Mason Tomaino – Hard Work and Taking Care of Customers Pays Off

Air Date: 2-19-2016| Episode: 402

This week on IAQ Radio we focus on growing your business using the example of a very successful truck mount salesman  Mason Tomaino. Mr. Tomaino  is currently the truck mount sales representative at the JonDon Dallas, TX location…

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This week on IAQ Radio we focus on growing your business using the example of a very successful truck mount salesman  Mason Tomaino. Mr. Tomaino  is currently the truck mount sales representative at the JonDon Dallas, TX location. Prior to his current position he held several positions and started two companies in the carpet cleaning and transportation sectors. Early in his career he worked at Crystal Cathedral as a House Keeping Manager where he was in charge of all maintenance and carpet cleaning, from there he moved on to start Alexander’s Carpet Care which grew to have 7 truck mounted units and 17 employees. He also started A Party On Wheels Limos, having a total of 10 limos. Most recently he worked for Interlink of Austin as a Store Manager and Sales and now he is working for JonDon as a Truck Mount Sales Representative. Mason is an IICRC Master Textile Cleaner,Journey Man Fire and Smoke Restorer, and a Journey Man Water Restorer. He has put the JonDon mantra of making friends with your customers on steroids. LEARN MORE this week on IAQ Radio.

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“Frankie” Tomaino, his dad, is a salesman. As a kid, Mason Tomaino grew up with a white board in the kitchen upon which his Mom would write sales tips and strategy to assist her husband at work. Mason works for JonDon’s Dallas, TX store where he sells truckmounted carpet cleaning machinery. Mason is a top gun industry salesman selling 70+ machines a year ranging between $12,000-$80,000 each.

Nuggets mined from today’s show:

At the Crystal Cathedral, Mason work his way up from janitor to manager of housekeeping.

A glance at the invoice for water damage restoration service at the cathedral sparked his interest in the financial potential of water damage restoration.

His industry roots are in Steam Way International, a pioneering brand which was owned and operated by the Bloss family.

Mason is contagiously enthusiastic and optimistic.

Before making an equipment sale, he schools them about mission, business plan and the importance of discipline.

He views his customers as service providers, not just a carpet cleaners. Carpet cleaning is an appetizer, many related services go along with it.

The cost to own a quality truckmount machine and van approximately $1,000 per month. Truckmounts saves time and labor.

Truckmounted carpet cleaning machine and its accessories and attachments are a tool box.

People like positive people. Positive energy is preferred.

Mason’s Network. A coworker watching Mason trying to simultaneously manage multiple busy cellphones suggested that Mason start a network on Facebook to free up some time. 3,600 subscribers signed up in the first year. Mason’s Network is a cool place where people can obtain help from others who unselfishly ask for nothing in return. Where experienced share their expertise with less experienced. Buying from Mason or JonDon isn’t mandatory. Dedicated members check it first thing in the morning and the last thing each night.

Treat people like family. JonDon is his biggest sales aid. It’s about the customer. JonDon’s success secret is “making friends out of the people you do business with”. Mason takes this seriously, he’s like the JonDon motto on steroids.

Service and communication before, during and after the sale. Approach the opportunity from the customer’s perspective, what’s in the best interest of the customer.

Supporting customers. Mason is known to go to great distances to help customers be successful. He takes customers door knocking to sell work. Obtains customers and work for clients before they purchase their equipment. He’s even driven hours at his own expense to sell much need work for a client who was on the brink of financial failure.

Likes to work with newbies, can be molded like clay, absorb like a sponge. Doesn’t want them to fail.

When queried about would like to sell big ticket items like corporate jets or commercial real estate, he recalled something “Papa” Nick Paolella told him “when you enjoy what you do for a living, you’ll never work another day in your life.”

Mason was very complimentary of and works closely with Chicago based Mike Cushing, JonDon’s first and longest tenured truckmount salesperson. Mike has the distinction of selling  machinery to 3 generations of the same family (grandfather, father and son).

Checkout the cute YouTube videos of young Mason Jr preparing to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Global Watchdog Pete Consigli observing a shift in terminology away from cleaning and toward restorative cleaning, opined that cleaning was unnecessary in the name of an association that represented the global industry. According to Mason, the word cleaning in an association’s name is very important.

Good people are good for our industry, Mason is an inspiration, keep doing what you’re doing.

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