Peter Crosa “Soft Selling Hardened Claims Adjusters”

Air Date: 3-02-2012| Episode: 238

Mr. Crosa has been a licensed independent adjuster and private investigator for over 30 years handling large complex losses throughout the United States and Latin America...

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Mr. Crosa has been a licensed independent adjuster and private investigator for over 30 years handling large complex losses throughout the United States and Latin America. Since 2000 he has traveled the country conducting workshops and keynote speeches on the topic of marketing vendor services to adjusters and insurance companies. Mr. Crosa is also the author of 4 books including: 2012 Restoration Contractor’s Guide to Insurance Repair, Soft Selling Hardened Claims Adjusters, Claims Marketing Tipz & An Adjuster Is What An Adjuster Does. Peter is also a frequent contributor to Cleanfax Magazine and other industry publications.


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Peter Crosa

Crosa made the mosta

Insurance independent adjustor and private investigator Peter Crosa has 30 years experience handling large and complex insurance claims throughout the US and Latin America. Did you know, that independent adjusters like insurance repair contractors must effectively market their services and themselves to insurance carriers? On today’s episode of IAQradio, Peter Crosa discussed the adjusting business from his vantage point, street level.

Nuggets mined from today’s show:

· Insurance companies use advertising slogans such as “good hands” and “like a good neighbor” to inspire trust and confidence in policyholders. Policyholders assume their claims will be covered.

· Insurance adjusters are often the bearer of bad news: telling policyholders that their claim isn’t covered and that co-insurance penalty will apply. Insurance adjusters become hardened, pessimistic and cynical.

· There is a high probability that the majority of the claims adjustment decisions are made outside your local area. Join claims associations in remote cities where claims decisions are made. Set up appointments by phone. Invest in travelling remotely to where the claims decisions are made.

· Independent adjusters can be great allies for insurance repair contractors because they are also marketing to insurance companies.

· Don’t bring or send gifts to the adjuster’s office.

· Don’t be naïve big entertainment and payola still happens.

· It’s hard to break in on a strong existing relationship between contractor and adjuster. Make yourself available and a known entity. If and when the relationship hits bumps in the road or derails you’ll get a shot.

· Low margins and audits required by preferred vendor programs are un-American.

· Advice for dealing with new adjusters on site: “You don’t know me. I detest insurance fraud because it costs us all money. Insurance fraud won’t occur on my watch.”

· General adjusters (GAs) who live on expense accounts aren’t impressed by wining and dining. GAs want to get the projects done and seek contractors who are well capitalized who won’t be continually pestering them for money. GAs like to discover their favorite contractors.

· Unethical and immoral may not be illegal, ethics is typically taught to adjusters by attorneys and the content is based on court decisions.

· Offering continuing education (CE) courses is the best way to get to insurance adjusters. Ethics is the most popular subject for CE courses.

· Adjusters like to do business with people they trust and are in the same demographic.

· Work for company adjusters, who have check writing authority.

· Put all of your contact info on your business card!

Peter Crosa was an entertaining and educational guest who offered IAQradio listeners some great advice. Peter Crosa made the mosta of his interview on IAQradio.

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