John Downey & The Z-man – The CIRI Science Symposium; What You Missed! – Part 2

Air Date: 7-26-2019|Episode 555

Today on IAQ Radio+ Radio Joe will interview John Downey and the Z-man for their overview of key points from each speaker at this weeks ClRI conference. We also expect the Restoration Global Watchdog, Pete Consigli to join us for the roundup.

Cleanfax did a nice job summarizing the event:
“The annual Cleaning Industry Research Institute(CIRI) Science Symposium concluded Wednesday after two days of intense discussions and presentations outlining the critical nature of protecting health with the science of cleaning. Held at Miami University in Oxford, OH, the conference featured researchers, educators, trainers, and consultants who spoke to a packed room of more than 50 seasoned cleaning and restoration professionals.
The conference, produced by John Downey, the executive director of CIRI, and Steven Spivak, PhD, the chair of the Science Advisory Council (SAC) of CIRI, began Tuesday morning with a keynote address delivered by Dr. Greg Whiteley, “Anticipating Threats to Human Health.”
That keynote address kicked off a slate of 21 “laser-focused, lightning presentations,” as coined by Dr. Spivak, along with six Q&A sessions peppered throughout the conference. A highlight of the event was an impassioned dinner speech by CIRI Chairman Jim Harris, Sr. He surprised attendees with some blunt comments on changing the industry for the better.
One component that made this a unique event was the peer review process for the presentations. Several were based on original research, including studies conducted specifically for the symposium.
“The CIRI Science Symposium is one huge piece of the puzzle of partnering science and cleaning,” Downey said. “CIRI is growing and the support we are receiving is encouraging. I’m sure we will see positive, measurable improvements in the industry, protecting health of all building occupants globally.”
Z-Man’s Blog:
CIRI is the clearinghouse for unbiased, peer-reviewed technical information and research about the science of cleaning or restoration of the indoor environment. Working with and through its members, CIRI communicates unbiased, peer-reviewed technical information and research about the science of cleaning or restoration of the indoor environment to all interested stakeholders.
Nuggets mined from today’s show:
Session 4: Science and Research: a paradigm in the 21st century
Bill McGarvey’s Presentation-
Z-Man’s Takeaways: The school custodian is the front line in protecting kids and faculty. May be resistant to change from the way we’ve always done it. Some cleaning staff are physically/challenged. Meaningful work, feeling of belonging. Competition limits collaboration. Management by spreadsheet. Is it real innovation or marketing hype? Microbial hits will keep coming. Robotics. Restroom dispensers that talk to each other. Who will fix the higher tech equipment? Equipment that talks to others and management. Poor career image. Not viewed as a trade. Not making living wage. Need unifying standards, science must lead the way.
John Downey’s Additions: Bill McGarvey is responsible for his firm’s corporate training and sustainability. Bill has been involved with CIRI from the beginning. Bill gets what CIRI is all about, how CIRI’s science can aid value to each link in the chain.
Ralph Moon’s Presentation-
Z-Man’s Takeaways: Taxis to Uber, scalpels to lasers, box stores to amazon, NASA to Space X;these paradigm shifts wouldn’t have occurred without science and research. Are we attracting and nurturing far thinking students that keep their imaginations take us into the future. Some big businesses have gotten ideas by asking each worker to submit ideas.
John Downey’s Additions: Science and research is the engine of progress. The pace of new knowledge is growing exponentially.
David Kiser’s Presentation-
Z-Man’s Takeaways: David shared his personal experience with a serious MRSA infection. MRSA kills 10K people annually in USA. 1 in 3 Americans carries staph in their nose. Scientific research is crucial for safe indoor environments.
John Downey’s Additions: (Coined by John Downey as the why CIRI session.) David understands the cleaning, hygiene, health connection. David has a deep passion for cleaning for health. Dave has made a difference by founding ARCSI (Association of Residential Cleaning Services International).
Moderator John Downey
Banquet Speaker- Jim Harris-
Z-Man’s Takeaways: Four words come to mind: courage, inspiration, leadership and salesmanship.
John Downey’s Additions: Jim Harris Sr is in his 80s. Michael Berry’s book Cleaning for Health changed Jim’s professional life. Due to ingrained generational stubbornness, Jim is passionate about starting a new industry. Jim was reluctant to speak at the dinner and hit it out of the park.
Session 5: Advanced Training and Technology Innovations
Allen Rathey’s Presentation-
Z-Man’s Takeaways: We are drowning in information and starved for knowledge. Most of what we hear is marketing messages which aren’t always entirely accurate and truthful. Specialization, we need to now know more about less.
John Downey’s Additions: Allen has done great work in developing outreach learning for millennial’s.
Randy Rapp & Chris Baker Presentation-
Z-Man’s Takeaways: Growing need for the use of drones to provide ground truthing in disaster zones. Drones can carry sensors that provide timely info damaged buildings and infrastructure improving response.
John Downey’s Additions: This technology us here now. Current technology will become applied technology.
Bob Robinson’s Presentation-
Z-Man’s Takeaways: Teaching equipment operation by outfitting equipment with onboard mounted video equipment. Learn by listening and watching or for other language speakers learn by watching.
John Downey’s Additions: Proper training is expensive. John learned from his experience at Steamin Demon that training is a big problem in the commercial cleaning industry due to high employee turnover. Bob Robinson has taken great strides in solving the problem by building employee training into his products.
Panel moderator: Pete Consigli
Session 6: Management Sciences: Efficiencies & Economics, Survey Data
Jim Harris, Sr and Brian Harris Presentation-
Z-Man’s Takeaways: Told the story of implementing ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems for a facility service provider in controlled environment. Computer chip foundry. Management is a science. Daily Management is an important component of Disciplined Leadership. Toyota way: “Make decision slowly, with consensus and implement rapidly.” When quality is improved productivity improves. Capture the market with better quality at a lower price. Include the customer in your strategy.
John Downey’s Additions: Jim felt that obtaining ISO 9000 quality certification for a single account would be a good process for improving the entire company.
Carl Grimes’ Presentation-
Z-Man’s Takeaways: Hayward Healthy Homes, is a free online questionnaire. 46,000 respondents. Resulting in Big Data. Stuffie protocol for cleaning stuffed animals was written by Bill Hayward’s 11 year old daughter. Labs can detect 230 substances in dust. Surface dust contributes to health problems.
John Downey’s Additions: It’s great that someone is developing Big Data that will be useful.
Chuck Violand’s Presentation-
Z-Man’s Takeaways: Timeless management skills learned at the dinner table. Show gratitude, say thank you,communicate, put others first, don’t waste, do your job, save your fork. When you do the first six, there will be dessert!
John Downey’s Additions: Chuck Violand attended a prior IICRC Technical Conference assembled by John Downey and was intimidated by all the science and technology. CIRI has broadened to include Business Management. Chuck’s presentation was the core of human relations and basis for business management.
Allen Rathey’s Presentation-
Z-Man’s Takeaways: Achieving Quality using Deming management tips. “WYSIATI” what you see is all there is. (Integrated Cleaning and Measurement) ICM- system for successful management measuring and enhancing the cleaning process and outcome.
John Downey’s Additions: Continuous improvement is a fallacy. When you combine Deming and ICM you get stepped improvement.
Panel moderator: Steve Spivak.
Roundup with Global Restoration Watchdog Pete Consigli
  • Importance of creating public awareness of the importance of cleaning validation.
  • When you can’t overcome excessive business resistance, create a new business.
  • Industry advocacy.
  • More often it’s not the software pricing, it’s the scope of work.
  • Work validated by standards and standards validated by science.
  • Passion and commitment of house cleaners inspired by David Kiser.
  • Cleaners and restorers aren’t respected, lets raise the image.
Z-Man signing off
Trivia Question:
Name the publisher whose idea it was to have a cleaning research organization which resulted in the founding of CIRI?
Trivia Answer:
Humphrey Tyler