Dampness/Mold-Related Illness – The Patients’ Perspective with Cyndi Sullivan of Boston, MA

Air Date: 4-19-2013| Episode: 281

Let’s hear from the patients.  What do they recommend for people having trouble finding MD’s to treat their dampness/mold related illness?…

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Let’s hear from the patients.  What do they recommend for people having trouble finding MD’s to treat their dampness/mold related illness? What do they suggest when it comes to inspections and remediations? What has helped them and how can they help others? We plan to ask Cyndi Sullivan a patient of Irene Grant, MD these questions and more. Cyndi called us after our show with Dr. Grant and asked about doing a show for people and patients that have issues with dampness and mold. We talked and we agreed that everyone can learn something from each other and that professionals can certainly learn from those we are trying to help. So this week we look forward to getting the patients perspective.
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Cyndi Sullivan (a patient of Dr. Irene Grant, MD) suffers from what she calls “Sullivan’s Disease” more commonly clinically known as Primary Immune Deficiency Disease or Variable Immune Disease the onset of which may have been triggered in the words of Dr. Weyel by an “overwhelming exposure” to microorganisms following surface water intrusion into a horse stable.

Cyndi chronicled the death of rodents, house pets, a horse and human which she attributes to fungal related illness and disease from exposure from living in what became a “toxic field”. Cyndi’s symptoms included: itchy and swollen feet, rash, fatigue, runny nose, coughing blood, inhalation fungal infection, cutaneous fungal infection, GYN and GI infection and a heart attack. Cyndi credits Dr. Grant for saving her life.

Nuggets mined from today’s episode:

•Bone marrow transplant donor volunteers are routinely screened at no charge for Human Leukocyte Antigen, which reveals genetic predisposition to fungal infection.

•Fungitell® Assay is a blood test that can detect fungal infections in humans and animals.

•If worried about a potential fungal infection, see an immunologist to look for faults in the immune system.

•Fungal infections are tough and resistant to removal, don’t fear anti-fungal medication.

See Cyndi Sullivan’s story in her own words at the end of the blog.

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Z-Man signing off


Thank you for taking much of your time in speaking with me today by telephone in regards to getting the word out as to the effects of environmental illness. As you know I am a patient of Dr. Irene Grant and have been since 2011. Wonderful doctor and human being i might add. After listening to her aired on IAQ the thought came to mind .. why not talk with the patient/patients and in by doing so take some of the guess work out of patients who are ill and don’t know what to do or where to get help, which often happens. Actually it always happens and they become misdiagnosed. They often go from doctor to doctor without ever having the correct testing done, and in most cases the pcp gives up. They are often then labeled as “mental” and getting care becomes even harder. This disease is an epidemic affecting thousands of people. As I shared with you, I know people who have just committed suicide because they can no longer go on living in such horror from the toxins inside their bodies. There is not a one person who doesn’t struggle in trying to find correct care for their exposure and typing and as they move forward with no knowledge or a doctor , their lives are destroyed. They have no direction, have no idea of what type of MD to see or the proper testing that can be done to get them the help they need. All they know is there is “something wrong” or “I don’t feel good”. And when it is discovered another whole ball game begins with costly treatment, insurance costs, etc.. Early diagnosis can be the difference between living or not and knowing what those signs are and getting the knowledge of this out to the world is critical. Some people have a genetic defect that can easily be tested to see if they are predisposed to getting infected.(25% of the population has this defect) This knowledge is helpful in future generations health as well as to them getting the help they need with an immunologist. Proper house testing with accredited labs is critical to be allowed in to medical evidence verses a Home Depot type test that comes in a box for 14.99. There are steps that can be make anyone questioning whether they have an infection or not, easier, simpler, and most importantly the help they need. In speaking with another one of Grants patents he felt strongly about trying to get the word out as well. This guy was a tri-athlete and now dwindles losing everything he’s worked so hard for his whole life. In saying this it shows that this can effect anyone no matter what their health status is. Sadly most MDs will only look at you or consider the diagnosis if you have cancer ( which people actually get from mold exposure) AIDS or diabetes. Again, predisposed or high risk patients. So I’m in hopes and see the need of helping others who are effected by mold and fungal infections by in the least being able to get them in the game so to speak, as an informed patient. I recently requested some “moldies” to forward me their stories to share, most are not getting help. I also had to limit as there are so many undiagnosed cases. They suffer horribly. I feel their pain. By trade I’m a vet tech. We see this easily but the human world of medicine doesn’t. Id love to be a voice again an epidemic that needs to be NOTICED, and for the many out there that have no voice as their doctor closes the door on them. In hopes and again thank you for all your time in advance.

Blessings to you and yours,

Cyndi Sullivan