Arnold Mann -Author “They are Poisoning Us”

Air Date: 3-18-2011|Episode 201

In They are Poisoning Us, Mann tells a riveting story of concealment, confusion and insidiously immoral behavior on the part of industry and governmental agencies...

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In They are Poisoning Us, Mann tells a riveting story of concealment, confusion and insidiously immoral behavior on the part of industry and governmental agencies. He also reveals exciting new scientific developments that are finally producing new treatments for the environmentally disabled. This book is a must-read for anyone concerned about their health in our increasingly “chemicalized” world. No one is immune.


Z-Man’s Blog:

They’re Poisoning Us

Investigative journalist and author Arnold Mann admittedly is not an expert on health, chemicals nor indoor air quality; he has interviewed people who are. As a journalist he sought the story that was bigger than himself and he found it in his new book “They’re Poisoning Us! From the Gulf War to the Gulf of Mexico-An Investigative Report.” According to Arnold Mann; chemical induced illnesses are a new disease paradigm that pose a national health problem that is being largely ignored. His story is compelling and the book a very good read, he was a standout guest on today’s episode of IAQradio.

Nuggets mined from the book, our discussions and the interview:
•The housecat is the most allergenic organism on earth.
•Is MCS a mental disorder? Only a few of MCS sufferers were previously on antidepressant medications prior to diagnosis and many are after.
•Why are MCS sufferers adamant about blaming someone or something for their problems? “It’s human nature to assign blame when angry” and often they are right-someone is to blame.
•Nurses were sickened by latex glove contamination at Harvard University
•1/3 of Valdez oil spill cleanup workers developed central nervous system damage and ¼ have MCS, a foreboding sense of health horror to come from the BP Gulf Oil Spill.
•Big Pharma’s insistence that stomach ulcers are stress related and their attempts to suppress medical research to the contrary.
•The saga of Southwest Airlines reservation center in Texas and building occupants as demonstrative of many contributing factors which cause building related illness.
•The property insurance industry picked a fight with the wrong person; when they tangled with determined foe Melinda Ballard. She has power with her Policyholders of America group and she gets stuff done.
•Why would the CDC bring in outside experts to review the work done by its own researchers?
•A woman jailed for child abuse was exonerated when Dr. Dorr Dearborn testifies on her behalf that the injuries were fungi related.
•Stachybotrys the King Cobra of molds
•Dr. Theron Randolph’s pioneering work in diagnosis and treatment of food allergies and chemical sensitivities.
•Dr. Claudia Miller’s “Toxicant Induced Lost Tolerance” theory.
•250,000 troops are chronically ill from Gulf War Illness. Heartwrenching stories of technicalities being used by the Department of Defense and the Veteran’s Administration to deny or diminish the medical coverage to our military veteran’s. Stateside military personnel being sickened by cross contamination, exposure to contaminate laden equipment and material returning from the battlefield.
•While it’s tough to prove medical claims related to mold contamination, Ed McMahon prevailed in his mold case because his respiratory impairment impeded his working as an announcer.
•New treatments for chemical induced illnesses are emerging. Identification and avoidance of triggering exposures-both chemicals and and foods- is key.

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