Roland “Mr. Stick” Vierra & Robert “Bavarian Bob” Blochinger – Here Come the Moisture Mob Enforcers: The Forensic Aspect of 3rd Party Evaluations – “Moisture Related Issues Affecting Wood and Concrete Substrates and Flooring!” Part 2

Air Date: 4-23-2021|Episode 623

This week we look forward to Part 2 of this Moisture Mob interview with an extended show. The Mob Enforcers will complete their presentation of case studies and explain the lessons learned from years of field experience doing Third Party Moisture Related Evaluations. In Part 1 the Enforcers discussed the use, application and meaning of the term Forensic as it pertains to 3rd party inspections before diving into each of their first 2 case studies as the Z-man fielded a lively interactive Q&A with the call-in audience. Part 2 will pick up where the Enforcers left off.

During the wrap-up Joe and Cliff will get Roland and Bob’s opinion on the various moisture meter technology and diagnostic tools used in their work and why proper training and an understanding of meter selection and application of use is critical to a comprehensive and competent inspection report.
Restoration Industry Adviser and Historian Pete Consigli stresses the importance of that point, as false readings and misinterpretations of the data have far reaching financial implications while undermining the credibility of the industry with those they serve and the entities that bear the bulk of corrective action and remedial costs.
The Restoration Global Watchdog says, “Please join the IAQradio+ team this week as Mr. Stick and Bavarian Bob complete this unique two-part case study show on moisture related issues affecting wood and concrete substrates and flooring”! LEARN MORE this week on IAQ Radio+.

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About the Moisture Mob “Enforcers”

Roland A. Vierra is President and CEO of FLOORING FORENSICS INC. Flooring Forensics is an independent consulting firm specializing in the science and forensic evaluation of floor covering performance failures. Flooring Forensics, Inc. is also foremost in concrete moisture testing.

Flooring Forensics, Inc., supports legal, insurance, design, construction, manufacturing and installation professionals through proficient advisory and consultant services specific to the performance and behavior of all floor covering and floor coating systems.

Mr. Vierra has been a third-party claims consultant for more than 35 years. During that time, he has advised numerous clients on product and installation selection, evaluated performance and installation failures and been designated as an expert in many construction defect litigation actions.

I am excited to announce the launch of my newly designed website. Please visit me at

Bob Blochinger was raised in New York City, working in the family construction business. He moved to Florida for college, majoring in business management and worked seasonally in the hospitality industry. Bob began his career in the flooring industry in 1970, offering carpet cleaning and installations while specializing in water and fire damage restoration work.
In the early 1980’s he expanded into the retail department store sector providing installation of floor covering sales. During the 1990’s his company started to service the architectural and interior design trade with high-end floor covering product sales and installations for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

In 1990, Bob attended Southern Tech GA, specializing in technical training for carpet manufacturing and inspection. This started his career in forensic review of floor covering products that have a negative impact on performance, appearance and/or use. He is a multi-discipline flooring consultant.

Bob also works as an expert witness, inspector and investigator for law firms, condominium associations and flooring manufacturers. He consults for flooring projects on bid package formatting and review, installation supervision and maintenance procedures. Bob’s oversight consultation assignments often require moisture testing of concrete for public works projects and private corporations tracking major installations from the retail store to the manufacturing facility.

BLOCHINGER & Company – Email: bob at blochinger dot net