Jim MacDonald & Vincent Begin – Teksill Solutions, Inc. – Innovations in Protection from Water Damage

Air Date: 1-10-2020|Episode 569

This week on IAQ Radio+ we welcome Jim MacDonald and Vincent Bégin to discuss an innovation in protection from water damage. Jim developed the TEKSILL vented sill plate and Vincent is their Business Development Director. The Z-man met them on his trip to Ireland and was impressed with them and their product.

Jim MacDonald

Jim MacDonald’s father brought him up in the building industry. He’s had a hammer in his hands since the age of 3 years old since building an ocean area home in Prince Edwards Island. He understood “built to last”, and has since thrived to always improve his building standards and make sure his construction was completed at the highest quality.

One of Jim’s goals has always been to be at the forefront of new technologies in order to meet and anticipate the expectations of his clientele. Throughout his years of renovation experiences, he searched and developed an innovative concept, Teksill Vented Sill Plate, that would reduce the effects of water damage for his clients basement renovation projects. Teksill Vented Sill Plate limits water basement damage, is eco friendly, saves time and money and improves air quality. Jim surrounds himself with a team of highly skilled business professionals, together they strive to become a technology leader in innovative moisture control and damage prevention construction materials to create a clean air quality home.

Vincent Begin

Founder of Select Supplies/SelectPro in 1989, Mr. Bégin holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Quebec in Montreal. He is the instigator of the Federation of the Disaster Restoration Industry (FIRAS), which brings together the professionals of this industry in Quebec. In February 2011, he founded the Select Academy, a professional training center for the disaster restoration industry and specialized cleaning. In May 2013, Select Supplies opened a branch in Quebec City following the merger with Sibo and Prodium. In 2016 Select Academy and Select Supplies merge to become SelectPro. October 2016, a third branch opens in Brossard and in July 2017 Vincent sold his company to Safety Express a division of Aramsco. Vincent is the Business Development Director for Teksill Solutions Inc. of which he is a shareholder.

Z-Man’s Blog:

TEKSILL Innovations in Protection from Water Damage

In 1989, Vincent Begin, founded Supplies/Select Pro, which he grew into Quebec Canada’s premier distributorship of disaster restoration cleaning equipment and supplies. In 2011, he founded Select Academy a training center for specialized cleaning and disaster restoration.

It was through the supply business that Vincent met Jim McDonald, a second generation building & renovation contractor.

Jim showed Vincent his TEKSILL prototype and Vincent instantly saw the advantages. TEKSILL was born out of necessity; in 2012 Jim was doing a basement renovation in a high home prone to water intrusion. Seeking a method to protect the buyer’s investment in renovation, Jim decided to raise wall framing and create airspace between sill and floor.

Nuggets mined from today’s episode:

Canada has higher energy standards than the US.

Montreal is an island, with a northern cold climate. Most Montreal homes have basements. Many basements are finished. Heated concrete slabs are popular.

Alpha testing, TEKSILL is installed and tested for 3 years in Select Academy’s flood house.

Beta testing, the product has been installed in 40 homes, 7 of which have been re-flooded, providing strong proof of concept.

TEKSILL won a 2020 Innovation award.

Sales and marketing. People who remediate water damage quickly see the advantages. Product is currently available in 2 Montreal hardware stores. May soon be available throughout Canada through a large Canadian supplier of restoration equipment and products.

TEKSILL is currently being tested for structural bearing approval. The product supports 10,000 pounds per linear foot.

The product is manufactured in Canada from molded virgin high density polyethylene plastic.  Future considerations: adding built-in antimicrobial protection and use of recycled plastic in future.

Advantages of TEKSILL include: saves basements from water damage, stops capillary action, raises stud walls above floor, reduces probability of water wetting drywall and insulation, allows air and heat circulation, may be easily retrofitted, trim tool assists retrofitting. Faster easier cleanup and drying following: Category 1 (potable water), Category 2 (gray water) and Category 3 (black water ) water losses.

Low cost, 1-2% of renovation.

TEKSILL for use with other size framing lumber and metal stud are under development.

In Canada, there is a growing trend toward gadgets such as high tech basement moisture sensors, TEKSILL is practical, affordable and long lasting.

Z-Man signing off


According to a national source, what is the average cost for drying out your home and repairing the damage done to areas like drywall and carpeting from a clean water loss in a 700 sqft area?


Approximately $7,500

Answered by Doug Kohnen.