John T. Hull & John Lapotaire – The Moisture Mob Roofing Show Part II: Leaks, Dry-outs, Mitigation & Scammers!

Air Date: 5-21-2021|Episode 627

On Valentine’s Day 2020, IAQ Radio+ formally introduced The Moisture Mob (MM) to its growing list of loyal listeners. Since the late fall of 2019 till the present day, IAQ Radio+ has done 8 shows in the moisture mob series and has 3 more in the pipeline for 2021. The MM shows have been informative, entertaining and highly educational with an emphasis on lessons learned from case studies and years of experience in the trenches!

This week, Radio Joe and the Z-man will be doing a follow up show with the Moisture Mob’s “Roof Guy” and build off the Part 1 show from February 14, 2020. To review the blog from that show which also introduced the Moisture Mob’s historical roots and its motto of “Truth and Accuracy in Moisture Measurement…or Face the Consequences”, click on this link.

Joining John T. Hull this week will be Mob associate and an IAQ Radio+ favorite son from Orlando John Lapotaire. John has years of practical experience doing IEQ inspections with an emphasis on moisture intrusion to the building envelope. Mr. Lapotaire has written and presented on water categorization and given interpretive opinions of industry standards for causation determination and expert testimony for the insurance claims or litigation process. Mr. Hull also a Florida resident based in Pensacola has over 4 decades experience in coatings, having worked for a leading paint and coating purveyor. As an independent roofing consultant, John T. has performed hundreds of roofing inspections in his career.

This week, Joe and Cliff will leverage the experience of the two John’s to delve into tricks of the trade for leak origin determination, strategies for roofing dry-outs prior to repair options, techniques for mitigation and roof cover-ups after tree and wind damage and other insider tips of best practices for roofing inspections and reporting.

June 1st is the beginning of the Atlantic Storm season affecting the Caribbean, Eastern Coastline of the US, the Gulf of Mexico and the Mexican peninsula. In hurricane prone states like Florida, Texas, and coastal areas on the Carolinas and other Southeastern states, too often opportunists and scammers look to take advantage of a vulnerable and often unsuspecting public after natural disasters!

Radio Joe and the Z-man will draw on the experience of the Moisture Mob’s Roof Guy and his IEQ Associate for advice to avoid being victimized a second time after a catastrophic occurrence by unscrupulous companies looking to profit off disaster victims, insurance carriers and government flood coverage policies in ravaged area wide disaster zones. Join us today at noon live or download the show later either way

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