Ed Light, CSP, CIH – Round Up with Don Weekes, CIH, CSP – COVID 19 Practice to Research; Best Practices for Schools and More

Air Date: 6-11-2021|Episode 629

Our thanks go our to Ed Light and Don Weekes for filling in last minute to discuss COVID 19 Practice to Research Best Practices for Schools and More. This ended up being a great show with a lot of practical information for our audience. Ed Light holds degrees in Environmental Science from the University of Massachusetts (B.S.) and Marshall University (M.S.), is a Senior Fellow of the American Industrial Hygiene Association, has authored over 40 scientific publications on assessment and control of the indoor environment and has chaired several national scientific committees.

In the 1980’s, Ed established the West Virginia Department of Health IAQ Program, pioneering efforts to resolve exposure issues related to formaldehyde, asbestos, and termiticides.  In the 1990’s, he developed widely used protocols for addressing IEQ complaints (published by EPA, NIOSH and ISIAQ) and managing air quality in occupied buildings under construction (for SMACNA, promulgated by ANSI).  As a consultant, Ed has directed more than 1000 multi-disciplinary IEQ investigations, ranging from the White House to the South Pole Station.  He has been admitted as an expert witness in numerous litigations.

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