Tim Wentz, P.E. ASHRAE Secretary & Don Herrmann – IAQA Board of Directors IAQA ASHRAE Update, High Performance Buildings and Educating an Industry

Air Date: 12-5-2014 | Episode: 349

This week IAQ Radio we look forward to an ASHRAE IAQA update along with a discussion of high performance buildings and education of industry professionals…

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This week IAQ Radio we look forward to an ASHRAE IAQA update along with a discussion of high performance buildings and education of industry professionals. Joining us are ASHRAE Secretary Tim Wentz, PE of the University of Nebraska – Lincoln and IAQA BOD member Don Herrmann of DC Herrmann & Associates.

Timothy G. Wentz, P.E., Fellow ASHRAE, ASHRAE-Certified High Performance Building Design HuskersProfessional and associate professor, University of Nebraska – Lincoln is  currently serving as ASHRAE Secrerary and has previously served the society in numerous leadership positions. Mr. Wentz was awarded a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Nebraska. Upon graduation from the University, Prof. Wentz went to work for his family’s mechanical contracting firm.  As the fourth generation to join the firm, he had the opportunity to develop an expertise in mechanical design, estimating, and construction management. Since entering academia Prof. Wentz has received numerous awards and honors for his teaching and service to the HVAC industry. He is the recipient of the E.K. Campbell Award of Merit, a Region IX Regional Award of Merit, a Region IX Chapter President of the Year and a Regional Energy Award. The Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA) has named Tim their national “Educator of the Year” award on three occasions and in 2009 awarded Mr. Wentz its highest honor, the Distinguished Service Award.

Donald Herrmann is a LEED® Accredited Professional (BD+C and EB+O&M), Green Globes Professional, High Performance Building Design Professional, New and Existing Certified Building Commissioning Professional, Florida Certified Mechanical Contractor, Certified Indoor DC Herrmann logoAir Quality Professional, Council-certified Indoor Environmental Consultant, and Building Scientist with over 30 years experience in mechanical system design, indoor environmental design and energy conservation in the public, industrial, institutional, and residential sectors. He has expertise in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of today’s high performance buildings including; HVAC, energy and load analysis, indoor environmental quality, codes & standards and the integration of building systems.


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It Takes Time to Do Things Right 

An update on the ASHRAE/IAQA consolidation and chat about high performance buildings

Florida based building science practitioner Don Herrmann [DH] and Tim Wentz, PE [TW] a University of Nebraska professor were today’s guests on IAQradio. We discussed progress of the IAQA/ASHRAE consolidation and high performance building issues.

Gold NuggetsNuggets mined from today’s program:

DH provided a history of the ASHRAE/IAQA relationship which started with shared interest in standards. The previous term merger isn’t the best descriptor of the relationship, consolidation is a better term. The plan is for IAQA to remain a semi-autonomous group under the ASHRAE umbrella. Transition teams from both groups are in place. The association management function has been transferred to ASHRAE. IAQA will have its own members, dues structure, President, board of directors, association executive and the necessary dedicated staff. IAQA members are encouraged to also join ASHRAE.

IAQA is a membership association and ASHRAE is a professional society. While the groups share common core values, interests and cultures the day to day operations of each are somewhat different. .
Steady progress on the consolidation is being made, the majority of due diligence has been completed members are encouraged to ask questions and comment while remaining patient. New IAQA member benefit, ASHRAE’s Design Guide is available for free download by IAQA members.
In 2016 both groups will meet Chicago, with parallel educational tracks. It takes time to do things right.
ASHRAE has many chapters, IAQA has far fewer. Chapters will operate as directed by their respective governing bodies. ASHRAE and IAQA chapters are encouraged to cooperate with one another and to consider holding joint meetings and programs.
A new joint IESO/ASHRAE standard is out for public review. See the link below. This standard used IESO’s ANSI process.  Future joint standards will use ASHRAE’s.
Both TW and DH agreed that business and prospects in high performance building are good. DH opined that the interaction between green cleaning materials is unknown. TW said that the University of Nebraska is committed to high performance building on both new construction and retrofits.
TW sees big opportunity in improving human performance and productivity.
Both TW and DH opine that getting educated is the best way to prepare for work in the emerging high performance building field. TW feels that practitioners have a responsibility to educate themselves first and then have a duty to help educate clients and society. DH feels that knowing and understanding how the HVAC system impacts the building, ventilation rates and pressures are of paramount importance. Look beyond mold. Tighter buildings have more potential for problems.
LEED has been criticized for not knowing how to measure or prove that one of their certified buildings uses less energy. Some LEED processes have created problems in buildings. Examine the interrelationship between building systems or risk designing a building that doesn’t work. Initially architects called the shots, now communication between architects and engineers is mandated, this is a big positive outcome. Some LEED projects chase points. A LEED Platinum building may or may not be better for occupants.
ASHRAE has rigorous assessment programs that measure and rate building energy consumption and operation for new and existing buildings. Registration for the building cost only $500. ASHRAE’s programs requires licensed engineers, and certified assessors and/or modelers. ASHRAE has credentialing programs for the industry pros.
[TW]-The future of education. Predicts the ongoing need for brick and mortar education will continue. Traditionally community colleges have focused on teaching application based curriculum’s. Universities have drifted away from application based education towards research centric education. Brick and mortar education is about people, relationships, networking. At the U of N education has shifted to a programmed design process where 90%+ students in the construction management program have jobs upon graduation at the 2nd highest salaries in the college of engineering.
This standard provides minimum in-field testing requirements for portable high efficiency air filtration devices. These devices include vertical and horizontal PHEAF devices, movable vacuums, hand held vacuums, and other filtered suction devices used for cleaning


TW is excited and optimistic about the consolidation and DH reminded members that it takes time to fix what’s broken and make what’s working work better.

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Trivia: According to the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (Public Law 109-058) Section 914. Building Standards, what is the definition of a high performance building?

Answer: Definition of High Performance Building – In this section, the term “high performance building” means a building that integrates and optimizes all major high-performance building attributes, including energy efficiency, durability, life-cycle performance, and occupant productivity.

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