Open Mic – Invited Participants: John Lapotaire, Mike McGuinness, Jack Springston, Don Weekes & John Downey

Air Date: 2-28-2020|Episode 575

This week we welcome an all-star panel, John Downey, John Lapotaire, Jack Springston, Mike McGuinness and Don Weekes for an Open Mic show. For the first half of the show we will talk about some industry current events and conferences. For the second half we’ll take a look at the Coronavirus and how that issue may affect our industries. Finally, we’ll open it up for any other thoughts or current events our listeners are interested in.

Z-Man’s Blog:

Open Mic Friday

John Lapotaire, Mike McGuinness, John Downey, Jack Springston, Don Weekes & Pete Consigli were on hand to discuss their impressions of the AEML Winter Break and IAQA Conference and get their take on Coronavirus.

Nuggets mined from today’s show:

John Lapotaire’s comments:

  • There are approximately 20,000 mold licensees (assessors + remediators) in Florida.
  • A Florida licensee is permitted to legally supervise unlicensed employees/subcontractors.
  • Florida remains the wild, wild west for mold and water damage claims.
  • Mandatory requirement for CECs for mold licensees in Florida is a good thing. Top tier training that qualified for CECs is available. Low quality training that qualified for CECs is also available for free.
  • Many Florida “Mold Assessors” only air sample for mold and the pass off the results as a mold assessment. Mold assessors of this ilk seek to maintain their financial gravy train. This is unfair to consumers. Resolution of this problem requires a top down solution that begins with insurance carriers recognizing the difference between “mold sampling” and a “professional assessment”.
  • Due to abuse of Category 3 water claims, Florida insurance carriers are limiting water loss coverage.
  • IAQA conference presentations were all videotaped and will be made available.
  • Radio Joe asked John L to opine on: Why homes of similar construction that used spray foam insulation were having more moisture problems than homes with fiberglass insulation?So much foam, so little oversight. Problems may be attributed to the use of spray foam insulation within incorrect types of wall assemblies and delamination of spray foam allowing condensation between foam, sheathing and exterior facade. Radio Joe commented that it is also because spray foam is a better air barrier and there is less heat loss that would dry out the wall assembly.
  • As an internationally desirable tourist destination with international airports and cruise ship ports; Florida is visibly preparing for Coronavirus. Both the state and its universities have websites providing guidance.

Michael McGuinness’ comments:

  • Mike was a presenter at AEML Winter Break where he conveyed health and safety guidance and provided and introduction to OSHA. Employees are a business’ most important asset. Money spent to train and protect workers is a good investment that results in: smarter, safer employees who protect themselves and their customers.
  • Its hard to get everyone to get a flu shot. Mold has always gotten more publicity than deserved, the same with Coronavirus. The Coronavirus is coming, we need to allocate money to learn more about it.

Jack Springston’s comments:

  • NY has state mold regulations. The regulations have not improved the quality of mold assessors.
  • Bob Krell is the sole provider of online mold refresher training. (4 hour course)
  • Media and news hype about Coronavirus drives advertising sales. News media is instilling fear. Some consumers are frightened to eat Chinese food. International airports and cruise ships. The stock market has fallen 3000 points. There are shortages of PPE. People are purchasing needlessly so people who really need them won’t have access.

Don Weekes’ comments:

  • IAQA conference had impressive turnout of both attendees and exhibitors. The event was highly successful.
  • It’s the first time in 12 years that IAQA has managed their own event. Commended: IAQA President Jay Stake, IAQA’s board of directors, IAQA’s management company AH and conference chair Alice Delia who all did great work. He’s looking forward to even more improvements next year.
  • Bob Krell was a very entertaining keynote speaker. He was tamer than usual. He provided a history of IAQ.
  • 3 different tracks and it was hard to choose what to see.
  • Don presented on Airborne Mold Sampling and Analysis, frequent questions and common problems. He opined that air sampling is a snapshot and that assessors who use air sampling should also use other sampling methods to determine when additional cleaning is needed.
  • Labs have varying quality control procedures.
  • More scrutiny of labs is needed.
  • Labs need to explain errors.
  • New types of analytical methods are being developed.
  • N95 respirators should be worn by people who are sick or coughing.

John Downey’s comments:

  • For John, conference season is just beginning.
  • John went to Florida to attend both the IAQA conference and AEML Winter Break. He was on a mission, to raise awareness and spread the word about the 2021 CIRI-ISIAQ event in Hawaii.
  • At IAQA he was impressed by the attendance and exhibits and how the IAQA board of directors and AH had “rebirthed” IAQA.
  • He found the sold out AEML Winter Break to be a strong event with solid program.
  • March 31, CIRI symposium in Cincinnati, OH. 4 different sessions.
  • Pandemic Preparedness program presented by Gene Cole and Patricia Olinger. Dr. Gene Cole, PhD has deep knowledge about infection control. Pat Olinger supervised preparedness at Emory University for receipt of Ebola virus patients and is current head of GBAC (Global Biorisk Advisory Council/ISSA). The current Coronavirus outbreak is the manifestation of a pandemic.
  • Hype increases fear.
  • Masks are hard to obtain.
  • We should reassure people not over accentuate fears.
  • Conditions in assisted living facilities vary widely.
  • Training decreases at the mophead. Training filters down rather than percolating up.

Pete Consigli’s comments:

  • Open Mic shows are very exciting, IAQradio should do them more often. Perhaps monthly?
  • Chat was very active today.
  • Restoration guys are still battling the insurance industry.
  • Associations allow us to do together what we can’t do alone.
  • Associations and venues like IAQradio provide a venue for the free flow of information, allow for vigorous debate and that’s how industries mature and grow.
  • Restoration contractors beware, there is too much hocus pocus and propaganda in restoration product advertising today.

Z-Man signing off

Trivia Question: 

Name the four genuses in the Coronavirus family?

Trivia Answer:

Alphacoronavirus, Betacoronavirus, Gammacoronavirus, and Deltacoronavirus

Answered by:

John Lapotaire

Indoor Air Quality Solutions, Winter Springs, Florida