Bill Bahnfleth, PhD, PE – Stephanie H. Taylor, MD, M Architecture, CIC – Kishor Khankari, PhD – Three Perspectives on how COVID-19 will change the IAQ World

Air Date: 6-18-2021|Episode 630

This week we welcome three distinguished guests for their perspective on how COVID has changed the IAQ world forever. Important topics such as how viruses and other infectious diseases are transmitted are being reexamined. Is it possible that we will go back to the pre-COVID status quo after the pain of the pandemic subsides? What is the most important lesson of the pandemic? What is the most important change that needs to be made to IAQ standards? How will COVID change HVAC system design practice? What is the biggest knowledge gap revealed by the pandemic? What can be done to make better IAQ sustainable? These questions and more will be examined during this week’s show.

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Bill Bahnfleth, PhD, PE

William Bahnfleth is a professor of architectural engineering at the Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) in University Park, PA, where he has been employed since 1994. Previously, he was a Senior Consultant for ZBA, Inc. in Cincinnati, OH and a Principal Investigator at the U.S. Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratory in Champaign, IL. He holds BS, MS, and PhD degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois, where he also earned a bachelor of music degree in instrumental performance. His is a registered professional engineer.

Dr. Bahnfeth is the author or co-author of more than 170 technical papers and articles and 14 books and book chapters. He consults on the design of chilled water thermal energy storage systems and has been involved in more than 20 projects world-wide.

Dr. Bahnfleth is a fellow of ASHRAE, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the International Society for Indoor Air Quality and Climate (ISIAQ). He has served ASHRAE in a variety of capacities, including Student Branch Advisor, Chapter Governor, Technical Committee and Standing Committee Chair, and as Director-at-Large, Vice President, Treasurer, and 2013-14 Society President. His honors include a 1st place ASHRAE Technology Award, Transactions Paper Award, Distinguished Service and Exceptional Service Awards, The Louise and Bill Holladay Distinguished Fellow Award, the E.K. Campbell Award of Merit and the F. Paul Anderson Award. He is also a recipient of the Penn State Engineering Alumni Society’s World-Class Engineering Faculty Award.

Kishor Khankari, PhD

Dr. Kishor Khankari is the president and founder of AnSight LLC. As a specialist in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Kishor has several years of experience in providing consulting services that have resulted in optimized solutions to a wide variety of engineering problems. A noted expert in his field, he has a Ph.D. in CFD from the University of Minnesota and has regularly published in several technical journals. Dr. Kishor Khankari is an ASHRAE Fellow and ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer. He is a recipient of ASHRAE Distinguished and Exceptional Service Awards; past President of ASHRAE Detroit Chapter, past Chair of ASHRAE Research Administration Committee (RAC) and many other esteemed positions and service to the industry.

Stephanie Taylor, MD, M Arch, CIC

After working for decades as a physician, Dr. Stephanie Taylor, MD decided to obtain her Masters Degree in Architecture and an Infection Control Certification. Dr. Taylor is the CEO of Taylor Healthcare Commissioning, Inc. where her lifelong commitment to patient care focuses on improving the physical healthcare environment and clinical work practices to protect and help heal patients.