Jon Isaacson – The Intentional Restorer and DYOJO Show Host – Bridging the Gap between Old School Restorers and The Next Generation

Air Date: 7-16-2021|Episode 633

This week we welcome the Intentional Restorer and DYOJO podcast host Jon Isaacson. We’re going to continue our deep dive into the restoration world but with a little different focus. Last week we had an excellent show following the RIA 75th Diamond Anniversary Convention. One of last week’s guests joins us solo this week to discuss how the Old Guard Restorers (and for that matter contractors) can better relate with younger generations.

Jon Isaacson, The Intentional Restorer, is an author and host of The DYOJO Podcast. Jon speaks, writes, and coaches through his organization The DYOJO helping the start-up phase owners and growth-minded restoration professionals to shorten their DANG learning curve for personal and professional development. For over two decades Jon has been working in leadership roles with organizations in the construction, hazards abatement, and property restoration industries. Jon recently published two books, Be Intentional: Estimating addressing mindset and habits for insurance claims estimating and Be Intentional: Culture which is a collaborative work discussing how small things enhance or undermine your efforts to build a strong workplace culture.

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