Mark Ames AIHA – Director, Government Relations – White House Summit on IAQ Takeaways

Air Date: 10-14-2022|Episode 678

This week we welcome Mark Ames, AIHA Director, Government Relations to discuss the recent White House Summit on IAQ. Mark was there and we will try to distill the 3.5 hour summit into this show. For the full video of the event go to:

Since 2003, Mark has led the government relations activities of major national and global nonprofit associations, representing educators, school leaders, engineers, and workplace and community health and safety professionals. Mark currently serves as the head of government relations for AIHA, where he works with legislators, regulators, nonprofits, and leaders at some of the world’s largest companies to identify and solve critical problems facing businesses, workers, and communities throughout the nation.

Mark is the Vice-chair ASAE’s Government Relations and Advocacy Professionals Advisory Council, serves on the Board of Directors for the [Re]build America’s School Infrastructure Coalition, and is the author of The 30-Minute Leader: Your Guide to Influence, Power, and Transformation, available on Amazon.

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