John Lovett & Mark Hernandez, PhD, PE – InstaScope CEO & University of Colorado Boulder Professor – Leveraging a new generation of mobile bioaerosol monitors: research to practice before, during and after COVID

Air Date: 2-26-2021|Episode 618

This week we take a deep dive into the new generation of mobile bioaerosol monitoring with two leaders of the movement. John Lovett is the CEO of DetectionTek Holdings the parent company and creators of, InstaScope an air sampling technology for instant mold and air quality assessment results. Developed by the military, applied commercially for indoor air quality, InstaScope is the only optical technology of its kind on the market. Prior to founding DetectionTek Mr. Lovett was CEO of Droplet Measurement Technologies. He has a long history as an entrepreneur, CEO and founder of companies such as Lovett Ski Co. (First commercially produced fiberglass Cross Country skis in US), The Ski Co., Frank Shorter Running Gear, Allied Marine and Anchor Asset Management.

Dr. Hernandez attained all his engineering degrees from University of California at Berkeley. He is a registered professional civil engineer and an expert on the characterization and control of bioaerosols – both indoors and out. Based at the University of Colorado, he has 25 years of research leveraging forensic science into wide area surveillance and the design of aerosol disinfection systems for the built environment.

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