IAQ Radio Joe- LIVE from IAQA Conference

Air Date: 3-01-2013| Episode: 276

Radio Joe is joined by Bob Baker, Darrell Paulson, Davidge Warfield, Eric Shapiro & Mike McGuinniss for a review of the IAQA 16th Annual Conference and Exhibit...

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Radio Joe is joined by Bob Baker, Darrell Paulson, Davidge Warfield, Eric Shapiro & Mike McGuinniss for a review of the IAQA 16th Annual Conference and Exhibit. Also includes an announcement from Darrell Paulson, Chairman of the IICRC on the ANSI S520 announcement.



Z-Man’s Blog:

Working together

Gung ho! originates from Chinese (Beijing) gonghé, and means working together.

The 16th annual IAQA annual meeting, held in conjunction with Air Conditioning Contractors of America and Residential Energy Service Network was a great example of what can be accomplished when industry groups work together. Radio-Joe Hughes gathered a panel of industry technical experts and notables for a live panel discussion from the event in Orlando, FL

Our panel had the following comments on the sessions and the expo:

Davidge Warfield– was impressed by the visible and noteworthy interaction with other group and that most of the information presented was peer reviewed.

Bob Baker– gave kudos to Elliott Horner for assembling a high level program and was enthusiastic over the event’s international outreach to: Brazil, Singapore and Malaysia.

Mike McGuinness– advised that the post Superstorm Sandy remediation in NJ is not going well and cited the reasons why: challenges of drying homes in cold weather, no utilities, improper equipment deployment.

Eric Shapiro– commented that property damage victims of Superstorm Sandy are being by victimized by fly-by-night contractors and remediators. He opined that heat drying is what is needed. Blowing cold air on cold surfaces doesn’t work.

Darrell Paulson– The expo is all about the people. The event was a demonstration of action behind the words of the memorandums of understanding between organizations. The event was an opportunity to network and share information. The secret to living is giving. Much was learned from vendor sales pitches.

Davidge Warfield– Government agencies had exhibits at the Expo, providing the opportunity for contractors to directly interact with government agencies. Found new tools: investigative, data gathering and logging tools.

Darrell Paulson– IEPs and remediators are property doctors who use a 4 step approach of: Diagnosis, Prescription, Service, Verification to heal sick buildings.

Bob Baker– liked the “out of the box” session, that covered important happenings at other industry events. There were so many high value sessions it was a challenge choosing which to attend.

Eric Shapiro– appreciated the opportunity to connect researchers with field practitioners. An expanded and comprehensive assessment approach, far beyond mold. Summed the event in 3 words: health, productivity and energy.

Joe Hughes– learned from the flame retardant presentation. He also stated how the key principles recommended for avoiding exposure to flame retardants are very similar to those for other contaminants. The importance of selecting and purchasing the right building materials, home furnishing and clothing products. Use of natural materials such as stone, glass, wool fiber that provide flame resistance and safety. The importance of maintenance, if it’s ripped fix it. Cleaning tips- keep dust down, HEPA vacuum and wet wipe, etc.

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