Maury Astley, Bryan O’Haleck J. David Rozsa & Tony Wheelwright – IICRC & IICRCA Executives on IICRC Update, The Council of Associations Convention & Industry Unification

Air Date: 4-17-2015|Episode 364

Larry Robertson, the Indoor Air Quality Association’s 1st President and founding board member and has been a leader in IAQ research and services for over 2 decades...

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This week on IAQ Radio we are facilitating a roundtable discussion about some current and future events in the inspection cleaning and restoration industry. We welcome executive leadership from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and the International Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Council of Associations (COA) to discuss current events, the COA’s first co-located conference, and industry unification. The IICRCA’s first convention  The Event, takes place in Las Vegas May 6-8th. The Event is co-located with the RIA Convention at the RIO Hotel and Convention Center. Two weeks back we previewed the RIA Conference and talked about industry unification with RIA Exec. Director Mark Salvitelli. This week we follow up with the leaders of IICRC and IICRCA the following executive leaders will joining us for the hour:


Maury Astley

Maury Astley -IICRCA President & CEO -Maury is a Certified Association Executive (CAE) with a long history of association management in the telecommunications and health care industries. In August 2014 Maury was selected as the President and CEO of IICRCA.





Bryan O’Haleck

Bryan O’Haleck -IICRCA Chairman -Bryan is a thirty year veteran of the cleaning and restoration industry who has served on numerous industry boards and committees. He is the first elected Chairman of the Council of Associations.


J. David Rozsa -IICRC Executive Director and Chief executive officer of Metacred, Inc. Metacred Metacredis an Association Management Company (AMC) that specializes exclusively in the credentialing facet of association work.  Mr. Rozsa is also a Certified Association Executive (CAE) and a past member of the Board of Directors of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE, the parent organization of the NCCA).

Tony Wheelwright -IICRC Chairman & IICRCA Vice Chairman -Prior to his retirement Mr. Wheelwright ran a multi-truck cleaning and inspection service for 36 years. He and IICRC Past Chair Darrell Paulson have been the architects behind the formation of the Council of Associations and many of the other progressive changes at IICRC.

Z-Man’s Blog:

We are not alone

David Rozsa’s start in association management was his third career. His first was child actor and model for 16 years. He decided to use his presentation and persuasion skills for broader social good. He studied law and was drawn into his second career: Political campaign management. From there, he transitioned into association and certification management; according to David, certification involves making rules, applying those rules to unique circumstances and individuals, and making the world a better place by setting standards of occupational practice. He is motivated by the Ephebic oath, which he learned in high school: “I shall leave my city no less, but rather greater than I found it.” David Rozsa, CAE, ACA is a leader in the field of credentialing. Metacred is an Association Management Company (AMC) that specializes exclusively in the credentialing facet of association management work.

Gold NuggetsNuggets mined from today’s episode:

David Rozsa.

  • Metacred responded to IICRC’s Request for Proposal for management services.
  • Initially concerned by a Las Vegas based office, David has grown to appreciate the advantages of having broader time zone coverage for providing customer service.
  • Credentialing and standard-setting is a unique skillset, so IICRC will continue to benefit from using an AMC now that it has partnered with an AMC that focuses on the same type of business on which IICRC focuses.

According to IICRC Chairman Tony Wheelwright:

  • The IICRC is a complex business, with registrants, instructors and schools in 5 countries.
  •  As expected transition between the old (KCI) and new management firms has had some hiccups. The major cause of problems was the necessary synchronization of computer systems and programs.
  • As a former IICRC registrant he can relate to angst and frustration of awaiting exam results. The worst is over and it’s now returned to business as usual.
  • As an example of the growing pains of association management transitions and synchronization, Tony recalled the challenges of getting his first computer and the learning curve when he obtained a tablet. Tony apologized for delays especially those for new franchises who were awaiting exam results in order to start work.

David Rozsa:

  • Referred to the needed integration of divergent computer programs and systems as the “perfect storm.”
  • Apologized for service delays, thanking registrants and instructors for identifying problem areas, and expressing staff’s shared frustration related to the delays.
  • Metacred has gotten over the hurdles and is handling their responsibilities.
  • Phone call volume at HQ has shrunk back to manageable levels.
  • Opining that IICRC instructors and students are dedicated, professional, and passionate, David thanked them for constructive feedback and positive attitudes.
  • Partnering to improve credentialing. Everyone is dedicated to the success of the industry.

The slogan of IICRCA’s “The Event” is “make money, save money”. IICRCA President, Maury Astley, CAE and IICRCA Chairman Bryan O’Haleck people can expect and will receive great value for their investment of time and money. Putting “The Council’s” toe in the water of events hosting by locating with RIA International Restoration Convention and Industry Expo and the International Sanitary Supply Assn. in October.

  • Invited participating association members to participate in a special center area.
  • The IICRCA wanted to make “The Event” affordable. “The Event” will provide great value for low cost. The $99 fee includes access to both RIA and IICRCA exhibit areas and includes a reception and 2 buffet lunches.
  • A special incentive has been added for IICRC Certified Firms who will receive $50 back per attendee (maximum of $200).
  • $79 hotel room rate.
  • 12 presentations and learning opportunities.
  • Product demos.
  • Exhibit of specially outfitted cleaning and restoration vehicles.
  • Special added attraction: S-500 Water Damage Restoration Standard debate.

Maury Astley outlined some of IICRCA’s accomplishments and marketing efforts for “The Event”.

  • IICRCA has a new dynamic website which is easy for visitors to navigate.
  • Hired Izzy Irizarry as social media and marketing coordinator.
  • IICRC scholarship money is available to Certified Firms for attending “The Event” and IICRC courses.

Blurred shades of green, is what the IICRC is unclear to some? The IICRC is a credentialing and standard-setting organization. While the IICRCA (AKA “The Council”) is an umbrella group of member associations and franchisors. The Council’s goal is by providing benefits to member associations to help its member associations grow their membership.

Bryan O’Haleck and Maury Astley.

  • Certified Firms need to be aware of benefits available to them. Discounts on a wide range of products and services through Bizunite, $200 scholarships for paying for 50% of an IICRC course, an endorsed health and business insurance program, savings at “Council Events”, etc.
  • Certified Firms should affiliate and become members of one of “The Council’s” member associations. The Council will refer interested parties to the appropriate member association to meet their needs.

Tony Wheelwright.

  • “The Council” is still in its infancy. The potential for “The Council” is enormous. “We are not alone.” There are 60,000 people in cleaning, restoration and inspection and there are 400,000 in related industries.

David Rozsa.

  • In the credentialing world, terminology is important.
  • IICRC is a credentialing organization.
  • IICRC has 29 certificate courses, which transfer knowledge and skills related to a discrete course of study through a class and an exam.
  • IICRC has one certification program, assessing whether candidates possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities to practice an occupational role competently: the Mold Remediation Specialist.
  • IICRC courses offer a pathway of progression. IICRC is taking the lead and establishing consensus-based best practices.

Tony Wheelwright.

  • RIA has applied to become a shareholder of IICRC. Becoming an IICRC shareholder is an arduous process. RIA’s shareholder application will be voted on sometime in 2015.
  • The Assn. of Residential Cleaning Services International has also applied for shareholder.
  • MOU partners are coordinating cooperation on standards and education.

Pete Consigli.

  • Industry collaboration is for the greater good. Networking among association leadership at “The Event”. Serving stakeholders and help unify the industry.

David Rozsa’s 2 year vision.

  • IICRC will have one program accredited by a 3rd party (ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024, NCCA, etc.).
  • Expand accessibility to courses and exams to a wider global audience, through distance education, an expanded network of test sites, and global strategic growth.
  • The “relationship piece” among groups is important, working collaboratively with related organizations to advance common goals.
  • Communicate the value of IICRC credentials to the various groups of stakeholders (employers, end consumers, insurance companies, government regulators, etc.) of IICRC certified professionals and firms.

Bryan O’Haleck’s 2 year vision.

  • Stay on task.
  • Keep integrating.
  • Overcome the long history of separatism and divisiveness within the industry. Gotten past the small mindedness of those who want to do us harm and who profit by being divisive.
  • Have a positive track record of accomplishments to point to squash negative rumors on social media such as “The Council” is trying to own the world, crush associations and steal their members.
  • Naysayers need to participate to have a say.

Maury Astley’s 2 year vision.

  • Continue working our plan.
  • Prove that “The Council” is neither a threat nor competition to other groups.
  • Permanent staff continues to add value.

Tony Wheelwright’s 2 year vision.

  • The industry is interwoven and overlapping.
  • 20 groups have joined IICRC as MOU partners.
  • Create standards. Create educational programs.
  • Now have 2 professors on the IICRC board of directors and 4 working on the education committee.
  • Computer-based training.
  • Purchased a headquarters building.
  • Plan to also use the building as a museum, testing lab, and for hands-on training.
  • Year-old technical journal.
  • Goal is funding scientific research to support our standards and make our courses more credible.
  • Industry division and fragmentation doesn’t make sense.
  • There is a difference between business and technical training. Business training is association business.
  • Provide healthy homes, institutions, and work places for society.

Pete Consigli’s 2 year vision.

  • Certification is different than education.
  • Clean delineation between standards, training, and credentialing.
  • Education should flow through regional associations and chapters of larger associations.

Z-Man’s thoughts.

  1. I have always felt that the primary reason for the IICRC’s success was the group’s decision to play fast and loose with the term “certification.” I was glad to hear David Rozsa refer to IICRC’s 29 existing courses as certificate programs.
  2. I have always thought that the IICRC’s process for becoming an instructor was biased toward IICRC insiders and fundamentally flawed. I was encouraged to hear Dave Rozsa’s sentiments about the goal of making IICRC courses available to a wider audience and hope that this includes a long overdue major overhaul of the group’s “Instructors & Schools Policies”.
  3. It’s public knowledge that Bryan O’Haleck has no financial interest in “The Council” and its events. He is a good and honest guy trying to do the right things for the right reasons. Bryan has an impeccable reputations. Can the same be said for his industry opposition?
  4. “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” Henry Ford

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Name the person who in 1972 established the International Institute of Carpet & Upholstery Certification IICUC now the Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Certification (IICRC)


Edgar P. York

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