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Air Date: 1-17-2014 | Episode: 311

As Vice President of Technical Services at Rainbow International Jack White is is responsible for training, technical services and research & development...

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As Vice President of Technical Services at Rainbow International Jack White is is responsible for training, technical services and research & development. Mr. White is a 35 year veteran of the cleaning and restoration industry who has worked his way up through the ranks. He holds numerous industry certifications and is an IICRC accredited instructor in Water Damage Restoration, Carpet Cleaning and Odor Control. He is also a Member – National Panel of Consumer Arbitrators, handling disputes for Better Business Bureau. Mr. White is a current member of the Restoration Industry Association (RIA) Board of Directors and has served on numerous technical committees at RIA and other industry associations.


Z-Man’s Blog:

Gentleman Jack

Rainbow International was the cornerstone for what is known today as the Dwyer Group, the parent company to seven franchisors with 1,500 franchises in 10 countries.

Starting 35 years ago on a truck as a Rainbow service technician, Jack White has worked his way up through the ranks at Rainbow International. Currently, Jack is Vice President of Technical Services at Rainbow International where his responsibilities include: research & development, training, providing technical services and support for over 400 Rainbow International specialty cleaning and disaster restoration services domestically and internationally. Jack White holds many technician and advance level designations in cleaning and restoration and is an IICRC approved instructor. Jack is active in both industry and consumer affairs serving on the board of directors of RIA, as a regional supervisor for the IICRC and as a member of the Better Business Bureaus’ National Panel of Consumer Arbitrators. Jack also oversees Rainbow’s vendor relations.

Nuggets from today’s episode:

· Jack was so passionate about the need for Rainbow to build a flood training house that the training center is affectionately called Jack’s house.

· When Jack started with Rainbow the franchisee equipment package cost $7K, today its $100K (with vehicle).

· Rainbow was an early adopter of infrared cameras to monitor structural drying projects.

· Rainbow has moved away from applying antimicrobials on clean water losses.

· A new twist on the 80%/20% rule; Jack opined that restoration contractors should generate 80% of their business themselves and rely on preferred vendor programs for only 20% of their business.

· To help level out the business peaks and valleys, Rainbow noticed the uptick in commercial carpet sales and has franchises focusing on cleaning and maintaining commercial carpet.

· Walmart is the 4th largest floor covering retailer and Walmart only sells area rugs so cleaning loose rugs is an expanding market.

· Hardwood floor cleaning is also a growing service opportunity.

· Specialty cleaning and disaster repair is a great diversification for general contractors, homebuilders and remodelers. It’s easier to teach cleaning proficiency than carpentry proficiency.

· A franchise council elected regionally by franchises has input into the decision of how corporate advertising dollars are spent.

· “Bringing on the brand” is what Jack calls it when an independent business operating within the industry decides to affiliate and convert their business into a franchised outlet. Formerly independent businessman are often more challenging as franchisees because they often have learned bad business habits.

· Rainbow does not have a corporate catastrophe response team. Rainbow’s philosophy is for their franchises to not chase big disasters out of state and stay at home working for their customers.

· Each Rainbow International Franchise has a franchise consultant or coach to help them with: technical, marketing, sales and finance.

· Asking a homeowner “do you have any dust or dirt in your home?” is a great pitch for selling the use of AFD’s on restoration and remediation projects.

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