Brian Paich – What is Livable Remodeling?

Air Date: 10-16-2015| Episode: 387

This week on IAQ Radio we have a show on a subject we have rarely discussed. We talk a lot about doing construction when there are existing IAQ or disaster related damage but we have not discussed in detail what type of control should occur on every day remodeling projects…

This week on IAQ Radio we have a show on a subject we have rarely discussed. We talk a lot about doing construction when there are existing IAQ or disaster related damage but we have not discussed in detail what type of control should occur on every day remodeling projects. We were contacted by Build Clean Dust Control System and after looking it over the Z-man and I decided we would like to hear more about what at least one manufacturer/distributor is calling livable remodeling. Brian Paich is the Business Development Manager for BuildClean Dust Control System, A Division of Illinois Tool Works. He has extensive experience in the home remodeling market through working alongside his grandfather, a carpenter in Chicago, and through his work at ITW, a Fortune 200 company, and other businesses. At ITW, he leads the team that developed the new BuildClean Dust Control System, an invention they claim has transformed the way contractors manage remodeling dust in residential projects. Brian has worked directly with contractors and homeowners across the country for several years, learning what is most important to both audiences. He has an MBA in Finance from University of Chicago. Brian is very active in the remodeling industry and its many associations.

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Dust control, the right thing to do!

Brian Paich the business development director for BuildClean Dust Control System, a division of Illinois Tool Works a Fortune 200 company was the guest on today’s episode of IAQRadio.

Brian has memories associating dust with his grandfather, a carpenter. Sawdust when he hugged his work clothed grandfather and dust on the seat when riding in his truck. Brian is passionate about his product.

  • BuildClean researched builders and remodeling contractors to determine “where the pain was”. Among the issues identified were: #1 concern over responsibility for what lurks behind a wall or ceiling, #2 not redoing someone else’s work, #3 visualization, #4 livability and customer inconvenience during project. Other issues include: project timeline, temporary living issues (cooking, personal hygiene), scheduling, logistics (dumpsters) and dust control.
  • Dust in a normal household is 20,000 dust particles per cubic foot. During demolition this can rise to 500,000-1,000,000+
  • Remodeling is different than new construction. Remodeling often generates more dust.
  • BuildClean hired a private research firm to survey 1200 household for their opinions on remodeling. The respondents fell into 2 categories, those who had lived through a remodeling project and those who hadn’t. 81% expressed concerns about dust getting inside people, inside pets and being a nuisance. BuildClean
  • A contractor whose client is unhappy about a dusty worksite risks loss of future work and valuable referrals.
  • Livable remodeling is the concept that remodeling need not be painful for the client.
  • Plastic barriers, shrouded tools, exhaust fans and air filtration devices are methods of dust control. Hammers, sledgehammers and pry bars don’t come equipped with shrouds. BuildClean is sold as an adjunct to other dust control products.
  • BuildClean claims that their AFD device removes 90% of airborne dust in a contained environment before it settles onto the floor minimizing dust migration. The balance is removed by using best practices: thin mud during drywall finishing, barrier walls, sawing in garage, vacuuming not sweeping, shrouded tools & walk-off mats.
  • The company markets less dust not –zero dust-.
  • BuildClean is intended to compliment other dust removal tactics.
  • BuildClean uses 2 stage filtration. The pre-filter captures particles down to 10 microns. The HEPA filter captures the rest. The company recommends using a new pre-filter on each project (or 30 days usage) and replacing the HEPA after 2,000-5,000 hours. Replacement filter costs are $23 for the pre and $150 for the HEPA. The AFD is $980. For $1,100 contractor receives the AFD, exhaust hose and replacement filters. Each run of HEPA filters is certified by the manufacturer.
  • BuildClean’s primary focus is on the construction industry. The products were first introduced to contractors in Chicago and Boston. Product training is virtual. Company training involves product knowledge for the entire firm on the value of dust control about importance of meeting customer expectations.
  • Research has shown on projects under $100,000, homeowners will pay up to $250 for dust control.
  • Features and Benefits: The BuildClean has a 360° intake and uses sensors as a “cruise-control-like feature” to automatically increase fan speed to contend with filter loading. The machine has a 7 blade impeller centrifugal fan driven by a powerful variable speed motor.
  • The EPA’s RRP regulation requires control of dust on construction projects such as barriers, HEPA vacuums.
  • “Those who don’t manage dust will pay a health price.”
  • BuildClean’s marketing is focused on the construction industry.
  • Over 1,000 contractors are currently using the BuildClean system.
  • New products in the pipeline will focus on contractors pain points.
  • Parting comment, Contractors need to “do the right thing”

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Brian is articulate and made a compelling argument about the value of his product.

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