher course, contents restoration, and asbestos & lead refresher courses.
  • Marc Selvitelli, CAE executive director of RIA described the co-location of the RIA event with IICRCA’s “the Event” as “under the same roof, at the same time”. Marc describes RIA members as being both passionate and outspoken.
  • Convention keynote speaker Donald Cooper, founder of Cooper Canada (a notable sporting goods and hockey equipment manufacturer) will provide some straight talk on management, marketing and profitability. As an added benefit, some members will have an opportunity to schedule a private meeting with Donald on a one-to-one basis.
  • Certified Restorer Program. The original CR program was developed by RIA technical director Martin King in the 1980s. Marty passed the CR torch to RIA 5-6 years ago as he began to phase out of RIA activities. Knowing that they might opt to take the CR program through third party accreditation, RIA hired an expert in educational program accreditation, budgeted money, appropriated time to develop the program. Thus far, redevelopment of the body of knowledge for the CR program has taken 3 years and over 10,000 volunteer man hours. The result of this effort is an industry defining consensus based document of 100 pages in length which has determined what elite restoration professionals need to know from technical, scientific, management and leadership perspectives. The document which has already been through a round of peer review and will be recirculated for another round of industry comment prior to the 2015 convention. In addition organizations such as IAQA, AIHA and IICRC will be reviewing and commenting upon the document. CR candidates currently enrolled in the program and/or who meet the criteria to enroll have been given due and timely information as to how they can enroll and complete the program.
  • 2015 educational offerings include: forensic restoration course, and expanded web based education through courses & monthly webinars. RIA intends to bring back its Strictly Contents conference in 2016.
  • RIA has worked with IESO to develop a standard for identification of soot residues in HVAC systems. RIA now has a MOU with ASHRAE to continue working together on standards development.
  • The AIA (American Institute of Architects) has standardized contracts and documents and RIA felt it was important for the restoration industry to also have proprietary contractual documents. So RIA invested in the developing standardized documents for RIA members.
  • Because consistent industry terminology is very important, RIA has prepared a Glossary of Damage Restoration Terms.
  • RIA Asbestos Fact Sheets for: contractors, building owners, consumers. RIA Asbestos Fact Sheet Short Version:  
  • RIA Asbestos Fact Sheet Long Version:
  • According to management consultant and RIA first VP Chuck Violand, the RIA Accounting and Financial Management Guidelines is a powerful document written for non-financial owners/managers. RIA is commissioning Canadian and Australian versions of the document.
  • According to Pete Consigli: Every RIA project is consensus based “like following the ANSI process without having to”.

Roundup. RadioJoe asked RIA President Scott Stamper, RIA 1st VP Chuck Violand, RIA to predict where the industry would be at in 2 years:

Scott Stamper, RIA President

Scott Stamper, RIA President

Scott Stamper’s vision– First the industry will have overcome feelings of competition and mistrust. Collaboration not competition. RIA will closer align with both the IICRC and IICRCA by joining both groups.


Chuck Violand

Chuck Violand’s vision– Aligned with Scott’s with the addition of RIA building closer ties to Europe. Chuck is spearheading RIA Strategic Planning Process.


  • Pete Consigli

    Pete Consigli

    Pete Consigli, RIA Industry Adviser – In alignment with RIA’s 3 foundational pillars: 1) providing industry leadership, 2) supporting science, 3) promoting best practices; he foresees one large industry tradeshow with industry meetings held around it. He also predicts collaboration between media resources so that they are complimentary rather than competitive (i.e. such as Cleaning and Restoration Magazine and the IICRC Journal). The importance of industry leadership being transparent and communicating frequently with their members so member know what is going on.

  • Marc Selvitelli’s comments- we must work through existing commitments and contracts.

Z-Man’s final comment: The right people, doing the right things for the right reasons and the common good.

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Trivia:  What does the NFL, NHL and PGA have in common with the RIA?

Answer: All are nonprofit, tax exempt IRS C(6) trade associations.