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Air Date: 1-20-2012| Episode: 232

Why is Damp Building Advocate Sharon Noonan Kramer going to jail rather than be silenced about her cause?..

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Why is Damp Building Advocate Sharon Noonan Kramer going to jail rather than be silenced about her cause? This week we will explore the situation of former IAQ Radio guest Sharon Noonan Kramer, who has been found to be in contempt of court and will spend at least five days in jail this February. As part of this weeks show we talk to Sharon and ask her to explain the situation for our listeners. According to Sharon her goal continues to be to remove the false concept from policy; state & federal agencies and physicians’ offices that it has been scientifically proven WDB do not cause illness beyond the respiratory system in prior healthy people. We will also have Glenn Fellman and Dr. Elliot Horner on for an overview of the Indoor Air Quality Association’s (IAQA) 2012 conference plus Ron Kratz and John Shulte to preview the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) 2012 convention.


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Conventions and incarceration

The first half of today’s broadcast was devoted to overviews of upcoming conventions. Elliot Horner, PhD provided an overview of the upcoming IAQA convention in Las Vegas which he helped organize. HVAC cleaning contractor Ron Kratz and association executive John Shulte provided an overview of the upcoming NADCA Convention in Puerto Rico.

The second half of the show was focused on updating IAQradio listeners on Sharon Noonan Kramer’s ongoing efforts to validate that moldy buildings are responsible for more than respiratory illness. Sharon Kramer is a researcher, industry advocate and whistleblower who alleges that a scientific fraud that “moldy buildings do no harm” has marketed its way into US public health policy; thereby allowing the dismissal of injured parties’ insurance claims.

Sharon has been published in medical journals, such as the International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health and has given numerous interviews on the subject of moldy buildings and human health. She was also involved in causing a federal audit of the mold issue, that is helping to reshape policy on a federal level.

Sharon claims she has faced and is facing corruption in the California judicial system at the highest levels that works to keep the fraud going in the private sector health policy on behalf of the affiliates of the US Chamber of Commerce. In February, Sharon will serve a five day jail sentence for contempt of court for having uttered the 5 words “altered his under oath statements” in regard to her claims of inconsistencies in the court testimonies of toxicologist Bruce Kelman, PhD. and for her inability to be able to have the 5 words “altered his under oath statements” removed from web sites over which she has no control.

Relentless, tenacious, determined are adjectives that both those who agree or disagree with Sharon use to describe her passion.

Sharon has helped many. Will those whom Sharon has helped and those who sympathize with her loudly and publically rally around her and draw media attention to her story or will they abandon her and allow her to serve her jail obscurity?

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