Serene Al-Momen, PhD – CEO of Senseware – Sensors, IoT and IAQ; Putting the Pieces Together

Air Date: 10-28-2022|Episode 679

This week on IAQ Radio+ we welcome Dr. Serene Al-Momen CEO of Senseware to discuss Sensors, IoT and IAQ; Putting the Pieces Together. We have recently had several shows about sensors and IAQ and we saw the Denver Public Schools Superintendent discussing his dashboard during the White House Summit on IAQ. This week we tie it all together with an IT specialist that has figured out a way to let any building take advantage of the sensor revolution.

Dr. Serene Al-Momen holds a Ph.D. degree in IT and is a certified PMP, SCM, ITIL, and SCJP. In building Senseware from the ground up, Dr. Al-Momen found a niche group of building owners, engineers, GC’s and energy consultants that were all at a disadvantage by not having wireless, instant access to real-time facility and site data. As co-founder and CEO of the high-growth technology company, Dr. Al-Momen worked to provide a modern IoT-enabled technological solution to an age-old issue in an industry that was previously ignored by the IoT sector—the commercial and industrial real estate industry.

Today, she continues to monitor the IoT landscape for opportunities and is known for pushing her team to stay one step ahead of the competition. During COVID-19, Senseware’s real-time indoor air quality solution grew in popularity across industries including schools, commercial offices, medical, and entertainment venues. Dr. Al-Momen has helped over 200 spaces reopen safely after COVID-19. She has filed and received 45 patents for her work and has been named one of Forbes top 50 women-led startups who crush tech.

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