John T. Hull – Roofs, Moisture Meters, Inspections & Solutions for Leaks: Lessons Learned from an Industry Veteran!

Air Date: 2-14-2020|Episode 574

This week on Iaq Radio+ we welcome John T. Hull. John has over 25 years in the roofing and coatings industries. He is a recognized authority on roof restoration and moisture detection within the roof and building envelope. Mr. Hull has provided technical support, training, and consulting in over 30 Countries. His expertise in roof restoration has contributed to roofing projects at NFL stadiums, airports, universities, hospitals, military bases and even the White house.

“Introduction of the Moisture Mob”

The last week of October in 2019 IAQradio’s own Z-man and Restoration Global Watchdog attended a Technical Symposium on Moisture Detection and Measurement in Dublin, Ireland. The symposium was hosted by Tramex, Ltd the global leader and innovator of high quality precision moisture meters for the building envelope and construction materials.
Cliff Zlotnik and Pete Consigli collaborated on a presentation on the History of the Water  Damage Restoration and Drying Industry. Other notable industry Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) who were invited to present on the technical aspects of the symposium theme were Mickey Lee and Lew Harriman. Mickey and Lew have both been interviewed multiple times over the years on IAQradio prior to the symposium and are well known with the show’s audience.
During the symposium Cliff and Pete got to meet other subject matter experts from the restoration, flooring, roofing and related fields hailing from the US, UK and the EU who were in attendance at this invitation only event. Tramex CEO Andrew Rynhart served as the Symposiarch  ( presiding over the proceedings and coordinating hand selected SME’s to present to the global invitees and Tramex management on their area of expertise.
Last November 22nd Andrew was interviewed on IAQradio followed on December 6th by one of the SME’s Cliff and Pete heard present in Dublin on concrete. Robert “Bob” Higgins is a leading authority on the properties, characteristics and performance of concrete from its mix ratio, pour, curing process, use as a substrate for floor coverings, to trouble shooting moisture related problems with concrete used in buildings and structures.
The Z-man’s blog for Bob’s podcast was tag lined “Fact or Faction”! In that spirit and in the hallmark and tradition of IAQRadio’s unique style and personality, Cliff, Joe and the Restoration Global Watchdog would like to introduce the “Moisture Mob” (MM) to the industry!
The Moisture Mob is an informal network of recognized subject matter experts from a variety of related disciplines who are passionate about disseminating accurate information to the industry on how moisture impacts materials and environments.
The MM’s purpose embraces an “esprit de corps” epitomized in their motto, “Truth and Accuracy in Moisture Measurement…or Face the Consequences!”
The consequences of unchecked moisture and humidity in the built environment and building systems and materials can result in product failure, installation problems, uncomfortable living conditions for building occupants and microbial growth and mold which has deleterious effects to the structure and occupant health.
In addition to Andrew Rynhart and Bob Higgins other “MM” charter members yet to be interviewed from the Dublin Symposium on IAQradio are Hardwood SME Howard Brickman from Boston, Sports Flooring SME from Atlanta, William Thornton,  Flooring Inspector Extraordinaire Roland Vierra from the San Fransisco Bay Area and this week’s guest John T. Hull, Roofing SME.
Spring boarding off Andrew and Bob’s podcasts and blogs, IAQradio will do a series of four shows over the next several weeks with the Moisture Mob. This Friday on Valentine’s Day, please join Radio Joe, the Z-man and Restoration’s Global Watchdog for an interview with John T. Hull, a sunshine state resident like fellow MM member Bob Higgins. Florida often characterized as “humidity central” is home base for John hailing from the Florida peninsula’s gulf coast. John’s Moisture Mob’s theme for the show will be,“Roofs, Moisture Meters, Inspections & Solutions for Leaks: Lessons Learned from an Industry Veteran!”
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