Radio Joe & The Z-Man – Current Events, Industry Update and Open Mic

Air Date: 10-31-2014 | Episode: 345

This week Radio Joe and the Z-man are going to have an open discussion about industry and current events. Last week they attended the IICRC (Joe) and IICRCA (Cliff) Board of Directors meetings…

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This week Radio Joe and the Z-man are going to have an open discussion about industry and current events. Last week they attended the IICRC (Joe) and IICRCA (Cliff) Board of Directors meetings. IAQ Radio has also been reporting on the IAQA/ASHRAE merger and other industry related issues and events. Where does it all go from here? We also have a big show next week with Alan Zelicoff, MD coming back to discuss the current Ebola situation in the world. The last time Dr. Zelicoff joined us we dicussed the H1N1 flu and related issues. We will lay some groundwork this week so we can get right into the tough questions with Dr. Zelicoff next week. IAQ Radio has a new engineer for the show and since its only his second week we do not want to put to much pressure on him too soon. Frank “Zappa” Amato is now handling the engineering for IAQ Radio, Frank is an audio/video student at Allegany College of Maryland. He has been working with IAQ Training and IAQ Radio helping with our audio, video and internet presence. Please help us welcome Frank!


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Radio shows generally utilize a broadcast delay, whereby the broadcast of all live material is intentionally delayed. The delay prevents undesirable material such as profanity from making it onto the air. Unfortunately the broadcasting software that IAQradio utilizes doesn’t have this capability, so while RadioJoe and I would really like to have more phone-in caller participation in order to protect our guests, listening audience and our advertisers we have decided not to accept phone calls from unknown entities during the show.


Some of you may remember an episode several years back when during our interview of a female guest inappropriate content and sexual references were posted in the “typed chat” section. RadioJoe and I were enraged but helpless. The obscene posting was out our control and we couldn’t stop it. After the show we pulled all stops and with the help of law enforcement, our hosting software and my son Zack who works for Google it was determined that the software was hacked by someone using community WiFi in a coffee shop in Eastern Europe.

  • Z-Man provided an update on the IICRCouncil of Associations. Two full board meetings plus executive committee meetings have been held. The group hired a professional meeting planner and an experienced professional association executive.  IICRCA is focused on improving member benefits. Some new member benefits include: BizUnite a program which provides discounts on many products and services and scholarships for training courses. In 2015, the IICRCA will be collaborating and co-locating events with RIA and the ISSA. All board members want to be there and pay their own travel expenses. RadioJoe provided an IICRC update. Peter Crosa (insurance adjuster), Steve Spivak, PhD (CIRI) and Randy Rapp, PhD (Purdue University) are now board members and RadioJoe was elected as IICRC 2nd Vice President. RadioJoe provided a status report on each standard. In addition to their Standards Director (Mili Washington) the IICRC hired an Exams Director. Z-Man and Pete Consigli provided history and color commentary on IICRC and RIA relations.
  • John Lapotaire- The ASHRAE IAQA relationship started with standards. ASHRAE submitted the winning proposal for management of IAQA. ASHRAE has a depth of resources: association management, thousands of members, expertise in the ANSI process, publications, education, lobbyists and governmental affairs. IESO remains under IAQA. IESO maintains its own PINS [Project Initiation Notification} with which groups make territorial claims on standards subject matter.                                            Discussion of mold licensing in FL. Licensing inevitably excludes some people. When you drive south in Florida there are no contiguous states.  In northern Fl and the panhandle there are contiguous states with different mold regulations with which contractors and consultants must contend.
  • Global Watchdog Pete Consigli pointed out that IAQA, RIA and IESO had standards work in process and wondered what effect the IAQA/ANSI merger would have on the projects?  John Lapotaire commented that IESO would retain its own PINS and opined that ASHRAE/IAQA/ RIA working together can expedite standards and would be beneficial.
  • RIA/ThermaPure patent litigation settlement. Interested in learning more or have questions you want answered about the? The RIA is hosting a virtual town hall meeting on Tuesday, November 11th at 10AM CST. Reserve your seat at:   To submit questions in advance email them to Iris Kelley at:

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