Charles J. Weschler, PhD – Ozone, Hydroxyl Radicals and Indoor Environments; What Inspection and Remediation Pros Should Know

Air Date: 7-15-2022|Episode 670

This week we welcome Dr. Charles Weschler for a show about a topic of great interest to IEQ and restoration professionals. Restoration contractors are inundated with claims about equipment to help on projects when fires, wildfires and other odor events affect indoor environments. What should practitioners know about ozone, hydroxyls, TI02 and other technologies when investigating or remediating indoor environments? We talk to a world renowned professor about this issue.

Charles J. Weschler -After completing his Ph.D. in Chemistry at University of Chicago (1974), Dr. Weschler did postdoctoral studies with Fred Basolo at Northwestern University. In 1975 he joined Bell Laboratories (Physical Chemistry Division) and was made a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff in 1986. He worked at Bell Labs and its successor institutions for twenty-five years. In 2001 he accepted positions at the Environmental & Occupational Health Science Institute, Rutgers University, and the International Centre for Indoor Environment and Energy, Technical University of Denmark, and in 2010 joined the Building Science department at Tsinghua University as an ongoing Visiting Professor. He continues in those positions. His research interests include chemicals in indoor environments, their sources, their chemistry, and their interactions with building occupants. From 1999-2005 Weschler served on the US EPA’s Science Advisory Board. He has also served on four committees for the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. From 2012 to the present, he has been an advisor to the Sloan Foundation’s program on Chemistry in Indoor Environments. He was elected to the International Academy of Indoor Air Sciences in 1999 and received the Pettenkofer Award, its highest honor, in 2014. Weschler has also received the 2017 Haagen-Smit Prize from Atmospheric Environment; been made “Distinguished Visiting Professor” at Tsinghua University (2018); awarded “Doctor Technices Honoris Causa” from the Technical University of Denmark (2018); and was elected a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (2020). His h-index is 69 (Web of Science) and 79 (Google Scholar).

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