Whitney Wiseman – National Organization of Restoration and Remediation Professionals

Air Date: 7-13-2018|Episode 510

This week on IAQradio+ we welcome Whitney Wiseman.  Whitney Wiseman started in the restoration industry back in 2004. He began as a laborer for a family restoration company while still in college. While working with this company for three and a half years, he eventually climbed the ladder to become the operations manager. He was able to help grow the company into a large national company still existing today. Whitney started his company in 2008 in Miami while in school for construction management at Florida International University. One year later he decided to move his company to Palm Beach and has been established there ever since…

Now the multi division company performs restoration, remediation, drying, construction, and specialty cleaning services. Whitney has personally traveled to flooding events around the country working on small and large losses in Cedar Rapids, Minot, ND, Atlanta, Chicago, Orlando, Houston (twice), Galveston, New York City, New Jersey and the Florida Keys. He holds all restoration & remediation accreditations available from the IICRC and specializes in commercial losses.

Whitney’s passion for the restoration and remediation industry compelled him to form the nonprofit organization NORRP or National Organization of Restoration and Remediation Professionals in 2017. His goal is to provide support to the industry as he has personally faced the challenges that professionals encounter on a daily basis. He intends to bring the industry to the next level through training, outreach, and support of his fellow restoration & remediation professionals.

Z-Man’s Blog:

Engaged and Involved

Whitney Wiseman’s passion for the restoration and remediation industry compelled him to form the National Organization of Remediation and Restoration Professionals (NORRP) in 2017. His goal is to provide support to the industry to help others face the daily challenges of their chosen field.

Prior to attending college and studying construction management, Whitney worked in the family restoration business. He has worked on large losses throughout the US. He currently owns a Palm Beach based restoration business specializing in large losses.

Nuggets mined from today’s episode:

A concentration of Florida International University’s construction management program is large infrastructure such as airports and large subdivisions.

Biggest lessons learned about chasing large cat losses: the times have changed, now there is much more competition than in the past, don’t do it unless you have work lined up and the business you are leaving won’t suffer in your absence.

NORRP was started because members of other existing groups and organizations weren’t finding what they were looking for. Important things were missing such as:

  • what restoration contractors depend on,
  • stresses,
  • same sentiments,
  • fighting bad reputation stigma,
  • going against insurance carriers rather than working with them,
  • lack of accountability,
  • pointing fingers.

IICRC provides critical entry level training. The best IICRC instructors add value in addition to course curriculum.

Whittled down the mission statement to: unite and elevate the industry. NORRP has resources and relationships.

NORRP has 100 paid members and 2860 in its Facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/NORRPUSA/

NORRP is working against 3rd party entities: not TPAs, Whitney defined these 3rd parties as individuals not related to the industry or having no place within it. Such as the “snake oil salesmen” of Customer Management Relations softwareprograms or some law firms who teach their clients how to abuse AOBs to rack up court cases.

Hot button issue is the unification which brings accountability to the trade such as being an Emergency Medical Technician.

Underwater welders are respected and revered.

Perhaps insurance companies should sell higher cost products, providing wider coverage that cover more claims?

Opines that buyers of health insurance understand their policies better than the same people understand their homeowners’ policy.

2400 weekly users of the Facebook forum. The forum is a safe place, with quality content and a respectful tone.

Education is a driving issue for NORRP. They advocate the importance of hands-on training. Dream of a trades school with improved curriculum. Opined that no accredited industry training exists.

Too often money not progress is the driving force among restoration contractors.

NORRP currently has 5 board members.

Text question from listener:  How does NORRP identify good instructors?

They don’t cancel classes, they provide some hands-on training, provide value added info beyond the standard course curriculum. Some instructors are super stars. Instructors are peer reviewed on the forum.

Opined that: RIA courses are hard to access, are held only around annual convention, have prerequisites, and are more demanding the require to write a paper.

Proud of being the shepherd. The forum provides a sense of accomplishment.Welcoming and respectful tone is very important. peer networking.

NORRP is a big family of people who truly care.

Big Hairy Audacious Goal is the trade school.

Also looks to systemize and bridge the gap, protecting property owners from contractor abuse by raising their awareness and expectations.

NORRP has applied to be a state education provider in Florida. NORRP will have access to influencing state licensing.

Conferences: mini conference held in April, annual conference

Paid NORRP members can access board meetings via Zoom.

Final Comment:

Invites anyone who may be interested to check out the NORRP website and welcomes them to join the free Facebook page.



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