Jason Lee – Vice President of Sales, Client Solutions at ByoPlanet – IEQ & Building Service Contractors

Air Date: 6-9-2023|Episode 702

This week we welcome Jason Lee Vice President of Sales, Client Solutions at ByoPlanet. Jason has spent many years in a variety of building services positions and was thrust into learning about IEQ early in his career. His early focus was on continuous improvement starting in the military and leading to his position today. In these roles he has worked with numerous large school districts, colleges and Fortune 500 companies helping ensure good IEQ for their occupants and employees. His unique perspective will be of interest to the IAQ Radio+ audience.

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Jason grew up in Michigan enjoying the four seasons and following all the local sport teams. After attending Eastern Michigan University, he enlisted in the United States Army stationed in Washington D.C. During his service he became a “Lean Six Sigma” overseeing projects to ensure operational continuity during the downsizing of our nation’s military in the 1990’s.

In 2003, Jason’s passion for continuous improvement led him to the construction and built environment sector where he become one of the world’s first “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design” (LEED AP O&M). Serving as a resident expert for Building Service Contractors for the past 15 years, Jason has spearheaded indoor environmental quality initiatives for Fortune 500 companies and educational institutions throughout the U.S.

Today Jason is the VP of Sales and Client Solutions for ByoPlanet headquartered in Athens, Georgia. ByoPlanet consults with customers across the world to implement technologies that deliver safer and healthier indoor air quality and surface disinfection methods.

In his spare time Jason volunteers in his community and stays active outdoors. Camping, participating in mud runs, attending sporting events and travelling to bucket list destinations. To this day, Jason remains a pure optimistic truly believing his hometown Detroit Lions will win the next Super Bowl; repeatedly.